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  1. The problem with 'prisons' in 40k is that they exist for a more specific purpose than our ones, and it's mainly petty crime. Theft, murder, arson that sort of thing. Anything that's minor enough not to affect the state of the Imperium or the Imperial Creed. If its too big, they'll just get executed. Prisoners are kept to be used as meat. Mostly for the Imperial Guard penal legions and for turning into servitors. There is no re-rehabilitation. Prisoners are a resource just like any other. There are psyker prisons that planetary governments use to hold rogue psykers until the black ships come take them away, but it would be unlikely a temple assassin would be put there. Now, if you're talking about highest level treason or someone with potentially universe changing knowledge, like this assassin, either the Inquisition knows about it and have him hidden away in some black ops site on an unnamed asteriod in some unnamed system that maybe 5 people know about. And the prisoner isn't in a cell so much as a stasis pod for eternity. OR The inquisition doesn't know about it yet and your warband has to try and verify the existence of this assassin in a penal prison population, find out what he knows, and report it back to the higher ups who will have him taken to this black ops site on an unnamed asteroid, yadda yadda. Your choice of assassin is also harder to fit here. Eversor assassins are generally more of a shock and awe/terror type assassin. They have a potent mix of combat drugs in their system which puts them into a bit of a frenzy and you generally put them near an enemy warcamp and say "Kill everything there". As mentioned earlier, Callidus is the spy/shape shifter. This would make it much harder for the warband to work out who the assassin actually is, but would make much more sense for the prison infiltration scenario you are planning. You could even do the whole, assassin kills the boss of the biggest mob in the prison and assumes his identity. -------- That aside, another option for the party is to approach a number of prisoners scheduled to be delivered to whatever prison you decide to go with, and 'take their place'. If they do it right, they might get the favour of a local crime syndicate, and they can be sure they're actually going to get where they plan to go, rather than commit a random crime and hope they get sent where they want to go.
  2. So if I was re-designing expose, I would make a 'jouster' upgrade, by rewarding players for placing ships in their enemies fire arcs. Expose If you are in the firing arc of a ship that is also in your firing arc, you may roll one extra attack dice when attacking that ship. Thematically, it's encouraging you to expose your ships to enemy fire, rather than just applying a penalty to your defense. Mechanically, it gives your opponent the option of *not* pointing his ships in your direction to deny you the extra dice.
  3. Problem is, that's about the only 'good' Firespray build. And it only works for Boba Fett because PS 10 is strong, and it only works for Scum Boba Fett because Imperial Boba has a substantially worse pilot ability. But how many good YT-2400, E-wing, T-70, and even TIE Interceptor builds are there? Many ships are pigeon holed into only a handful of 'good' builds. I think a lot of people overlook the Firespray; but between the aforementioned Boba build, Super Kath, and Attanni Mandalorian mercs... it's a very solid ship. Interceptors do get pigeon holed. Soontir has 2 builds, do you take Stealth Device or Targetting Computer. Carnor Jax does see some play though, sometimes with PtL and sometimes with VI. E-Wing is unfortunately in the same situation as the Firespray in that there is 1 good pilot, though he has 2 builds, either based on PtL or on VI. Disagree on the YT2400 though. I've seen Superdash, Lone Wolf Dash and Determination Leebo as broad ship builds, with specific upgrades varying a bit. So yeah, I take your point, some ships do get pigeon holed, but that's still an issue.
  4. I think you and I disagree on the term 'meaningless' Arbitrary? Certainly. And subject to change, too. But if you understand what I mean by 'glass cannon' and 'jouster' and 'arc dodger' then I think the terms are conveying meaning. And no, Soontir hasn't been a glass cannon for a while now. He's fragile, but that's not the same thing as being a glass cannon.
  5. Problem is, that's about the only 'good' Firespray build. And it only works for Boba Fett because PS 10 is strong, and it only works for Scum Boba Fett because Imperial Boba has a substantially worse pilot ability.
  6. The tank/glass cannon is a ratio of offense to defense. It is not how hard the thing is to actually kill. So; TIE/D increases the overall damage of the Defender, which pushes it further along the 'glass cannon' scale. TI/x7 increases the overall defense of the Defender, which pushes it further along the 'tank' scale.
  7. My problem with Firesprays, and more with Imperial Firesprays, is that their upgrades don't synergise that well with the base ship. Want a damage increase? Get a cannon, or missiles, or torpedoes, which incentivises you limit the use of the rear arc. Upgrades that degrade the natural advantage of the ship is not great design. Rebel Captive and Tactician are good crew on a Firespray, what else? Navigator? Intel Agent? Isard? Moff Jerjerrod? All of limited or situational use. Bombs are a cool trick, but the best Firespray bomber is a Scum pilot, and it's not something that will bring the Firespray up from average to good. It seems to me the rear arc is over-valued. Not because it's not good, but because it's not *that* good. Maybe 1 or 2 extra rounds of shooting. Maybe. If there were more effects that worked in arc, if cannon's or ordnance worked in the aux arc, or if the ship had more movement tricks to shift the aux arc, that might have made the ship more interesting. As it stands, eh. Turret ships are for the most part, much better, and not much more expensive.
  8. I've been flying Bath with x7/LW/Stealth Device. It's fun, and he's a big pain to kill, but I'm still so stuck on what to pair him with.
  9. No. You should play whatever you want. You just don't get to complain when other people play what they want and it's the same as you. It's the old phrase "Put up or shut up". If someone is unwilling to initiate or facilitate change in a circumstance, they have no right to complain about that circumstance not changing.
  10. My take on it is, there are a number of abilities that can apply after a trigger, and if they all have the same timing then you can choose which order to apply them. However, that does not stop an ability invalidating another ability, either by explicitly stating it like gunner saying no more attacks may be performed this turn, or by changing the game state like the second TLT shot hitting, which means gunner is no longer immediately after an attack that missed. Valen is just another ability that triggers immediately after an attack and may or may not invalidate the second TLT shot or Gunner by changing the game state. The sticking point for me for gunner TLT argument is that the immediately ability for TLT is a new and separate attack.
  11. I would update the rules version from 1 to 2 forcing a rewrite and real ancestors of all cards, a completely different approach to ordnance. If I'm going to dream, I'll dream big.
  12. With VI/Crackshot/Lone Wolf/Wired, Mangler and no title. I don't think he needs it.
  13. I'm excited to try; Glaive with x7 and Wired Glaive with x7, Juke Rex with x7, Lone Wolf, Stealth Device Steele with Mangler Ryad with PTL, x7 Basically I'm just excited.
  14. Early on you guys talked a bit about using ordnance and the Rage EPT, which was, oddly, something I've been trying theory build around over the last few days. I could only really come up with this. Gamma Vet, Rage, LRS, Ordnance of your choice = 20 pts + payload. Assuming you can get an early target lock on your preferred target and time your Rage action correctly, it's a pretty accurate shot. Though interestingly, it might not be worth putting Extra Munitions on it, given it's going to take you 2 turns to clear stress, and probably another 2 to get another target lock and get into position again. It'll probably be dead by then. Payload depends on what you want it to do and what the rest of your list is trying to achieve. Maybe a 1 shot reasonably accurate Assault Missile, to give you more teeth against swarms, or plasma torpedo to strip shields of a heavier target. I *think* there's something workable in there somewhere, if it comes in cheap enough.
  15. I like the change to tactician, it appears that in arc effects are measured, quantified and applied completely separately from anything else. Nice and clear.
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