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  1. +1 here. I have every addon to the Arkham Horror boardgame and would love if the devs would port the app to a better system...ANDROID. Or perhaps they are just apple zombies and refuse anything to do with android...
  2. Thought I would start a thread for reporting high scores...solo or multiple. Mine isn't probably very high but I achieved 6105 solo with Jenny Barnes. I don't know which campaign or # of turns..but now I record it in the high score 'name'...ie I might have a name of Y13....meaning Yig in 13 turns. Since I only use Jenny I don't need to add more to the line but I could also add "JB". So my high score name might read Y13 JB Since the game doesn't record this info I think this is an excellent way for us to remember which campaign, turns and investigators were used to achieve that high score...
  3. That's what I figured, just need to give it another go...was really close the last time
  4. +1 for an update with new campaigns. Wish they would do it. I own Arkham Horror and all the expansions so FFG has gotten a lot of money from me...would love to give them another 2.99 each for any new campaigns they would come up with...this app is a great way to ease people into the boardgame..just to give them a taste of the diversity of the game.
  5. I have solo'd every campaign and won with Jenny Barnes...except Dark Pharoah. I killed him but died during the Lurker phase due to lack of enough clues. Would love to know who you used for your winning solo run. As for solo versus multiples, it has been said elsewhere in this forum that the game is actually a bit easier with 1 rather than a team. I myself found many of the early campaigns much tougher when using 4. Using Jenny I breezed thru all the campaigns thru Cthulhu pretty easily... Ithaqua was definitely a challenge tho.
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