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  1. Hello Forums, The Old Guard of the Twin Cities meta is hosting and streaming a Draft tournament today. We are streaming- with commentary, overlays, and dice cam- from about 1p - 5p Central. www.twitch.tv/TheOldGuardMN World Champion finalist Kevin Leintz is playing. Big Vic, the best TO/Judge around, is running the tables. The commentary will be done by multiple Store Champ winners Tim and Josh. Please stop in to check us out and let us know how we're doing.
  2. Sounds like GoldSquadron is on point.
  3. Good morning. Anybody streaming the Origins tourney today or his weekend? Please?
  4. Low with Determination, Tactician, Jyn Urso, and Experimental Interface.
  5. Two X-wings in the final. Not Biggs. And two Shadowcasters? No two lists were the same today.
  6. We are now Live! https://go.twitch.tv/radiotcx
  7. The Twin Cities meta, AKA high-PS turrets , has a player run tourney series every year during the off season. We have the final event at the FFGEC- because we are spoiled and because we can. Anyway, this year, we said as soon as the FAQ drops we are implementing it. IT DROPPED. Tune in to the RadioTCX Twitch stream this Saturday at 11 AM central to get a peek at what the new meta might look like. Tim and Carson will be 'casting. I will be Judging and guest 'casting. We can't wait to see what shows up and hope to see you online.
  8. This thread got way off track. Has anyone mentioned flying their harpooned swarm into the enemy ships to share the splash damage? I can't wait to do that.
  9. Well, NOT Nym. That ship goes down too quickly. Unless(!) the player brings Nym in after the first engagement to mop up damaged ships. Nym is a chump that looks scary for two turns.
  10. To your question "auto-include" - no. However, I am planning for it to be at Worlds NEXT WEEK, I'm a little excited, more than it should be. A lot of people love to fly Rebels, and a lot of people love to fly lists better players come up with (and then get confused when they don't auto-win.) But anyway, it is a form of soft control. I have one whole point dedicated to it in my list so if it doesn't show that's fine too. (The aforementioned Inspiring Recruit.)
  11. A quick disclaimer: I have nothing against players who offer or take draws. FFG OP put them in the rules, and I blame only them. But seeing this still pleases me greatly. I'm curious how many people have missed a cut because they declined the ID. I know in Roseville there was at least one that declined and lost, so he missed the cut. Two of us from roseville turned down the draw and lost out. Doing so let the highest 4-2 in and he had massive MOV 913, so he deserved the slot. Thank you!
  12. The tweak was terrible. I'm going back. Now 12-4. Still decent.
  13. I am 9 and 2 with this 2 HWK 3 Z list in Store Championship play. http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v4!s!126:135,-1,-1:3:-1:;114:-1,112:-1:-1:;114:-1,112:-1:-1:;114:-1,112:-1:-1:;125:134,135,-1,-1:-1:-1:&sn=2015SCTDD Made a little tweak for today's event. http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v4!s!126:135,-1,-1:3:-1:;114:-1,112:-1:-1:;115:-1,112:-1:-1:;114:-1,112:-1:-1:;125:-1,135,133,-1:-1:-1:&sn=2015SCLU Two best platforms(ships) in the game.
  14. I'm stuck at work. Anyone I can watch?
  15. Lose the shield upgrade and go with 4 Bandits instead of 2 As.
  16. How about 3x Inteligence Agents to go along with the 3x ManFins? http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v4!s!134:-1,-1,40,-1,-1,112:-1:18:;134:-1,-1,40,-1,-1,112:-1:18:;134:-1,-1,40,-1,-1,112:-1:18:&sn=New%20Squadron
  17. I didn't see this posted. Tim D went on to win the elimination rounds and the goods. I was the guy that went 5-0 and got Lockdown-ed first round of elimination. That list is good. Air Traffic Store Championship 2-6-2016 33 players 1. Tim S 98pts IG88-B (VI, Glitterstim, Mangler Cannon, FCS, Ion Bombs, AT, IG-2000) 49pt IG88-C (VI, Glitterstim, Mangler Cannon, FCS, Ion Bombs, AT, IG-2000) 49pt 2. Joe K 99pt Miranda Doni (TLT, Tactician) 37pt Warden Squadron Pilot (TLT, Tactician) 31pt Warden Squadron Pilot (TLT, Tactician) 31pt 3. Zach G 100pt Poe Dameron (VI, R5-P9, Autothrusters) 37pts Red Ace (R2-D2, Comm Relay, AT) 38pt Tarn Mison (R7 Astro, Integrated) 25pt 4. Carson W 100pt IG88-B (Crackshot, Glitterstim, HLC, FCS, AT, IG-2000) 50pt IG88-D (Crackshot, Glitterstim, HLC, FCS, AT, IG-2000) 50pt 5. Phil W 100pts Syndicate Thug (TLT, R4 Agromech) 26pt Syndicate Thug (TLT, R4 Agromech) 26pt Syndicate Thug (TLT, R4 Agromech) 26pt Cartel Marauder (Feedback Array) 22pt 6. Tim D 100pts Poe Dameron (Veteran Instincts, R2-D2, Integrated Astromech) 36pts Gray Squadron Pilot (Twin Laser Turret, R3-A2, BTL Y-Wing Title) 28pts Bandit Squadron Z-95 12pts Bandit Squadron Z-95 12pts Bandit Squadron Z-95 12pts 7. Cody F 97pts Soontir (PTL, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, Royal Guard) Omega Leader (Comm Relay, Juke) 26pt Academy Pilot 12pt Academy Pilot 12pt Academy Pilot 12pt 8. Kent C 99pt Whisper (VI, Fire-Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device) 41pt Omega Leader (Comm Relay, Juke) 26pt Captain Yorr (Palpatine) 32pt
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