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  1. i've always deemed a roll of 100 being a failure no matter what, but for example. Say I have a 60 ballistic skill, and I get +60 to my test somehow, does that mean that I test against a skill of 120 for determining degrees of success?
  2. After reading the rules, it appears that as a half action, a character can make 2 different lightning attacks while duel wielding. Am I reading this correctly? So that means that character could not only move into combat, but then unleash a flurry of attacks all in one turn?
  3. What happens if bonus modifiers take a characteristic over 100? Is 100 simply the hard cap of the game? I know, i know, stupid question
  4. hmmm, can't get the images to to show up in the feed save for the very fist one
  5. So i'm at work and bored out of my mind when this thought popped into my head-Are there any specials rules between the different damage types? I could have sworn i read somewhere energy weapons have a bonus against creatures with the machine trait, but it's very possible my archaic brain just cobbled that together. I'm currently in the process of relearning all of the war hammer 40k rpgs after a two year hiatus so some of the info is mashed together in my head.
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