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  1. Just the GM and PC playing the game. Solo for the player, I guess. No other PC's. I could do that. Request sent, snaykeeies. Awesome! Thanks! Direct me to where I need to go, so we can start this up!
  2. Just the GM and PC playing the game. Solo for the player, I guess. No other PC's.
  3. are there a lot of solo games? i've been looking for a GM to help me flesh out this character that i've had in mind.
  4. How would that work to have an ongoing campaign?
  5. I guess i should've clarified that i'm looking for a play by post game. my schedule is always pretty eratic, and i'd rather not bog the game down if for some reason i can't post.
  6. being able to see, even if you're physically blinded? I can see that. i really hope so. I've been waiting for Miralukas for so long.
  7. no worries. hopefully someone comes along. lol
  8. Hey, guys. I'm looking for a GM for a play by post game. I've tried r/lfg and r/swrpg with no avail, and I figured this would be the next best place to look for a long term home for a character I've been trying to play for a few months now. I've tried two different times, but the GM's had to drop out. Trying to find someone who can go the distance and help me flesh out this character. The character I had in mind was kind of something along the lines of Lost Tribe of the Sith. Basically, he's the next in line to be Lord of the Sith, but his master and her new apprentice betray him. They try to blow up his ship, they think he's dead, he crashes on this planet that hasn't quite gotten to space yet, but they're close. He tries to rule them and get them space bound so he can have his revenge and take back his title. I've made a GM request thread on RPoL, but I'm open to whatever site. I saw something on here about roleplayinggames.net? Please and thank you!!
  9. i keep checking everyday hoping that by some chance it will start shipping. but to no avail. i wish FFG would say something. i'd be more patient with this whole situation if they just came out with a "hey, guys. (a) we messed up. there was a misprint (or whatever). (b) shipping times are taking a lot longer than expected. here's all the info we have about the delay." instead of hiding and going on as if nothing were out of the ordinary.
  10. i checked the website. it's still a preorder. but it's only $24 compared to everyone else's $30. so that's cool.
  11. I figured it out. It's not on a shipping boat. It's on one of those two month cruise ships...taking it's sweet time.
  12. I, for one, think the conflict system works fine for Grey Jedi. I think someone mentioned it earlier, using lightning isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just what you're doing with it. Murdering your way through an orphanage, you're probably going to fall pretty quick. Using it to stop a mugger from stealing a lady's purse, not so much. On the other hand, if you want to have something similar to the Jedai'i, I would say use Discipline with increasing difficulties based on the situation. Murdering your way through an orphanage is going to be nigh impossible to keep you from gaining conflict. Using lightning to stop a mugger might be an easy check to not gain conflict. I would think you'd have to be pretty disciplined to be a true balanced user of the Force without any consequences.
  13. I found that page that you're talking about. Later in that paragraph, they talk about how the orginal design, from the Old Republic era, was one emitter on each end, and in later years, they refined it to only one. but later they talk about it as if it's still just two blades stuck together. it's all very confusing. lol.
  14. yeah, that's what I figured. i'm not even sure i have a counter point. i forget that narrative pretty much overrules everything. lol. ****, you're good. what i would've said is that, for example, for a superior, extended hilt lightsaber with a sapith crystal, you'd have to spend only about 25 ish thousand? I'd be spending close to 50 for the same thing? that just seems ludicrously high. I mean, i don't know too much about the EU or if they ever explained how double sabers work, but is it really just attaching two hilts together and that i mechanically have to buy two of them? or is it its own thing that doesn't require two of every part? it seems like the lightsaber engineers would've figured out how to make them without having to find two of every part. or maybe that's the reason we don't see everyone running around with one. the Jedi Order isn't made of credits. I'm sure there's plenty of other things to be ranting about in the beta book, but this just recently caught my attention.
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