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  1. Is he though? It's only one crit. It's not even landing a crit, its flipping a hit that already landed. Basically his ability is to turn a previously landed hit into a crit. not so earth shattering. everyone calm down. I fly him with 2 b wings and Kyle because hes init 5. his ability rarely is even useful and has never once been a game winner for me. I think hes fine, maybe a slight points bump just because hes 48 points for an init 5 semi-ace. I use him to outflank lower ps ships while the rest of my list plows forward. He works good for that, and as I say his ability is just an added bonus which only rarely makes any kind of impact.
  2. If FO ties aren't competitive with Vader, I'll switch to the tophat from monopoly
  3. I've got an embarrassment of x wing ships. Some of them painted - most of these painted poorly. Some with components broken off. In terms of upgrade cards I've got quite a few additional upgrades I purchased separately (crack shot, for advanced title thing, etc) but no ships past the vx-100 or whatever that thing is. Plus I've got a pretty good assortment of tournament swag. Acrylics and alt art. I've been pretty put off by the recent direction the game has taken. At first I was holding out hope for things to settle down but it seems quite obvious the glory days were years ago. I really don't have much attraction to a star wars game where none of the best units are recognizable. Plus the power creep is a bit silly. Anywho - I figure I better unload my stuff before everyone else realizes the same. I live in a small city in Canada. There's not a huge market for stuff here. What's the best way to get a decent return on this stuff? Parcel it out individually - break it down to individual components and upgrades, or try and sell the whole works as one lot, maybe to someone online? What do you guys think? Worth the hassle of parting it out and probably shipping a million parcels or should I look yo unload the works in one fel swoop and get less money ?
  4. I used to fly loaded Vader, loaded soontir and a sigma Squadron with Mara jade and stygium PA. Fantastic list, super squishy but hits like a truck when flown properly. Anywho, at a tournament I lost 2 games I could have won by running away. But I also won two games I could have won by running away, by turning back into the fray and mopping up. The satisfaction of throwing caution to the wind with your glass cannons and hunting down the remnants of your opponents list is just too tempting. I'll do it every time ?
  5. Modification - 1 pt - you may also equip Autothrusters paying it's point cost as usual - if you have 3 or less combined hull and shield value, you may reduce the damage received from (bomb icon) effects by 1.
  6. The key difference is that biggs is biggs until he's dead whereas sabaac is only biggs until you hit him a single time.
  7. Seems strange that scum gets so much love, to be honest. Let's see some imperial love?
  8. But corran doesn't have Autothrusters, can't token stack while simultaneously arc dodging and, importantly, costs approximately half of your 100 points.
  9. Luke skywalker with r3a2, integrated Astromech and adaptability 2x Prototype pilots with chardaan refit 3x tala Squadron z-95 headhunters. 99 pts I used to run this a lot back in the day before adaptability. It works great. Ps1 a wings with hard 1 turns make fantastic blockers, Luke stresses any opposing high ps priority target abd the talas do serious work at ps 4, shooting before most other swarm ships.
  10. 5 a wings with Prockets at ps10 huh? I don't tbink so, given the cheapest an a wing with Prockets can be is 20 points. So that's 5 ps1 a wings with zero points left over for any ps increase shenanigans.
  11. Oh, I guess you could use the sharpie for writing. I was thinking of just taking the lid off and huffing it until everything is a bomber.
  12. Sharpie. Any number you want This thread is really amazing
  13. Negative 4 or so. This game stopped actually being x wing long ago
  14. force kin

    Best Card Ever.

    I'd take "outer rim snuggler" or "winged bumdart"
  15. force kin

    Best Card Ever.

    To Jonathan Con mcdickwind Emperor And then: Do it! Into ...what?
  16. force kin

    Trailer up!

    I thought your name was "blood and Viagra"
  17. I've a friend who is just getting into x wing. What's your opinion on the best video to show said friend in order to a)stoke his excitement by showing intricate maneuvers, blocks, edge of the seat dice rolls, b) help him understand the basics of the game - to date he's only ever played the introduction with no abilities or actions, so basic stuff laid bare would be great, c) both a and b Thanks dudes! And dudettes!
  18. This would it. Perfect fix. Would make the firespray worthwhile without breaking it. Scum Kath would be lots of fun.
  19. The only thing wrong with these changes is that they werent instituted earlier. Good moves. Hopefully tge game gets good again. Still not so sure about these protectorate star fighters. They are a bit insane
  20. Scum is lame. Shouldn't have been included
  21. I totally agree. Scum sucks. This game should have stayed actual star wars. They are stupid, cartoony characters and ships and their abilities and stats are terrible. Delete the scum faction, keep a few upgrades like Autothrusters, tweak the costs of a few ships and we'd be there.
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