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  1. force kin

    Unsung Hero’s. Rebel specialists article is up.

    And its "heroes" 😊
  2. Is he though? It's only one crit. It's not even landing a crit, its flipping a hit that already landed. Basically his ability is to turn a previously landed hit into a crit. not so earth shattering. everyone calm down. I fly him with 2 b wings and Kyle because hes init 5. his ability rarely is even useful and has never once been a game winner for me. I think hes fine, maybe a slight points bump just because hes 48 points for an init 5 semi-ace. I use him to outflank lower ps ships while the rest of my list plows forward. He works good for that, and as I say his ability is just an added bonus which only rarely makes any kind of impact.
  3. force kin

    When are two smaller ships better than Darth Vader?

    If FO ties aren't competitive with Vader, I'll switch to the tophat from monopoly