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  1. Don't let evidence get in the way of a good shitpost.
  2. Rogue One: Competent and realistic Imperial and Rebel military forces fight high-stakes game of desperate space/ground combat. TLJ/TFA: Incompetent and utterly amateurish military forces (on both sides) blunder from disaster to disaster in a series of increasingly improbable scenarios. Great saber fight scene in the middle, though.
  3. Let's list the things that **** with Furship hard: Ahsoka EMP TIE/D Tractor TIE/D Ion Ion Turrets Bomblet Generator Minefield Mapper High PS arc Dodgers Ruthlessness Assault Missiles Cluster Mines Rigged Cargo Chute TLT With all these tools, if you can't get creative, you're the problem, not the list. Biggs+3 Ships is a list as old as W3 Meta. Sure you've learned to counter it by now?
  4. The amount of salt in this thread is absurd. Furship rebels dies to Bombs and control hard. There's a solution for everything in X-Wing.
  5. They weren't at Yavin because they were all shot down during the Battle of Scarif, or annihilated by the Death Star blast. Only a couple of X-Wings who didn't manage to run the shield gauntlet survived the battle.
  6. Oh you mean like the time 3 ISDs got outmaneuvered by a single light freighter and ended up crashing into each other. Or the other time when a single A-wing brought down a super star destroyer? There's a mission in X-Wing where a single Corvette rams through 4 star destroyer bridges...
  7. The sort of person who watches Rebels and enjoys it.
  8. If you're so fond of the word, use it correctly. A Pyrrhic victory is one that accomplishes nothing and leaves you too exhausted to continue. Scarif was the opposite of a pyrrhic victory; the Rebels took heavy losses but won the day. I did think Leia's smile at the end was a little much considering she had just seen so many people sacrificed for the plans though.
  9. My magnets are glued to a bit of clear plastic tube that i slot onto both the base and stem of the miniatures. This way I don't have to snip bases and it can work with every new release as I can just take the magnet tubes off and put them on another ship instead of having to magnetise my entire fleet.
  10. Most of the time, I was trying ways to get evade onto two out of three ARCs and make Swarm Leader work with ARCs, had to jump through a lot of hoops List was: Norra PTL Baze R3 Astromech Thane Lando M9G8 Braylen EPT droid Swarm Leader Rey Crew The idea was to shoot at someone with Norra, hopefully getting a focus result, which I could convert into an evade with R3 Astro, and miss entirely with M9-G8 rerolls, then shoot the intended target with TL+F. Which is a ridiculously convoluted way to get an evade token onto Norra without dropping damage potential - if anyone has a better idea I'm open to it! Thane would Lando and hopefully roll evades for Braylen to convert in to a TL+F +2 dice Swarm Leader attack. Alas, he never rolled any evades and I ended up using Norra's evades on defence, so I got off a total of +1 swarm leader dice the whole game I just lucked out with the Baze/Biggs interaction, it wasn't intentional. If anyone has ideas on how to get evade onto a Rebel ship using only ARCs and Biggs, Jan Crew, Lando and R3 Astromech I'm open to ideas!
  11. OMG the rebel captive addition is even more trololol. I'll try it!
  12. I've gone about 9-0 with my triple ARCs against Defenders, Rey+Poe, Dash and Scum lists and in them Norra does most of the work. She's tanky enough that focusing her is a bad idea and puts out a lot of damage. I've been trying to puzzle out what makes them so effective but the answer is a combination of 1. High HP - 9 HP is really quite a lot for a small base ship, especially when you can regenerate. 2. Rear arcs - The rear arc means you very seldom miss a turn of shooting, and can fly in ways arc-dependant ships cannot. 3. Consistent damage - With M9-G8 you have extremely consistent damage from Norra and Wingman (Braylen or Thane), especially in the rear arc. 4. C3P0/R2D2 Norra is nearly unkillable in the late game in a 1v1, unless the enemy has a way to roll 4 hits reliably or agility modification. The only thing really holding them back are TLTs at the moment, I think.
  13. Rhymer Tactician Snap Shot 30pts I love the Stressbomber. Been shutting down aces and large ships all day and catching people by surprise. Stress before action is brutal when you catch ships in at range 2, and you stress them again when you shoot. for +4 points you gain better PS and a far deadlier stress ability. 6 Hull behind 2 agi is slightly less durable but the shuttle has higher ps, barrel roll and a better dial. Best of all, it doesn't stress itself when it shoots, unlike gunner Braylen who only has a 50% chance of shedding the second stress. Snap shotting people at R3 is also hilarious fun. You can even equip Intelligence Agent to choose how to best proc Tactician with your barrel roll. Try it out!
  14. I feel the mid-PS T70 aces are still too overpriced and inefficient compared to similarly costed Defenders with X7. All the repositioning shenanigans are still inferior to a the elegance of a white k-turn and a free evade token.
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