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  1. I've been struggling to get all my torps off. I've been playing against aces a lot and they keep rushing to flank me. Any tips for deployments to get them in a better alpha strike position?
  2. Hi, I use to live in South Africa and used MM 95% of the time for my X-Wing purchases. South Africa's customs is horrible in terms of turn around time but I usually got my order within 14 days of shipment. Their service was the best and i always used the cheapest shipping option. I think for us sometimes it got stuck in the postal Paris sorting facility and you end up waiting a week longer. Never had any issues with MM and all my orders got delivered 100% Fingers crossed!
  3. Tempting... just that international shipping is making me think a little longer...
  4. Enjoyed this stream, good quality, very cool overlay, fun commentary. Kudos!
  5. Perhaps now is a good time to ask, but any chance we could bring back the shirts? I'd love to get one.
  6. Currently in Hampton Wick/Teddington/Richmond area. New to London so keen to find a group close by if possible.
  7. I live in Richmond and always on the lookout for more players if you are still interested. Thanks Chris I'm in Teddington. Where about do you play Sixmilliote?
  8. I'd like to get one but wondering when it is finally going to ship. If it is still going to be a while I might order some other stuff.
  9. I really enjoyed this video. Was nice to not only watch the game but understand the reasons behind certain moves. I am a long time imperial player giving rebels a try due to the current meta. So this gave me some great ideas. Thanks!
  10. I have to be the odd one out, but if FFG did it, and being a aviation nut, I would buy it.
  11. I would not mind seeing a Scum Hwk-290 too!
  12. I did a small unboxing video of the 432 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9QpwD3W9pw
  13. I did a small unboxing video of my Battlefoam bag - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9QpwD3W9pw
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