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  1. I think it's an interesting concept, and given the current nature of Necrons in 40k I can see it being plausible but my headcanon still has the Necrons as uncommunicative as a rule. I think within Deathwatch it depends heavily on the KT. When the Blood Angels did it they were under orders, but KT's have alot more autonomy from what I gather, it may also depend on the radical leanings of the Watch Captain or Inquisitor who had the mission authorised. More realistically I feel the alliance would purely be 'we'd rather kill Nids right now' rather than the spoken agreement discussed in the tabletop. However, I probably wouldn't run a scenario based off it as I feel I couldn't do Necrons true justice, and any KT I've run with would physically puke at the concept Drath
  2. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/65700-100-regiments-for-only-war/ Here is the original post, if you wanted it. Some very neat ideas here. I don't think I ever got around to posting any of mine, but I enjoyed reading others ideas a lot.Sounds like a pretty familiar story for me
  3. I have to say it's pretty awesome to see the regiments you dreamed up way back in that concept post back before the rulebook was even released, but now all statted up and finalised. I was always interested by the idea of the guerilla's, and it's awesome to see them finished and detailed. Would you mind if I used them in a future campaign I'm planning? (Full credit of course.)
  4. I can't speak for Jen, but I'd enjoy seeing them if you get a minute to post them up.
  5. As per the usual, Lynata has it largely covered. (God it's been a long time since I posted instead of just stalking all the posts that pop up in my emails.) If the commissar truly doesn't know what happened then it creates some great opportunities for inter character tension. (I.E: If your group is mature enough not to take this beyond the table, have them discuss what to do for X amount of time and then each hand you a note with what they plan to do. If one person rats them out, that creates an excellent opportunity for the squad to fall to more infighting as they try and figure out who the rat is.) If you take that route however, I sincerely advise you to consider the maturity of the people who play with you. Don't want any real infighting! As for Commissariat policies, I should imagine that shooting AND severely wounding the Commissar would result in very brutal punishment. I don't recall details but I remember something in the uplifting primer about the punishment for harming a superior officer being skinning the criminal alive and stabbing out their eyes?
  6. Firstly, remember that video games are NOT accurate representations of military life and to an extent (but less so) nor are RPG's like Only War (trust me). A bullet is a bullet, as was earlier pointed out, and it doesn't randomly lose 'damage'. The main way for this would be to have an innacurate shot barely scrape an opponent due to the panic that comes with having five enemies bearing down on you, and knowing you don't have time to kill them all. However, these guys are more like marksmen than actual snipers. They are to provide extra long range fire power and accuracy to the soldiers they operate with. If you're a real sniper, you're often taking out targets from a far greater distance than the furthest reach of a long las! (Edit: Not a sniper, but I did serve a long while back before I became an old man, so this is just my memory. Times have probably changed since the Falkland War or Northern Ireland struggles.)
  7. What the good Captain says pretty much sums up my views on it. If you can find an efficient way to keep everyone in regular contact (especially in summer, when many people take holidays!) then please let me know and I would be happy to participate.
  8. What Adeptus-B said but with more British phrases.
  9. Again, if the players need any help, let me know and I'll see what I can do. (My group is Squadron 666, made up of three aces. PM me if you need more info or anything. My reply may be slow as I'm off to work in the near future.)
  10. Very awesome stuff! I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
  11. I am leaning towards the fortress world then (**** you, but also at the same time, very good job indeed. But the quality of the work changes nothing!)
  12. I'll give you a more in depth reply when I know more about both (might even make both), but the fortress world is kinda Krieg ish. Hmm. I banked on alot less morbidity though. When you're fighting Orks, why worry? You're taught from birth you're probably going to die. So live it up! But don't be breaking those regs trooper... Only issue with both is... I write ALOT. I'm already having to pick which sections of the write up I'd post, to prevent swamping the topic.
  13. I am creating a new regiment for my group and we fancied playing some very propoganda believing new guys. Do you guys prefer the idea of a fortress world arrayed against an area filled with Orks, that rely on sheer numbers of poorly equipped troops mixed with a few elites, or an Agri World of some (as yet undecided) nature?
  14. PAH! I laugh at thee. Thou art an almighty foo... Wait... I deleted mine on Monday... Crap!
  15. Happy to help with fluff and have ideas for Severan craft if you like.
  16. Do it together, even for certain battles. You can create exact regiment still, unless only one or two were present. I mean, using your example of Cadia, there weren't just Cadians particpating. There were many different regiments.
  17. They have boarded one. In one of the Ultramarines novels (which escapes me) they go aboard a big hive ship, smash up a norn queen and leg it, having crippled the hive tendril attacking the world. Exterminatus defence would be the ships. A) Suicidal intervention. B) taking out ships before the launching of their stupid doom bombs anyways.
  18. Hi! 1) They would either be assigned as specialists to regiments, sent to Inquisition, Rogue Trader etc if they're wanted by those forces or disbanded, I think. 2) I'm pretty sure they're Cadians only, and that they do both roles at various points in their usage. 3)Unsure, but I think that only Progena Orphans can become stormtoopers. 4) I would think just the gear they had before to avoid time retraining them for the new gear and combat style that goes with it. 5) I believe there are. Things like 'Mukali riders' in the Tallarns. There would probably be unnamed elites within individual regiments anyway, products of their environment. 6) Yes, they do. Either assigned it due to value, find it or units like the Terrax Guard or Harakoni Warhawks use it as standard. 7) Most novels and codexes etc seem to suggest that it does fire full auto. 8) Only issued to, but can be used by regular infantry, I think. (Unsure.) 9)Yes, less well equipped or advanced regiments do use Autoguns. They're just less efficient, reliable etc than the lasgun. Codex just uses a base line to avoid complications, I think. 10) Depends on the regiment. Strict regiments wouldn't let you use such tainted or stolen gear, others would. As is often the case, IG law and practicality are two very different things. If the guy finds a bolt pistol and uses it well, is it practical to say 'no, you can't fight better, you stupid little man' and take it away?
  19. I like this guide, but again. It's just a one edged sword guide, the reality has two edges. It's wrong to assume no-one knows tech. And that all tech priests are religious in that way. Back when we had one for a one shot, he was corrupted by an error code after a heavy knock about the head, hence being in a penal legion. . He tended technology desperately as his religion 'dictated' and killed/ hurt people who were 'disrespectful.' to the tech. So the Orks we were fighting didn't have a fun time. I would imagine things like this could happen in universe
  20. I should imagine each individuals induction is different depending on the ordo. Simple as 'hi, I'm ... and I would like to join Ordo...'. Potentially a super intense job interview or challenges. I would read the Warhammer 40k wiki ( http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_40k_Wiki) and perhaps ask your GM depending on how 'inducted' you are into the 40k lore.
  21. I'm with Fgdsfg, but I'll put all my opinions in today's guuide.
  22. Obliterator, a huge monster who can turn his limbs into any weapon he has absorbed into him.
  23. My God man! All the conversions, there are so many! I would imagine the classes having skills and talents similar to their counterparts, with better gear and wounds/ maybe more attributes being the decider in making you feel like marines as well as all the additional talents and skills that come with being a marine.
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