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  1. The Mandalorian Crusader Corvette would be pretty cool assuming they gave it some nice guns like in the pictures.
  2. Ive been on this forum for a a good little while now, but Ive never took the time to find out how to post pictures. If anyone knows how to from my phone, id appreciate the help. Also how to delete previous posts. Thanks.
  3. content://media/external/file/7367 It reminds of an awesome part of my childhood.
  4. Beautiful post. Couldn't have worded it any better myself. Ive always been a fan of strategy games & I love Star Wars, so it's like this game was made for me! I love it & even more so the fact that its growing & more & more people are playing it now. Plus like you said,there are some big time heavy hitters, & with enough dedication, practice, & perseverance, that can be us too one day. Or WILL be us one day. One of the coolest things that happened to me recently, was that I won the Xwing tournament they held at Mobicon & even better than that, they recorded my final two matches! Now i finally have something i can show to all of my friends & family. So it will be more than "hey i play xwing " Now they can see it in action. Ill be at the final table for worlds one day. Just watch & see. Who knows, maybe it'll be you standing across from me.
  5. Ive been using ion bomb on my deci Soontir build. It's an amazing mind game tool, & anything that affects your opponents thoughts durring combat is always a plus for you. My biggest thing was to deter Aces or duel IG's from slooping or Kturning behind me. Because a stressed & ioned ship is a perfect target for soontir. Won a tournament just yesterday thanks to my ion bombs. Faced off against tripple jumps, in a key turn i hit two jumps with my ion bomb, which caused one to drift off the map with 5 hull & both torpedoes, & gave me 2 range one shots on the other, from both Soontir & my Decimator. It was a good day lol
  6. As always i appreciate the input & it helps me to become an even greater & well rounded player. Plus it also helps me if im ever the one who slips up. So ill be able to say i can legally put my shields on & etc. Lol
  7. So if shields are mandatory, does that mean Rebel Captive is also? Meaning at the end of the round, if i forgot to trigger it, i can still stress the first ship that attacked me? I gave him ample time & it was only when i picked up my dice to attack again that he decided to not spend his token. I understand mix ups, but would anyone of you EVER TL Omega leader while he has you locked? So i find it hard to belive he would think, hmmm i think this lock was on Omega, if he was really in doubt, he couldve asked.
  8. I can understand getting target locks mixed up but its Omega leader. Do you ever target lock him? Plus vader was an easy range 2 away from omega, thats no mix up on a TL. Why should i have to remind you "hey ive got rebel captive, you sure you wamt to shoot me with whisper? Hey ive got gunner, i wouldnt spend all if your tokens if i were you, hey i have an ion bomb, dont get too close behind me" Not meaning it in a rude way, but that isnt my job, thats yours. Shields, yeah i can do a better job of making sure we are all set before the game starts, but again, not my responsibility. Casual is casual. If im flying at worlds, Im there to play against the best, not lend a helping hand.
  9. I ask this so i can be 100% firm in my decisions in tournaments from here on out. Im one of the nicest players you will ever meet, but I've loss several games by allowing my opponents to "take back missed actions & Etc" In casual thats cool, but I've decided that no matter what anyone else thinks i will no longer allow that in tournament settings. Be they local or far away regional events & the like. That is your responsibility as a fellow player, not mine. My first question is on verbal & physical spending of evade or focus tokens. I rolled 4 hits against my opponent & he rolls "Evade Focus Focus" He says he will spend his focus token,he removes the token from the table then flips all focus to evades. He then says he will spend his evade token & also removes that from the table also. At that point i pick up my dice to roll for gunner & he says wait, i wont spend the evade token, & he places it back by his ship. I call for the judge & she says there isnt a solid ruling for a situation like this, but she says it is up to me to decide if he can take back the action or not. I tell her he verbalized his actions & removed both tokens from the table. When we boost or barrel roll, as soon as the template touches the table, you are commited to that move as long as it is legal. Why should it be any different if you removed a token from the table? So i said he was commited & i rolled gunner. Here comes the 2nd mishap. (My opponent is understandably upset about the judge allowing me to make the ruling) I roll another 3 hits & a crit, he rolls 2 evades & a blank. So he goes to remove 2 shields from his Vader & there are no shields on him.... His omega leader has shields, his Defender has shields, but Vader does not. I dont recall shooting vader prior to that & he cant either. So feeling a little sorry for him, i allow him to put shields on, then immediately take them back off. Step 7 of setting up for a game says clearly "activate shields" In the missed opportunities section of the rulebook it clearly states that if you miss the timing window for a action, you cannot retrospectively go back & fix it without your opponents consent. I felt bad so i let him fix it, but as per the rules I didnt have to. I missed the timing window for my rebel captive several times that day, but i didnt ask to go back & fix it, i simply stated i missed it & oh well. Am i right about how these are ruled? Despite how "mean or cruel" they may be? On a added note, my opponent wasnt a new player by any means & he also was dishonest. When walking around the table to do a boost with my Soontir fel i was blocked by some players watching the table beside us, & as i got past them i saw my opponent removing his hand from beside Omega leader. (We all know how Omega leader works & how just like with dark curse, a Target lock is a useless thing against him, especially when he has you locked) So explain to me why my XX target lock was now on Omega leader when all game he has had me target locked & ive been shooting Vader with my Decimator.... Im a veteran player & i dont do that. I looked my opponent straight in his eyes & firmly told him, "Why would i ever target lock Omega leader? Its pointless, this Lock was on Vader". I then slide the lock a good range 2 distance back to vader, & my opponent says nothing. I love Xwing & will contiue to play for years to come, but i refuse to drive almost 8 hours to a regional event just to help my opponent beat me & also find out hes not honest. Never again.
  10. Ive been racking my brain for several hours & this is what i came up with. Soontir with PTL stealth title & thrusters The RAC with predator, gunner, agent Kallus, rebel captive, engine upgrade, ion bomb. My reason for soontir is, ive flown him for years & stealth alongside the new thrusters makes him almost invincible. Yes they fail me sometimes but if im out of arc, i never have to roll them anyway. Plus being able to confidently dodge a 4 dice attack from a ghost or even a hlc is nice. Yes his attack isnt steller all the time, but its more like war of attrition. As long as i peg you for 1-2 over & over without getting hit myself, ill win. Plus by the end game you should be pretty hurt anyway. For the RAC, i have to say ive never flown him without vader, so i feel naked in a sense lol its the weirdest feeling. Because against low health aces, vader changes games, even against ships with 1 hp. If i can end you now, vs waiting another turn, thats huge. But i feel hes become a crutch to me. With Kallus & predator, it feels like it would up my offense tremendously. Because without a focus or target lock, all i need is a hit & two focus at range 1-2. My ability changes one & Kallus the other. Plus i have a free reroll from Pred. I like the idea of ion bombs. They give me a threat & control factor. Anything that k turns or chases me, runs a huge risk. I will have to try to get in some play time with this build, but what do you think? I feel more confident against bigger ships now, but i feel i may not be as strong against high PS aces now. Without Vader, i cant just drop a ship whenever i want. But at the same time, maybe not throwing away 2hp on such an expensive ship, isnt such a bad thing.
  11. Thanks for all of the input & tips\strategies. Its always refreshing to see other peoples perspectives & opinions, plus learning from your experiences. Itll be just my luck, in my next tournament i wont run into a single IG build lol! But at least now if i do, ill have a plan on how to beat them & the confidence to see it through. Plus mindset is just as important as skill in a game like this. Ive seen it firsthand.
  12. Lol! I love the descriptions of both lists. Yeah, these guys are by far one of my hardest matchups. Ive flown & beaten triple jumpmasters easier than IG's. As a IG player myself, I know what they are capable of & some of their weaknesses, but everyone flys differently & also tweak their lists to better suit their playstyle. I know they hate stress, so captive is great, not sure tactician would help, on account of trying to arc dodge & it would be harder to keep them front & center. Im considering mines. Because if i could freeze them for a turn or so, then Soontir could hit them at range one. Its like fighting a Blastoise with a Charizard. Just one or two hits & im dead, but if i can manage to use fly & earthquake just right, i can beat you, or at least weaken you enough to where my Rhyperior can finish you. (Its been so long im not even sure Charizard can learn earthquake lol)
  13. Just like the title says, im looking for tips on beating these guys consistently. Ive done it before, but once it was bad dice, then the second time bad flying on the opponents side. IG88 B with any other IG-plus HLC,Crackshot,Glitterstim, Autothrusters & FCS is the build. Those guys are as deadly against Soontir as a stressbot. Yes arc dodging is the key to success, but theres only so much dodging i can do with the Decimator. Soontir is the normal PTL,Stealth,Autothrusters, Title build. I fly RAC. For the decimator. High PS, nice ability, & with VI i can make him a PS10. Typically i run him with Vader,Gunner,Engine, & either PTL+Isard or VI+Rebel captive. What i normally do is run soontir as bait & rush IG88 B with the decimator, trying to kill him asap. Im open to all sugestions & advise on how to equip the Decimator to better kill IG's. Because HLC's melt Decimators faster than you would believe. Ive been considering going for Expose & Experimental interface to up my damage output, or dauntless & navigator, to help with bumps. So i could avoid taking shots from both & buy time to kill one. Thanks in advance. Ill be play testing with a friend to get more practice of course, but you guys always have good advice too.
  14. What about the dauntless title? I could bump to reduce shots coming back at me, & still be affective against the wingmen. It would put the VI/Captive list at 99.
  15. I love putting TC on Soontir but i would have to be extremely careful withkeeping him out of arcs. Captive & VI on RAC sounds powerful. It would help make my opponents predictable. Plus it would completely wreck whisper. Im tempted to drop both ptl & Isard for captive & vi. Im just not sure about dropping stealth from soontir for TC. My biggest goal for him is to survive till the end game, for clean up. Being able to evade HLC's & ghosts is an awesome thing. On the other hand, if i changed both ships, it would drop me to 96 points,basically auto winning me the initiative every game.
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