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  1. thank you, you two... now I feel a little more stupid than before, haha 🙂
  2. Hu ? Thanks for answering... but where is it written that Ultron Drones is in play at the begin of the game ?
  3. Hello again everyone, I'm a little late to wish you a Happy New Year, but let's do it : Happy New Year and wish you happiness and success in all domain for everyone of you ! Now, back to business 😉 I played for the first time against Ultron today and my friend and I had a couple of questions. 15) What about this card : If I've understood correctly, while this card has not shown up as an encounter card, all drone cards dealt from draw piles have no stats at all but only the keyword "minion". Is that correct ? If so, is there a way to get rid of those drones before Ultron Drones enters play ? Because if we hit Ultron state II (playing normal), it becomes a **** to manage those little nuisances. 16) Do we agree that when Ultron is stunned his attack doesn't happen and then the player attacked doesn't put a facedown card engaged with them as a drone ? 17) A dummy question but I hesitate a little : when we switch from Alter-Ego to Hero and vice-versa, can we still perform actions in the newly adopted form or not (provided that we can perform those actions) ? Thanks for answering
  4. Imperial Assault is clearly discontinued. Many people around me try to get what they can before it goes out. But who knows ? As per Rebellion... my online game store does have them but not for long....
  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I think that I'll pass on a second core set and stick with the one I've got. I also think that future packs will provide us with more of those cards or alternatives that will outmatch those from the core box. Thanks agains for your answer !
  6. to be honest I don't think I will have exploited all the possibilities of the core set in January so..not really in a rush for more.
  7. I take the opportunity of this thread to ask an already answered question but considering that we had time to play many games I ask it one more time : Is there a clear advantage in buying a second core set both in terms of cards and game material ? Do you think they will release a "game material" expansion with more enemy dials and tokens ? (thinking about the wrecking crew needing 4 health counters)
  8. Ok I agree with you...After posting that sequence I was playing like you said. So we completely agree, the side schemes have a chance to be dealt with before their hazards provoke disasters :-°
  9. 14) I make a full question regarding what we have been discussing. Then, for instance : 2players game : Round 3 - Villain turn - Step 3 --> deal one hidden encounter card per hero Round 3 - Villain turn - Step 4 --> reveal each card in the order of players (starting with the first player) --> the first card revealed is a Side-Scheme with the additional encounter card on it. this card is immediately dealt hidden to the current round's first player. Round 4 - Villain turn - Step 3 --> deal one hidden encounter card per players Round 4 - Villain turn - Step 4 --> the current round's first player reveal their encounter card and then the current round's second player reveal, one at a time both their encounter cards, the one received this turn and the additional card received during Round 3 - Step 4. Is what I've said above correct ? Thank you
  10. Oh thanks for both precisions. It's true that if they say to reshuffle the deck, you're supposed to do it. What you add regarding Falcon confirms that we have to obey those instructions . Regarding encounter cards, I agree, didn't know that if a Scheme card with the additional encounter card icon on it enter the game it deals directly 1 hidden encounter card (that will be revealed during the next villain step 3). Good to know (and to re-read carefully the rules :-P)
  11. Aaaah you mean if you just draw, during Villain step 3 a side scheme with +one encounter card that this additional card will only be drawn during the next Villain turn's step 3 and not during the actual step 4 when you reveal the encounter card. Ok I understand now...somehow I didn't do anything wrong but hadn't realized that drawing and revealing encounter cards were actually 2 separate steps....always good to know 😉
  12. Ah...thank you for the precision. So if Breakin' and Takin' is in the discard Pile, I don't have to reshuffle the deck...I would have done it if the Side Scheme had been in there, correct ?
  13. I'll have to re-read the whole 😄 13) Stupid question i should have understood but still : When I defeat Rhino 1, I have to look for Breakin' and takin' side scheme, then reshuffle the encounters deck...does it mean that I have to reshuffle both the current deck and Discard pile into a new encounter draw pile ?
  14. Where in the rules is that written ? I don't see it neither...
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