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  1. Ok I understand, thanks for answering by the way :-)
  2. @Lace Jetstreamer Seriously, maintaining the same topic in Keyforge forums and starting a new one here...Or you value this quest of yourself to make people accept that FFG is gonna launch two loot-boxes games or you have decided to dedicate part of your free time to come here and live this debate again and again... Maybe you're right, maybe.... But thanks to god I'm not interested in this game at all at least ?
  3. My main concern with FFG is their zero presence here.... I mean, I understand that having to manage so many games and some more than others like X Wing or Game of Throne or I don't know which one transforms this company into a gas factory. But at least it would be nice from time to time to know if they take what it is said here into consideration or not.... And to be honest this community is a good one, I mean, in any game forum I've been taking part so far I never met anyone mean nor violent in words... So why not entering in contact here and instead rely (but do they ?) on so-called social networks ? I don't have Facebook anymore, don't plan to reopen an account anytime soon for personal reasons so i'm maybe missing a lot of what really happens in term of communication between company and players ? (the above post suggest some answer I guess ?)
  4. Elrad

    Future expansions

    Interesting option they may opt for. That said, I'm asking myself and have already asked it before : Are the "vanilla" decks be outdated as some point ? Some have answered that they will always be valid because unique. That's correct but to me it works until FFG expands the poll of cards they compose their decks from. What will happen then? Will we all sing in chorus : "Bah it's ten dollars, it's not like I was buying a 100$ boosters box for another CCG" ? I'm not a "true" gamer in the sense that I love playing games for the pure pleasure of playing, not necessarily winning. So,to me If my first deck or few decks do please me and I get linked to them because I can play them, I love the composition of the deck, the three houses in presence, etc, what will happen the day FFG expands its database of unique cards ? Is it going to die against new decks ? Because of game design that will break vanilla decks or will they keep in mind that they need to balance the new houses/cards so that it's still possible to win with an old deck against a new one ?
  5. Lace has been polite and nice when you read that Carlos on BGG that's what I wanted to say earlier too. I've been taking part in pre-release conversations of some FFG games on these forums and the community is always an healthy one. That's why I was not that worried to discuss with Lace about his concern of Key Forge being or not a gambling game. It felt naturally because I've met many users here who are really nice. On the contrary, I've had some surprises on BGG and on Reddit too...bigger places can't gather only good people I guess ?
  6. So what we can expect is that every single deck will be unique whatever the language... Ok, bah let's see if the game will take off. Talking about Magic, I once bought a X hand deck (meaning a terrible one) for a hand of bucks and there were cards in many languages including some I didn't even recognise...So it won't be a problem facing a deck in thai or in Sanskrit (...if they ever translate a deck in that very precise language).
  7. Yes. Lace has not been that agressive-looking as that Carlos on Bgg. And to be honest the whole discussion here in that topic was not "violent"-looking when that one on Bgg is quite hard sometimes.
  8. The OP in that topic is awful. And maybe his English is awful to read too sometimes... I'm quite surprised. I don't go that often on BGG to be honest but I didn't know there were such haters over there. This FFG Bashing is totally useless and trying to destroy a game before it's released is pure sadism. It is as if those people had nothing better to do in their life but to complain about everything with the ferocity of a jealous tiger... The answer of Garfield is still interesting and provide some information to understand the how and why about Key Forge. Well, let's wait till December then. But again...such hate is very sad to read.
  9. Oh yes, that's it ! Me and the names... I'm not surprised that it is quite dead by now...I don't know who it was aimed at: Boardgames players and video game players ? But the former like material component and the latter has the possibility to play games like Heartstone or Magic online or anything so... well.
  10. At ESSEN 2017, there was that french company who was demoing a game they made where you buy physical cards with a chip-set inside and a card reader to be able to use those cards in a computer game. I mean the goal was to make people compete online but with physical cards on hand... the thing was that every card had its "skills tree" and only view-able on the computer. I wasn't interested at all for one reason : if your card became unreadable with time or the online game died, you were left behind with useless costly cards... So I think I would prefer this kind of online solution where you still have your material deck fully operational and having an option to play it online than the project I mentioned above.
  11. Greetings, I've discovered this card in a booster and read its text....Is it me or is this card a "suicide" card ? I mean, was it designed to create the surprise or is there a tactical use of it I'm not aware of ? Sorry if this has already been discussed earlier but I didn't find anything (maybe did I badly searched). Thanks
  12. I'd say the price tag is indeed a bit high. I would't have said 20$ but let's say 30$ Because it takes to me less to produce and pack clone decks than procedurally designed ones (BUT I MAY BE WRONG). That said, game components sold separately won't please everyone but you could display them along the decks, people won't say a thing if you tell them : "buy two unique decks for 20 and these components for 5/10$ and you're ready to go." That said, people like simple things and will prefer a box full of everything needed. What I don't like with FFG core boxes is that it is too big for nothing. At a time of History when people want to spare Earth resources, it's a shame that FFG keeps making big boxes with thermoforming taking much more room than the actual game content. But well... I'm not against this price tag, but feel a bit stolen by the two pre-constructed non unique decks.... So I'll see if I jump in with a starter or not. Maybe I'll do to keep it simple tough but you're right it can be discussed.
  13. In the games Dawn of War, there were quotes during the faction selection and it was incredible. In french there was one I remind well it says more or less : " Heresy is born from inactivity" ? I would make them all change from announcing the Kingdom of Haeven to announcing the Reign of the immortal Emperor of the 40k years ?
  14. My dear Jehovah Witnesses down in the street who try to steal my money invite me into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ wouldn't have said it better ? i should try to quote Inquisitors from 40k it could make an effect on them... That said Change is always praised but rarely witnessed. Lessee what FFG can do now.
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