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  1. The news actually made me order Stewards of the secret, the only pack I was missing, always procrastinated on that one. Still in the middle of creating my own excel macro-based app to spice up Descent. If anything, I thank FFG for causing a spike in my own interest. It is a fine goodbye to Descent until 3E, which I sincerely hope will come given time (mini quality has progressed a lot since it forst came out and new ways to play are always welcome). Thanks FFG
  2. I notice that Battlelore is the board game I 've played most these last few years. Sad that they 're keeping it in Limbo instead of killing it off, as it takes quite a lot of mental energy from a lot of players waiting for news every once in a while, those few left that is. Not that such news would make me move to Runewars, good luck with that.
  3. Skyhunterd

    elf army

    I ve also thought about how the abilities of Elf archers could differ from those of the Daqan Faction. I could expect the archers to have shorter range and more dice or perhaps a critical hit on a crown roll instead when within melee distance. It would probably depend on the tier the archers belong to. Maybe a low tier unit could be kept simple but still abilities are fun. For example, they could move after attacking if the dice were kept to a modest 2. Thoughts?
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