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  1. I think one of the underrated reasons this game failed is that it wasnt prepainted. I think alot of the initial buzz died down after it was revealed that the miniatures were not prepainted. I think this also goes hand and hand with the pricing issue. If these had been prepainted the price point probably would have been correct but since they were not and since the overall miniature quality was sub par by today standards the price point was probably a bit aggressive. Here is an old post thar kind of illustrates my point: I dont think this was the main pitfall but I think it is one of the many major problems that unfortunately led to the death of this game.
  2. Just a little Devils Advocate: 1) Uthuk went 1-2-3, 4-5-6 was Waiqar-Latari-Daqan.......points to Uthuk being the best and the other factions being more balanced against each other. 2) Just because a player is really good and could compete with another faction doesn't disqualify his chosen faction from being OP. The greats of any game tend to compete with the most OP faction at the championship level after all a championship is at stake. Also from my understanding Church didnt just win, he crushed everyone he faced. 3) Not much to say here as I dont know the player so I cant speak to his strategy. 4) From the sounds of it you are a very good player as well.......so again just because you can beat your Uthuk list with another faction (most likely one tooled to beat your specific list) doesnt disqualify Uthuk from being OP. I would close with an old adage......If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck.....its probably a duck. My point being is that there has been plenty of grumbling from this community about Uthuk and it most likely points to there being at least a slight imbalance of power when it comes to Uthuk. I would also acknowledge that the new units very well may change this imbalance.....only time will tell.
  3. I was looking to attend the NOVA Open this year, which is a decent sized con on the East Coast right outside of DC. When I was checking the list of games that will have tornys at the con this is what I saw: FFG Games: Armada, SW Destiny, SW Imperial Assault, L5R, SW Legion, SW X-wing Obscure Games: Beyond the Gates of Antares?, Dark Age, Konflict 47?, Deep Wars?, Wrath of Kings Not Present: Runewars I know there has been alot of doomsday talk but when you see something like this I dont know how you can have an optimistic view of this games future. Id like to say that the con supports the games that are popular in the area but I live within 30mns of the con and I have never even heard of Deepwars or Beyond the Gates of Antares. It really seems odd that a con that supports so many FFG games and also quite a few obscure games wouldnt have Runewars. Needless to say im extremely disappointed.
  4. Sweet im working on the same thing. Im going to make the swords look like obsidian shards though.
  5. I hate this crap. Who are you to tell people that have spent large amounts of money on a game not to worry about it? The shear amount of people worried about the future of this game proves that it is at least something worth discussing. The classic "if there is smoke there is fire" applies here.
  6. No I'm not kidding. In those 3 and a half months most of the FLGS near me have gone from stocking a bunch of runewars to only ordering 1 or maybe 2 of the new expansions if any at all. At the end of the day if game stores aren't moving product they will stop carrying the game. Maybe(hopefully) in your area its different but like I said in my original post the game feels DOA in my neck of the woods.
  7. Personally I think the comparisons to X-Wing need to stop. Besides using the flight path system this game has nothing in common with X-Wing. I keep seeing posts like "x-wing only had 1 wave for a bit" and other things along that line. This is a total misrepresentation of the game, each ship in X-Wing comes with at least 4 different pilot cards which means you can get away with having only a few ships because they can play completely different depending on what pilot you take. Ex. Biggs plays totally different than Wedge. However in Runewars a block of Cav is always going to act the same for the most part. I think this is why the game is already seeing a massive drop in players. There just isnt enough out there to keep people interested at the moment. I really hope Elves help change this and that its not to late. The game certainly feels DoA in my area.
  8. I Really Really hope we eventually see some of the more unique factions from this list like the Dragonkin or Mahkim. Another fantasy game that only gives me the options of playing the typical fantasy races seems rather boring to me. I`m not sure the game would be able to distinguish itself enough from every other fantasy game. I think part of the reason games like Warmahordes and Malifaux have had success and other games like Kings of War havn't is because they broke out of the typical fantasy mold and gave people something different. With that being said I hope they take it slow. Maybe 1-2 new factions a year.
  9. Wow thanks for the quick responses guys. Hopefully there will be some guys that pick this up near me so I can give it a try.
  10. Hi guys its been a long time since I played the L5R CCG but this new LCG has me interested. I'm just wondering is this game going to play like the old CCG or is it an entirely new game? Thanks
  11. Im not sure the two faction thing is really going to turn off to many people. The way I see it is you're either excited about the game or you're not. Personally im not really into either of the starter factions but Im super excited about the game so I bought two starters to wet my appetite. Also I think some of the people claiming to understand the miniature market really don't. I have played many of the bigger miniature games out there (WHF, 40K, Warmachine) and almost every person I know that plays those games consistently owns more then one faction in those games. Sure they usually have their main faction but they also dabble in a few others. So I think the people who are really interested in the game will mess around with one of the two starter armies until one of the factions they really want to play comes out.
  12. You guys are acting like the worms are expensive or something. They are only 15 points. I think most 200pt lists will have at least 2 solo worms if not 3. Remember Erebus has to be with in range 3 to use the worms ability so you will need a couple to make his movement less predictable. Their role will be a cheap annoying support unit that is surprisingly hard to remove from the table. Also everyone keeps saying blight isn't that big of a deal because you can just rally......sure do that and be predictable. Just like all of the other flight path games the most predictable person usually loses. I think overall the problem people are having with the Waiqar is that they are getting caught up in the "undead niche" of other fantasy games. They go "look undead" and just mindlessly throw them at the opponents army thinking they will win by attrition. This isn't how Waiqar works. Waiqar is clearly intended to be a synergy army and just like with many other games, synergy armies tend to have a steep learning curve with a high skill cap.
  13. I think Most Wanted is going to be a two of.
  14. I have been using the Jan Ors/Biggs combo in one of my list and I like it a lot. I prefer R2D2 on him instead of R2F2 though, I think in the long run the shield regeneration makes him more survivable.
  15. I love how you post pleading for FFG to stop listening to us "13 year olds" whining about fixes, involves whining about fixes.......just saying.
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