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  1. The most effective ways to destroy a vehicle is to get a despair on your piloting roll.
  2. This is where the GM needs to get creative with house rules and homebrew equipment. You can make your own, or buy, a super souped up set of slicer gear. That maybe discards a bunch of difficulty dice and/or setback dice. But such a rig might weight a lot, and be highly illegal. A doctor could have the option for a full medical bay, multiple bacta tanks, all the equipment and medical droids you could need, maybe a nano fabricator for bionic replacements, etc... Again, exceptionally expensive and takes up ship space, but well worth it. A ship with a full medical bay would be a good asset. You might sell your services to a convoy or paramilitary group needing top of the line medical treatment.
  3. Seems to make vehicles more powerful than they should be. An AT-PT is still very lightly armored. Its no better than a humvee in power scale, heavy blasters and repeating blasters should be able to take it down. A piddly little speeder shouldn't be able to shrug off blaster fire, and what barely qualifies as military equipment shouldn't be able to ignore high end personal scale weapons.
  4. Well, our group was on a hot Sabacc streak when my character lost and didn't have enough cash for the ante. So I decided to dip into the community funds we had for our ship. Our Assassin Droid calls BS and declares he will make a coercion roll to stop me. The GM allows the roll and he succeeds. And thats how my Gambling problem was nipped in the bud.
  5. Han Solo certainly didn't join the Rebellion out of the goodness of his heart. He was after Leia's credits.
  6. It might be to represent the superior nature of a military grade mrdpack.
  7. Coercion seems to cover both the idea of mentally strong arming someone into doing something as well as just craftily persuading them. Read the ability as being Coercion/persuasion.
  8. A couple of resource books would be nice too. A compendium of ships and equipment, both existing and some new. More one off adventures. A book of generic plot hooks and general fluff.
  9. Medpacks are relatively cheap. Why your doctor doesn't have one yet is boggeling. Not only does it do what it does, but it also gives a ''free'' stimpack once per day. Too good not to have. It basically pays for itself after 18 days of injuries.
  10. Alternatively, make him make multiple checks to do a single task of that magnitude. And upgrade plenty of those difficulty die. And failure at any point leads to a lockout.
  11. Just tell him ''you can't slice x system from long distance, you'd need direct access to the main computer'' or ''you can't do that'' The best technician in the world can't make a calculator make him a cup of coffee.
  12. Remember that Success in trying to tell if there is deception doesn't mean they've succeeded in telling if someone is lying. It could be that, despite their suspicion, they think he's telling the truth. Or they discover the guy is maybe not telling the whole truth. IE: PCs succeed perception to tell if Bob is lying. The truth is that Bob is leading them into a trap. What is revealed by the success is that Bob works for the Black Sun who are setting up the meeting for the PCs, he does NOT in fact for the crime family the Pcs were originally told they were meeting. If a Lie is crucial to the story, simply reveal another minor lie instead.
  13. I think it would be really nice for FF to put out a book of generic maps, ships, and other useful things. A book(or better a PDF) of a collection of the floorplans of various generic buildings. Prefab housing units, military bases, loading platforms, hotels, ruined buildings, starports, generic towns or cities, etc... Deck plans of some common ships as well as some generic ones. Things a GM could print out in a large map or just use as inspiration. I know other people make these things, but it would be nice to have it all in one conveniant package.
  14. Our GM will say "They're armed with blaster pistols, clubs, and they're just wearing some grubby street clothes"or the like for equipment. For damage he'll say "This guy doesn't look so good" or "he's got a bleeding gash but otherwise is fine." He won't say "this guy has Soak 3 and 5 wounds"
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