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  1. This PDF contains 24 injuries and 36 madness for use with Elder Sign. They are all impactful without being crippling, although they could situationally be crippling. They are intended to be used to add difficulty and a bit of roleplaying feel to the game either acquired when a character would normally be devoured or as a personality trait to start the game. Although created to use instead of being devoured, we found that the madnesses were fun and added some difficulty. So we play with characters starting the game with a madness (or injury). Most madnesses can be considered an extreme personality or a result of them learning about the mythos in the first place.
  2. Institutions in Elder Sign provide the resources to the characters outside of the museum. The game effect is replacing some or all of the entrance locations with ones that have different options and effects. This PDF provides 30 optional institutions. Some are existing institutions, others are defunct institutions from the era, and a few are taken from fiction. All are modified to suit the Elder Sign world and game mechanics. The purpose of using institutions is to provide variety of game play. They are not designed or intended to make the game easier or harder, although depending upon the Great Old One, herald, and investigators it is likely that some will do so.
  3. Drawing an extra mythos card at midnight is a common way of adding difficulty. We felt that was a bit much, so we created heralds that have a chance of adding a mythos card (we aimed for about a 50% chance in "normal" play of adding a mythos card). There are 16 heralds. Some have you discard items to try and avoid mythos cards, some have using specific types of items increase the chances. Some make you want to defeat monsters, some make you want to avoid monsters. One makes you want to succeed at certain adventure cards, one makes you want to avoid certain adventure cards. You can modify your play to try and avoid extra mythos cards, or just ignore it and let the extra mythos cards come. Since they top out at one extra mythos card per midnight, the impact is limited. You can switch the effect to adding a doom token instead of drawing an extra mythos card if you want to up the difficulty.
  4. While we love Elder Sign, we found that the investigators were not balanced. So we chose from the top 5, or we selected randomly and were disappointed by what we got. So we adjusted the existing Elder Sign investigators to make them balanced and added the rest of the Arkham Horror investigators. So you can print out and choose from 48 investigators that are all ready for the challenge. These are designed for the museum using the Unseen Forces expansion. There may be issues with some if played with other expansions.
  5. Custom Investigators

    I definitely need to work on the story text. I just hate to spend a lot of time on it and then find I change the effect and have to re-write the story (which I have done more than once). I do think it would be better to give him the effect of Addiction but not have it be the actual madness. His sneak is incredibly good and the PS fail is incredibly harsh. The idea is that his special ability is really his amazing sneak and move. He can use his special ability when needed, but if he uses it too much he will become arrested and the character almost crippled. I could remove his random skill, if an issue is just having more than one skill.
  6. Custom Investigators

    Thank you. It takes 3 clicks for me to get the link for the image and I often stop at 2 and then catch myself and have to fix it. My first post had the same picture 4 times.
  7. Custom Investigators

    Here is Daniel Philips, the Moonshiner. His real benefit is that he is fast and great at sneaking, so he can move pretty far while still sneaking. His special ability is not quite as good as just getting $1 per turn since he takes a risk, but he can get whiskey each turn instead of $1 for balance. For flavor, if he spends the $1 to refresh his kerosene it is making grain alcohol to burn instead of kerosene. Because he is addicted, he normally has a focus of 0. So he cannot switch his speed/sneak at will (it costs $1). So he cannot get as much benefit from his speed/sneak as a normal character. His personal story ties into his addiction. The pass is okay, the failure is a huge penalty which makes using his special ability very risky.
  8. Custom Investigators

    Isabelle wants to go to the 3 locations, but that prevents her from doing other things. I agree that Blood of the Innocent is powerful, but giving up 3-5 turns to get the power is very expensive. I updated Elaine Downs to tone her down a bit. I did not know how focus worked when I made her - fixed it with a focus of 2. I also took away a few fixed items. she has a lot of starting items plus money, but no guaranteed weapon. She wants to avoid monsters. She is good at evade - but that triggers her personal story. She is good at lore, but I removed Library Use and the Find Gate. So she is good at going through gates but not great at it. Her low speed is not a big disadvantage if she is in other worlds a lot, but it does make it harder for her to go shopping.
  9. Custom Investigators

    You aren't being harsh. Being new I appreciate the lay of the land and the feedback. what is DPI and how do I change it? I take it the theme of Isabelle is that she is experienced with the horror. I can't tell of each ability is supposed to be good or just the ability to choose between them is what makes her special. She can be a cult member or not, but her personal story is going to the cult places. She seems interesting for the setup but then to lose flavor. In two cases she gets a corruption which will randomly occur but doesn't change how you play her. I want my characters to have a role or thing to do. She seems to just have things happen to her. The Blood of the Innocent is a cool ability. I don't understand how it is supposed to fit her character. I would probably just give her cult membership always and a random corruption if you want her to have paid a price for membership. Then in her story say that she infiltrated the cult to learn their rituals of blood sacrifice which ties to The Blood of the Innocent.
  10. Custom Investigators

    Sven Ramstad is a snow plow driver. He is a strong fighter, especially strong in the streets. His drawbacks as a fighter are his lack of good weapons and money to start and his low sanity. He is also very bad at sneak and lore. Sven is especially good vs Ithaqua Edit: removed photos for size and to redo - will repost later
  11. Custom Investigators

    Here is my first custom character. Elaine Downs is asleep and dreaming the whole adventure. Her special ability allows her to go into any gate and come out any other. So she can use convenient gates to go to the other worlds and exit the gate that matters most. Her spell allows her to get back to Arkham quickly to close gates. Her drawback is that she is not good at fighting and starts with no weapons. Combined with Nightmares, she is bad at fighting monsters and loses sanity quickly when she does. - removed her images as they were large, I will revise and repost with smaller images.