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  1. TobyW

    Requesting Tabletop Admiral feedback

    I'd like to see the ability to print the list with card text included, which would remove the need to use the unit/upgrade cards during a game.
  2. TobyW

    General Weiss

    Got it. The "each of your minis" wording threw me off.
  3. TobyW

    General Weiss

    Does his effect work on other vehicles with more than one weapon? Can Speederbikes fire both weapons after Weiss has used his free action?
  4. Actually, the size difference seems to be less than first thought (based on the comparison of IA and Legion Luke). I think it will be hardly noticeable on the table top. But it is quite obvious that FFG wanted larger miniatures, maybe for selling more, probably to have miniatures that are comparably sized to GW's offerings.
  5. TobyW

    Yet another painting question thread

    1) a cardboard box is fine. No need to buy miniatures for that. 3) as long as acrylic paints aren't dried out completely, you can revive them by adding water and stirring thoroughly. 4) yes, washes don't dry out as quickly. 5) I wouldn't buy a paint set. You probably need white, black, dark gray (which I use for most black parts so I can add more depth with a black wash). For the other colors, I tend to use a base color and a highlight color. I then mix base and highlight for blending, and white and highlight to get am even lighter highlight color.
  6. That was me. I'd be happy to print other things for you. I'll try to reach a licensing agreement with Imperial Terrain that would allow me to print and sell their designs.
  7. TobyW

    What Terrain do you Want to See

    Scarif of course!
  8. TobyW

    3d printable scenery

    I designed one, too, to be printed in individual parts. I charge €25 for it. Send me a private message if you're interested.
  9. TobyW

    3D Printed Ships for Legion

    The Mk2S is excellent (I've got the kit, too), but the Mk3 has just been announced. I would recommend getting that, since it is much improved. The biggest advantage with regard to the kit is probably that the Y-axis is now a few pieces of aluminum instead of an assortment of nuts and threaded rods that need to be properly aligned. This alone may shave two hours off the build time and prevent a lot of headaches. The most important thing is getting the height of the first layer dialled in correctly. I've been printing happily ever since. I modelled the Endor bunker in OpenSCAD, split into individual parts it's about a 20 hour print at 0.3mm layer height.
  10. TobyW

    When will FFG Announce The ROGUE ONE Expansion?

    Why not? We got the T-70 and TIE/fo with wave 8 and later got Heroes of the Resistance. A Rogue One expansion with X-Wing and Y-Wing seems rather likely to me.
  11. TobyW

    Rogue One Discussion Thread

    Excellent movie, I liked it a lot. Great to see Dutch and Garven again.
  12. Having programmed in many languages including C++ and C#, I would also consider C# an upgrade. So much C ballast has been thrown out and it offers much functionality that is only available in C++ with additional libraries. I think the OP mentioned programming with Qt, which goes a long way towards alleviating the shortcomings of C++.
  13. TobyW

    Which Squad Builder (PC)

    Try to clear your browser cache. YASB has both Snap and Nien Nunb as T-70 pilots.
  14. TobyW

    Lasers (the real ones)

    The Army Painter ones are also of mediocre quality. If you are located in Europe, get one from Laserfuchs. They are €20 but project a much sharper line.
  15. TobyW

    2016 Worlds Results

    Chewie without any defensive upgrades, very cool. I'll have to try this myself. Good luck today, I hope to catch a game of yours on the stream.