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  1. Scarif of course!
  2. I designed one, too, to be printed in individual parts. I charge €25 for it. Send me a private message if you're interested.
  3. The Mk2S is excellent (I've got the kit, too), but the Mk3 has just been announced. I would recommend getting that, since it is much improved. The biggest advantage with regard to the kit is probably that the Y-axis is now a few pieces of aluminum instead of an assortment of nuts and threaded rods that need to be properly aligned. This alone may shave two hours off the build time and prevent a lot of headaches. The most important thing is getting the height of the first layer dialled in correctly. I've been printing happily ever since. I modelled the Endor bunker in OpenSCAD, split into individual parts it's about a 20 hour print at 0.3mm layer height.
  4. Why not? We got the T-70 and TIE/fo with wave 8 and later got Heroes of the Resistance. A Rogue One expansion with X-Wing and Y-Wing seems rather likely to me.
  5. Excellent movie, I liked it a lot. Great to see Dutch and Garven again.
  6. Having programmed in many languages including C++ and C#, I would also consider C# an upgrade. So much C ballast has been thrown out and it offers much functionality that is only available in C++ with additional libraries. I think the OP mentioned programming with Qt, which goes a long way towards alleviating the shortcomings of C++.
  7. Try to clear your browser cache. YASB has both Snap and Nien Nunb as T-70 pilots.
  8. The Army Painter ones are also of mediocre quality. If you are located in Europe, get one from Laserfuchs. They are €20 but project a much sharper line.
  9. Chewie without any defensive upgrades, very cool. I'll have to try this myself. Good luck today, I hope to catch a game of yours on the stream.
  10. Charlie ter Horst, who went 6-0 and came third, was second at the Belgian Nationals, won I believe one regional this year, and made the cut in several others. IIRC, he also made the cut at the Yavin Open. He's one of the top Dutch players in our very competitive meta.
  11. Starviper, it is not only ugly but has a stupidly large profile that would make it much easier to hit than many other ships. In second place comes FFG's flat-nosed Lambda shuttle which looks nothing like what we see in RotJ or even their own card art.
  12. Texx is indeed Dallas Parker, I think he made the cut each year so far? Sozin (Lyle Hayhurst) and Sable Gryphon (Mark Fletcher) are from the Scum & Villainy podcast, Sozin is also the guy behind List Juggler. Dan Hars won two Regionals this year. Doug Kinney is the 2012 World Champion. Richard Hsu is the guy who travels everywhere and a co-host of Nova Squadron Radio.
  13. Two days of 6 rounds of Swiss, different pools. Four or more wins progress to two more rounds of Swiss on Sunday. Top 16 cut.
  14. As soon as it's published, unless otherwise stated. I seem to remember one FAQ saying something about it not going into effect until some date. Page 1 says October 24th.
  15. E Mine doesn't slide since the back is not printed and thus not slick at all. The printed side is a bit slick, I've bought anti-slip pads at a hardware store for the baes. A friend of mine has the FFG starfield mat, and it looks quite worn already. The PVC mats (I had mine printed for €13 incl. shipping, and my Epic/Armada mat came in at less than €20) are hard to beat when it comes to value for money.