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  1. Agreed. I guess what it boils down to does destruction occur before or after "after defending" and it's really weird that there's no clear answer to that.
  2. Yes I read that ruling. And yes I agree with the implied timing window. The issue is what is the timing window on ship destruction? I've gone through the FAQ and manuals extensively and there's really no clear answer.
  3. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I haven't seen the appropriate thread. Do abilities that trigger after defending (Dengar, R5-P8) still trigger if the ship is destroyed in the attack? What if the simultaneous fire rule is in effect? The problem is the rules are a little vague as to when a ship is destroyed. I see two logic paths which are implied but not expressly spelled out by the rules. Path 1: When a ship receives damage equal to it's hull value it is removed from the play area unless it is the same pilot skill of the attacking ship AND the attacker has initiative. In which case it may make its attack before being removed from the table. Path 2: when a ship receives damage equal to hits hull it is removed from the table at the end of of the pilot skill count it was destroyed in. I can see a number of weird timing interactions here. Example 1: Dengar (PS9) w/r5-p8 is attacked and destroyed by a ps8 ship. With path 1 neither of Dengars abilities trigger. With path 2 both do. Example 2: Dengar (ps9) w/ r5-p8 is attacked and destroyed by a ps9 ship. If dengar has initiative with path 1 neither of his abilities trigger. if he doesn't have initiative both his abilities trigger. He then gets to make his primary attack. with path 2 his abilities trigger with or without initiative. Example 3: Tel Trevura (PS7) w/r5-p8 and deadman's switch is destroyed for the first time by a ps7 pilot.He chooses to trigger r5-p8 after the attack and rolls a crit causing him and his opponent to take 1 damage. With path 1 if Tel has initiative he is destroyed for the second time. If he doesn't have initiative he can trigger r5-p8, roll a crit, take the additional damage BEFORE his pilot ability triggers. Path 2 is the same as him not having initiative in path 1. Example 4: an omicron group pilot(ps2) w/ Emperor palpatine is destroyed by a ps9 ship that possesses initiative. Soontir fel Attacks the ship that attacked the shuttle. In path 1 palpatine is no longer available, in path 2 Palpatine can modify Soontir's roll. I've submitted this question and got no answer back. Has anyone gotten back an official answer which might shed some light on this?
  4. So the New York toy fair is happening this weekend and FFG frequently debuts a new wave there so here is my prediction for wave 9: TFA Millenium Falcon w 4 new pilots TFA Tie with turret Some ship from Rebels either scum or rebel Legends EU Scum small base ship
  5. I'd like to see an activateable upgrade that lasts until the end of the game. For example: a Finn crew card that, once activated, forces a turreted ship to attack targets only in arc, but gives a ship 2 primary weapon attacks per combat round.this lasts until the end of the match and cannot be turned off. This provides a "metamorphosis" upgrade dynamic that X-wing is somewhat lacking.
  6. Full Disclosure, I'm primarily a scum and imp player. Maybe it's just me, but it seems the strong meta builds as of late have been heavily favoring Rebs, and to a lesser degree scum. All the stuff out there to turn Y wings into death machines, the mini falcon K wing, and the nearly as good as super fel t-70 aces all seem to be way more powerful and, more troubling, exploitable than what the Imps have received as of late. I'm not saying imps have gotten nothing good, just that what they have gotten seems less exploitable. There's some potent stuff on the horizon for the imperials, namely imperial veterans will finally make the tie defender scary. But somehow this seems eclipsed by the other recent developments to the rebel and scum metas, Thoughts?
  7. I am keeping things vague so as not to incite anger from people who may have witnessed this. A judge is called in regarding an in arc issue. Judge drops laser. Initially calls it out. I however have a better angle on it and can see the judge has not dropped the laser square to the line ( he was slightly off because the large model was obscuring part of the base from the angle he was standing at). I protest requesting he come to my side of the table (where the model won't be in the way) and drop it again. A second judge comes over on my side drops the laser (plumb this time due to no obstruction) and the ruling gets reversed in my favor. My opponent and the first judge and several members of the community feel I'm an ******* for challenging the judge (again I had initially requested he simply change the position from where he was dropping the laser so he could visualize it better). As it turned out to be VERY important that I won that arc ruling ( i got the kill on the ship which would put me over on points.) Question: Was I being an *******?
  8. Seanamal

    Some thoughts

    The problem is because of it's cost on a scum y you can also mount unhinged sam which takes the y from being a slow ass ship to being a fairly quick ship. My point was I'd be fine with TLT if you couldn't also mount an unhinged or r2 on the y as well. that combo is going to be VERY hard to beat. Because they can slam on the brakes or burst into a spread pattern with no warning. Pair that with good soak reliable damage output and you've got a very scary list.
  9. Seanamal

    Some thoughts

    TLT will break 2 ship meta. Trust me. TLT Y swarm is like BBBBZ on steroids.
  10. Seanamal

    Some thoughts

    I have confirmation of it from FFG. The deck is the only thing being obsolesced in the old core set by the new set. Current plan is sometime next year the old deck will be phased out of tourney play. Probably prior to store championship season. Old rocks will still be tourney legal.
  11. Seanamal

    Some thoughts

    To participate in tourneys starting next year you will need the new damage deck. Ergo "Tourney tax". Regarding TLT. No. They seriously kicked ass and arguably the guy flying them wasn't even using them to their full potential. Once people figure just how flexible they are you are gonna see them absolutely dominate the meta. 4 TLT Y will make BBBBZ look like biggs wedge luke in current meta.
  12. Seanamal

    Some thoughts

    So a lot has happened lately and i had a couple ideas rattling around that I wanted to talk about. The first is the new core set damage deck. While it kinda sucks the old one won't be tourney legal next year the new one is impressive in that it is seriously more deadly. You have two that are arguably worse than receiving a direct hit. This is going to push up the pay off of both inflicting and mitigating criticals. Mangler and determination just became significantly more valuable. Regarding the "tourney tax": eh. It was bound to happen sooner or later. At least you get 3 new ships, a bunch of new pilots and a few new upgrades. Considering The t-70 and fo blisters will probably have different pilots than the new core you would have probably bought one anyway. So unless you plan on flying the same list forever you really aren't being all that screwed. Twin Laser Turrets. The one thing I think FFG screwed up lately is this. But only a little. I honestly think they under priced it by one point. The TLT y mini swarm is going to quickly dominate the meta. Particularly the scum version. It's the ability to run unhinged am's on all of the y's that unbalance the list. If the y's were forced it a less maneuverable stance, it would be ok. But the ability to take 3 hards all day long while focusing and tossing out two damage like a metronome is gonna eventually break the game. Possible solutions to this issue are errataing the price up one point, or a somewhat unorthodox solution: TLT targets get an extra defense die at range 3. Tie punisher: not too scary. But maybe will be when someone figures out how to fly it right. K wing: mini MF. Kinda annoying. Especially when some clown sticks c3p0 in there! Insufficent play data on the hounds tooth and kiharz to make a call yet.
  13. So here is the situation: Player A is running a list of high ps arc dodgers and has the initiative. Player B is running BBBBZ. As player A has a high probability of losing a ship while closing player A elects to use his superior speed to force player B in to a chase scenario in the hopes that he can break up his formation. The result despite a few shots exchanged at long range neither side fully commits. As time runs out with no ships lost Player A scores a modified win based on initiative. Player B declares player A has slow played or stalled the game. In my observation he did not "slow play" in the conventional sense. My question: Is this technically "slow play" and if so is it a legitimate strategy?
  14. I hit post before it was ready by accident. will repost this later under a topic header.
  15. I'm going to a big tourney in early September and would like to run some TIE Advanced x1 shenanigans. What's your take on how likely this will be possible? So my money is going to be on 2nd week of September for ETA, so too late for my purposes. Any optimists out there?
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