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  1. Perfect for me unless I did my time conversions wrong. Right now Im in US/Central. (Edit: That will work for me, It will be Noon for me. That time should work out unless something comes up.)
  2. Awsome, that works out perfectly for me. There might be a few saturdays that I might now be able to becasue of plans but I would know way ahead of time. Like June 7th, im going to be at a convention. But I am down for it and I love roleplay and I love Roll 20. My skype is quade.archibeque
  3. Hello Im willing to play, Im in the US and would only have time to play on the weekends. Saturday for sure, and friday and sunday depends on the actual time. What time do you think you will be doing these sesssions?
  4. ROLE: Player LOOKING FOR: Group TYPE OF GAME: Online SESSION SPECIFICS: Voice based / Virtual Tabletop/Roll20 REGION: USA (West coast Califorina/New Mexico) SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Weekends any time should be fine as it goes day by day GAME STYLE: I like to Roleplay but also like combat GAME SPECIFICS: I just want to play COMMENTS: message me if you want to get a group together to play and then I can try to find a GM. (I know a few)
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