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  1. So, after Astra Militarum came out and we got to see some Taurox(s), I really wanted some for my game... unfortunately all they have are Tauros(s) in Shield of Humanity. I'm not terribly good with conversions, but if someone familiar with their stats in Wargaming can convert that into roleplay-friendly format... It'd be much appreciated.
  2. Well, I kinda went a different direction a bit... C5-9 "Cripplestrike" Lasgun Class: Basic; Range: 90m; RoF: S/3/- ; Dam 1d10+3E; Pen 0; Clip 40; Rld Half; Special: Crippling (2), Accurate, Reliable So I threw together a few from the Ranged Weapon table, as well as the General Eq. table. At the same time I was more concerned about working out design versus trait-balance From Gen Eq: Pros Durable: when the undergoes destructive damage, 6+ on a d10 means its okay Cons Capricious: whenever used for a test roll d10, on a 1, it imposes a -10 penalty From the Ranged: Pros Rapid Clip Eject: half-round for reload Crippling Munitions: Cripple (2) Incredibly Lethal: Accurate Cons 4 stacks of Small Clip (feel free to tell me if that's BS) Rare Model: -20 on acquisition attempts outside of place of manufacture Found within a STC fragment located on a moon in [home system] the Cripplestrike, or "Five-by-Nine" harnesses a modification in the firing chamber to produce a nanometers-wide gap within the center of the beam produced during firing. Within this microscopic gap, energy from the beam arcs around and produces an area of intense electromagnetic radiation. when it comes into contact with a surface, the radiation sinks deep into organic tissue and scrambles electrical systems, the force of the radiation expanding upon contact also leaves uncharacteristically circular scorch marks averaging 2-5cm in diameter, giving rise to the "Halo-strike" Las. Commonly used by Light Infantry and Regiments particularly skilled in hit-and-run tactics and guerrilla warfare, they pack a punch, but have less punches to throw. The discharge also is documented to have minor effects on accuracy, as the energy sometimes leaks through the grounding and into the user's hands. Specialists from [player character's regiment] who train for years extensively with these weapons undergo a single shot from a Cripplestrike at 10m to prove their dedication, and are commonly addressed as "Crips" in Low Gothic So, yeah, my only balancing was to knock 1/3 of the clip off and give it a 10% chance of -10 penalty... but the clip restrictions make sense in canceling out the Rapid Eject. and partially the Cripple, then I figure Capricious more-or-less covers the rest to a pretty good degree. And the Rare Model is a pretty good tool for playing up the value of the weapon, and allows me to give PCs a reason to interact with other Regiments ("Oh, hey, we're from the same system-- Why, yes, in fact, we *do* have some fresh gear!") Unfortunately I didn't have a completely fluff-solid reason for the Mechanicus to have beef with the design, other than making it the product of a *corrupted* STC frag, and I reeeeaally don't want to go there... (If I did, I'd also feel obligated to throw in Corrupted Pattern, and I don't want to do that to my PCs) Plus, I figured some of the more civilized reg.s will give the PCs issues over how "barbaric" the ritual maiming of their Sharpshooter's is. (I've got a running adv. specialization variant of Sharpshooter, so it ties in well) I was also considering giving it Valuable (+20 for Commerce tests when trading) but I figured that that would be reserved for less available equipment. All-in-all, do tell me if you think that I went too easy on the balance with this. I know I went a little more in the PCs favor, but it has to be a weapon they'll find fun and effective. I figure I leave the harsh-reality stuff to scenarios and killing off a few more Comrades than I usually would.
  3. I'd prefer *not* having my regiment investigated by the Mechanicus, so I'll probably need to iron out the detail of why exactly this effect isn't as widely circulated as it should hypothetically be. While some Cons from Hammer of the Emperor can do a bit to justify why its not as reliable as the M36... I still think that I need a background for the weapon that leans away from a completely unsanctioned design Ooh, and this could tie in to the Cloud of Suspicion regimental Drawback... --but like I said, tech-heresy is something that I *really* don't want to even look at, even from orbit
  4. Well-- in all likelihood, a given weapon's degree of acceptance is mostly based on it's usefulness and it's relationship with the Mechanicus So in this case, it's likely that my frontier-world is the source of manufacture, and for whatever reason it's creation is at-odds with the standard practices of the Tech-Priests
  5. The pulsating round is a bit challenging to get my head wrapped around-- but using that method of discharge, I think I can mess with some of the base stats. Maybe bump up damage, then give it a recharge cycle But it do like the C59, I think I may just take that Might change it to "Cripple-strike" though Furthermore I like the less-than-reputable bit, because I'm planning a Frontier-World regiment
  6. But that in particular would be minimally effective against anything inorganic or with even mediocre armour. While it'd be ridiculous against unarmoured targets...
  7. Due to the ammo, I was thinking that Overheat or Recharge would be apt I also like Bulky, (additional 2kg), it also justifies fluff for whatever machine-process occurs to produce the cripple-effect
  8. I like the idea of the Toughness Bonus soak working against the enemy-- like I can kinda picture the energy diffusing across the limb, then the foe's face contorting But then how to justify that effect on non-biological enemy types...
  9. In Hammer of the Emperor, on the table for designing pros/cons of variants for ranged weapons, there is an option to have "Crippling Munitions" granting the weapon Crippling (2). Now-- say I wanted to put that quality on a las weapon... kinda hard to cripple something with Pen 0. So really I'm just getting ideas for how to justify a las (specifically a rifle, if that factors in at all) have a "cripple" effect. Anything short of tech-heresy is fine by me.
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