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  1. As an Arkham Horror fan I would love to come to one of the Arkham Nights in Roseville Minnesota, but the only thing that stopped me in recent years are the extra costs (flight/hotel) to go there all the way from the Netherlands. So I was happy😊 when I found out that these also are now organized in Europe, bud it was a pity😭 it was today so the (pre)sale was already sold out /closed. Hopefully there is someone who can tell me if there are any plans to organize this also next year, and if so when and were.
  2. al wil still fit into the base box for now, i have the: Tokens and dice are in a ugly looking tackle box. Cards separated by decks ore expansion in baggies How do you do it????? Have a good idea ore know were to get a nice inserted, pleas tell us.
  3. I don't think FF is make any expiations about the other world location soon, if you look what they did for the big boxs. There are still a couple of expiation locations to go after the artic en de pyramids, I hoop its on the Amazon for the next big box expansion.
  4. What made warhammer quest one of the best game for me was the Epic hack and slash you did have to do in your dungeon run. The funny things you came across during travelling Crazy things your exertions during your stay in the settlement. This tree parts made the story of you character, things you tolled abound years after you played the game Bud looking at the in flight report and some of the youtube reports made during gencon, it looks like a pure dungeon crawl. so if its a pure dungeon crawl, and sadly (and for the first time) to say fantasy flight will have missed the mark (for me ). so can anyone tell if there is any travelling and settlement thingy to the new game??????
  5. I hoped that there was some talk about the next EH expansion during the GAMA Trade Show. a last there wasn't, not one of the major reviewers (dice tower, watch it play, drive thru review) has mentions something abound it. Personally I think FF is (to) busy with there star wars license games so that the EH games are on a bit of a back burner. Bud still we have the Origins Game Fair in June, maybe then.
  6. MoM is set in one of the places from the expedition deck/locatios (Antarctica, the pyramids, Amazon, Himalayas and Tunguska), so this is the my take on the next expiation We will have one ore two small box expansions (like FL) centred on a new ancient one ore investigators. And after that a big box centred on one of the other expedition locations (like MoM) I never have taken the time to take al look ad the cthulhu mythos, ore read any of de works of H.P Lovecraved so I don't know if there are any storeys of him that take plays in the other expedition locations. so let me know what you think about this.
  7. Aarg i got a mail from them that they only recept one copy and that the rest of the ordered stuf wil be in on mondayhoopfully i wil get it than you lucky basterd :-)
  8. My FLGS (in Utrecht Holland) has bumped the date up from today 12-12 to Monday 12-15 Just remember what the teachings of the master “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan” so fear do not “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
  9. I still hoop to get my coppie around X-mas, bud master said “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan”
  10. I think leveton is right in that the AT-ST will likely be the biggest, if FF commits to this scale there using now. bud if you look at the X-wing game there is a scale size offset, just compare a tie fighter to a Tantive IV, its possible there will be "scaled down" bigger minis like a AT-AT ore a sandcrawler for IA. Personally I think that these "super sized" minis will be tiles
  11. funny pic for the first side board I really taut it would be some sort of other world board were you have to track true one of the other worlds bud new/more - cards - investigators - board - monsters - ancient one HEL YES i take it, hoopfuly we/I can get it during SPIEL 2014 in essen
  12. hello to all looking ad the Yog-sothoth special cards for eldritch horror in the base set you got 6 special cards named "the key and the gate" in the expatiation set you got for him/it 2 extra special cards for "the key and the gate" and 8 new named "void between worlds". one thing i don't get, (my question) are "the key and the gate" and "void between worlds" 2 divert set of special cards for Yog-sothoth???????? ore is card back "void between worlds" a misprint and it belongs to one of the other elder gods if so whits one?????? there is no real answer in the rules, FF forums, or a FAQ on this does anyone have a qlue to this!
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