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  1. I know your pain, I'm getting my colon cut out here in a few weeks. Hope it goes well for you
  2. Try and run a demo on a night they have few other things going on. Get people interested and build a community from there.
  3. When I taught my younger brother (I was learning too but I had read all the rules and been creeping on the forums), I ran 4 core set games add a bit each time. First was just the xwing versus two ties. Then we added actions, tten asteroids. Then we did a game with elite pilots and their abilities. The next day we did a refresher with full rules c versus two ties. Then a full 100 point match with 6 asteroids. The lower point game we just used 3 asteroids. He wasn't hooked but had fun and we play when I see him. I feel like it was a good pacing for learning everything. It gave me time to make sure I was understanding everything as well. With more advanced gamers you could combine actions and asteroida into one match along with the color of manuver mattering
  4. i believe that would fit into the fat ship area, but not quite
  5. Luke would be 8/8ths 3 dice would be 9/8ths plus tokens but lukes ability really shines when hes being shot more than a once as its basically like his focus stays forever! for...ev...er
  6. Never played my firespray, YT1300, Y-wing, or my IG-2000
  7. I thought SoT landed well above the median on the bell curve. I also like the means to get the kind of ability that so far only comes with a named pilot in an upgrade card. well 'now' Juno Eclipse is a similar, not quite the same. a mix of Imp Fett and SoT
  8. It's Galactic Basic, Gothic is 40k
  9. hefty decimateor and souped up soontir are good
  10. it says just one list in the flier, i would imagine its just 150 and you and your partner can choose whatever you want to control as the match starts
  11. Maybe slap that on a random asteroid, or the biggest, and make it the worm from ESB; if you overlap that one roll 3 instead of the regular 1. if you dont have a stress token you can take another to have it only be 1 red to say avoiding both is hard but doable. 5 dice seems excesive, can easily(ish) one shot plenty of ships
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