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  1. Oh, I just realized that I'm not free to run this on Friday! I'm running it on Saturday at an agreed upon time.
  2. Hey, guys! I'm looking to run the Edge of the Empire module Under a Black Sun over Google Hangouts this Friday night. I have room for exactly 4 players. We'll be using the pregens that go with the adventure. I'm somewhat new to the system, but I have quite a bit of experience with other RPGs such as Pathfinder, D&D, and Saga Edition. I bought the book in September and have have run both the Beginner Box and the adventure at the back of the core rulebook since. To my dismay, haven't actually succeeded in starting up a regular group. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get my feet even wetter and get in some more playtime in with this awesome system. The timing is somewhat flexible as to when we start, so I'm happy to listen to you guys. The module should probably take no more than three hours. I'm on the East coast, so if you are in the UK, you may have to be willing to up late! Let me know if you're interested in playing.
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