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  1. Episode 72 of Wide World of Wargaming (X-Wing) is now available. This episode was recorded on (I think) July 6th, 2020. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-vpd7j-e2e7b8?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share In this episode, Vince makes a statement addressing his recent troubles, and his intentions going forward. IMO, it's worth listening to. In addition, we have Drew's wonderful wife, Sherry, on the show to help us discuss toxicity in X-Wing. There's otherwise not much to this episode, but (I'm listening as I type this) I think it's pretty good conversation. As an aside, we are looking for a new name for the podcast, as (due to other games under the umbrella) the Wide World of Wargaming brand is going on hiatus. (My favorite so far is "Rancor Pit," but it didn't get the love from Vince and Drew that I think it deserves.)
  2. Well, Paul, I don't know if you care or not, but you're pretty much the only double-tripper for me. Everything I've seen you say for a long time has been player- and fairness-focused, and you've used your status to say those things and make them stick even if they weren't popular. So, no, "used to admire, now don't" doesn't fit anymore. FWIW.
  3. Vince, please stop now. They are not going to stop until you stop. You all feel righteous. The dog-piling does not stop until the prey stops biting back. So just stop. Don't bring Facebook here, please ... I say that with literally no regard for whether you are right or wrong.
  4. ... who then dog-piled him. Like I said, there are always rationalizations.
  5. FWIW, I haven't ever really subscribed to that. I think it's mostly self-congratulatory, or, in some cases just the basic good nature of people projecting itself outward onto everyone. IME, the "X-Wing community" is full of cliques and divisions and fawning sycophants and pack predators and prey, exactly like high school was for most of us. There are people in the X-Wing community that I think are fantastic and respect tremendously. There are people I used to think were awesome, and now have reason to no longer think so. There are people who I don't like, at all, and try to avoid. There are people whom I've not liked, and had that turned around on me, convincing me that I've been unfair to them. I'm not blind to the fact that Vince (and I, sometimes) bring stuff down on ourselves. But, as has been the case since I was 12 years old or so, what I have never been able to stomach is bullying dog-piles. And it's always the same behavior, always the same rationalizations, always the same pack predator behavior. It's just pathetic, and there's never a justification for it.
  6. I think that's the healthiest contribution so far. I agree. On behalf of both Vince and myself.
  7. The thing is, I'm not defending Vince here. All I'm doing is pointing out that what you "cool X-Wing elites" are doing is cowardly and pathetic. You've made your positions clear, and now you're just yapping and yapping, pretending to give each other courage, saying things to Vince -- and to me -- that you would never say face to face. Just how bad was -- is? -- high school for you people?
  8. There is nothing I love better than the irony of a high-school cowardly dog-piler accusing someone else of being a bully.
  9. At least 20% of your entire posting history is directed at Vince. I mean, I think he's single, if that's where you're going.
  10. Ah, I see. There's so much moving back and forth quickly in the GIF, I missed it. That hokey-pokey hanky-panky does look bad, but I'll personally see what Vince has to say about it instead of dog-piling. FWIW, I've played Vince and seen him play on many occasions, and I've never seen him cheat. I've snapped at him during a game or two, asking him to be clear on his steps, and Drew and I forcefully called him out, on the podcast, for being sloppy with his templates and maneuvers, but that's the extent. (As someone who was called a cheater because I took stress while I had stress to trigger Opportunist, back in 1E, I tend to like to wait before passing judgment.)
  11. ... You honestly see no provocation there? I dunno what to tell you. I'm gonna respond to a pattern of provocation, even when it's from a genuine veteran of the Rebel Alliance, like that guy. (However much I appreciate his service.) BTW, I have no control over Vince, and vice-versa. We get along fine, as long as we don't talk politics, but we're not each other's keepers. (And that extends to Drew, also.) @Timathius - What is that showing? The GIF moves so fast I'm not sure what I'm seeing. I asked Vince about it, and he said it was a matter of a late-changed dial from 3-bank to 3-turn.
  12. This came up because I noticed a discrepancy in the arcs which was later verified with a straight-edge, yeah. I imagine it rarely matters in those games of real X-Wing you play, you impressive real X-Wing pilot, you.
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