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  1. Operners

    "What's a nice girl like you doing flying Nymranda?"
  2. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

  3. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I mean ... is there, though? On my commute this morning, I listened to Chris fumble through dead air for eight minutes after everybody else hung up on him in disgust. (I mean, I assume that's why.) I was literally trapped into listening, as it was SRO on BART, I had a hot-as-crap 25-year old chick nestled into my body, and if I'd moved to turn off the podcast, I probably would have performed accidental frottage. Also they played Metallica's lousy cover of "The Star Spangled Banner" not once, but twice. It was horrible. (Well, none of it was horrible, actually, except for the podcast.) If you're tuning in to the Krayt's for "content," I think you and I have different definitions of "content." (We might even be putting the emPHASis on different syLABbles.)
  4. Interfering in streamed games

    Nope. Because I'm a human being, capable of weighing circumstances and reasoning to a course of action (or inaction), I can determine that while the effect on the game-state is small to non-existent, fixing it is not only trivial, it's also actually my job. A human being should be capable of weighing circumstances and reasoning to a conclusion and a course of action (or inaction). Not all are. Obviously.
  5. Interfering in streamed games

    Of course these decisions are based on whether -- and how much -- the illegal game-state matters. I mean, duh. But ... thank you. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle®.
  6. Interfering in streamed games

    Nobody had a serious problem with it because (1) we were operating under the assumption that the players would probably catch it (which they eventually did), and (2) because while a re-used TL might make a difference in the game, Quickdraw surviving for extra rounds is definitely going to have a real, not speculative, impact on the game. (Including, most likely, ending it right there.) The situations are different, and of different magnitude, and because we're human beings, we're (well, most of us are) able to process those differences and weigh them against alternatives to make a decision. That said, I very much appreciate when people are all "must follow the rules, 100%, everything must be absolutely consistent, alway," because it makes it significantly easier for me to determine who's not worth reading or listening to.
  7. Interfering in streamed games

    Exactly. Choosing not to inform a judge when you know of a game-state violation is absurd.
  8. That's way too reasonable for anybody to listen to, KT.
  9. Flight assisted Pilots

    It's really not. Like nearly everything FFG does, because the current team is bad at design, it's definitely worth taking on high-PS pilots, and only decent on low- and mid-PS pilots. They came so close on this one, which is what's really frustrating. Simply allow the boost or BR at the end of activation, and you've got something that isn't simply another reason to take high-PS pilots.
  10. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    That's exactly the card I was thinking of as an example of how to do risk-mitigation right. In addition to the factors you mention, it also makes you use your Systems slot. You pay for that consistency.
  11. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    ... X-Wing 2.0! (Although, in all seriousness, I'm not sure the current development team even realizes this, so as to be able to design for it in a new edition. It really is a non-intuitive truism. If you do some searching on the boards, going back years, you can find me arguing that "X-Wing needs a significant percentage of luck," but not very many people really understand that.) Passive mods, in general, are bad for the game. We're seeing the near-ultimate expression with Fenn-Ghost, but it's been leading to this for a good long time.
  12. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    IMO, this is very insightful, and worth quoting so people take a closer look. Every time risk is heavily mitigated or eliminated by a list-building choice, with no downside, the game gets less fun. This is not directly the fault of the highly competitive segment of players, because the ability to do it relies on the developers. But the developers listen, and the highly competitive segment does have their ear, so think about that every time an upgrade is dismissed out of hand because it has "roll a die" in its text.
  13. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    If so, then the game will continue to careen from crisis to crisis (in competitive mode). It's the foundation of the game (e.g., no keywords, poor granularity, inconsistent rules templating, disproportionate benefits of high PS repositioning, and on and on) that makes it oscillate back and forth at the high levels. They need to lay a better foundation. X-Wing 1.0 was not built for where the game has developed, in terms of popularity and competitive play.
  14. As usual, Blair's right about pretty much everything.
  15. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'