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  1. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    You weren't here for the last one. This one is barely noticeable by comparison.
  2. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Not-really-serious radical idea: "No ship may be equipped with more than four upgrades that cost 1 point or more."
  3. What to do with all those extra tokens?...

    If someone were appropriately artistically inclined, I bet some pretty cool textured mosaic art could be made from them, possibly even as a trophy or something. (BTW, I keep every token I've gotten with my 130 or so ships. If I ever piecemeal-sell my collection, I can recreate nearly every expansion exactly.)
  4. As a fairly skilled Brobots player with a love for AdvSensors, I actually like PS 6. It allows me to be extremely unpredictable in my final positioning when the board is clear in front of me for a pre-S-Loop boost. Give me Brobots at PS 3 and 2 or 3 points back on each, and I would love it so much.
  5. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    FWIW, I didn't play (or even see) the videogames, and never saw a Gunboat before the ship was announced by FFG. I'd have no problem recognizing the Gunboat as a Star Wars ship, though. The Lambda is strong in its DNA. The least Star Wars-y ship, IMO, is the StarViper. I initially despised the looks of that ship, and now it's quite possibly my favorite model of all of them. It grew on me like a fungus. Honorable Mentions for "not Star Wars-y" are the YV-666 and the Kimogila. They are heinous.
  6. Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    We played Objectives at League last night, and they were a huge hit. (We randomly chose and played Shuttle Scuffle (#1) and Crate *mutter*mutter* (#5).) Nearly everyone was skeptical, but by the end everyone there had bought (or been given, in the case of our League organizer) a set of MPC plastic tarot-sized Objectives cards from me. I played a fairly wholesome undefeated Store Kit tourney list (I was too lazy to change out my X-Wing travel kit) of Talonbane, Thweek, Bumpmaster, and went 1-1 in two 60-minute games (technically the first was allocated 70 minutes, to account for lots of questions, which worked out), with scores of 63-25 and 36-10. There were no absolute blowouts. We banned Minefield Mapper, Trajectory Simulator, and Seismic Torpedoes. (I think Seismic Torpedoes could be fine, if they "can't be used on obstacles being used as objectives.") Bonus points: Who can guess why I play Talonbane instead of Fenn Rau in that list?
  7. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    I flew Nymranda against a good local player last night. I am an actively poor Miranda player (I tend to get her trapped and demolished), and it was literally the first time I've flown a Scurrg. The player asked me to fly the list against him as part of his Regionals/SO prep. He was flying a QD, OL, Deadeye Rho list. He pulled off two really good blocks, one of them resulting in good shots against Miranda. Nym soloed the Rho in two rounds ... a Bomblet for two hits, a Harpoon, then a TLT followup as the Rho desperately fled. Miranda Cluster Bombed OL, and Nym finished OL with a Bomblet. Nym did die to a perfect QD retaliation shot (and a point from his own Bomblet), but at that point it was QD with three HP versus Miranda with no damage (and unused Harpoons), and he conceded. The game was not even close ... again, I had literally zero experience with the list, and he's been flying his list for a month. I didn't fly well, and he did. Dice were on my side, but only on the attacks against Miranda, and she ended up at full HP anyway. I tend to be a pessimistic player, constantly envisioning ways in which I can lose games, but in this game there was simply never a doubt in my mind, from the second I saw his list. Not even a flicker of any way in which I could lose. It's an oppressive list, and it was not fun for me to fly or for him to fly against. I don't know how he felt about it, but I felt like it was an hour of my life wasted. How does this keep happening?
  8. Nerf Harpoons

    I don't have a huge problem with Harpoon Missiles' power level ... it is the best missile, but even so it is, at most, 1 point too cheap. My problem with it is that it's actively thematically stupid and it's ridiculously complex, both in written and executed mechanics, and in the absurd rules questions it has exploded in interaction with other rules. It's a terrible upgrade. Whatever the merits of its effect on the metagame, that effect could have been accomplished with a less terrible card.
  9. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I would think so, but don't take this as actual legal advice! (Generally, "fair use" applies to small excerpts for, among other things, teaching. It's tough for me to see how it wouldn't apply here.)
  10. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    It annoys the #$%^ out of me that rules inserts aren't widely available, but the fact that they aren't is at least a mild indication that FFG doesn't want them to be. I have scans of every rules insert, and I'd make them available myself if I weren't a-feared. So be cautious. I doubt posting the scan to FB is fair use. (Although posting the specific deployment rules probably is.) It doesn't help that there are three ships with deployment rules, and they're all three fairly subtly different.
  11. Have top players tried BB-8 Poe since Wave 12/13?

    BB-8 Poe versus R2-D2 Poe comes down to this, IMO: BB-8 Poe can be punished past recovery (not necessarily to immediate destruction, just where destruction becomes vastly easier) by a single -- literally one -- mistake, while R2-D2 Poe usually cannot be. R2-D2 Poe is more forgiving. It's that simple. (I personally find BB-8 Poe more fun than R2-D2 Poe, and I similarly find BB-8 Norra more fun than R2-D2 Norra, but if my primary goal in a serious tournament were a high finish, I'd take R2-D2 versions. No question.)
  12. Choosing side after asteroid placement: tips and tricks?

    I'm very confused. Like many rules, the switch-sides rule is superseded by tournament rules. In tournaments, the rule doesn't exist. Since most players abide by tournament restrictions in competitive-casual games, in those games it doesn't exist, either. Other rules that are superseded by tournament rules? Lots of 'em. Time-limits enforced. Half-points for Large ships. I don't recall if it's still the case in TFA, but in the original Core, you explicitly could measure out BR and decide not to BR at all. Using separate damage decks. Bringing three specified obstacles. And so on. The switch-sides rule isn't an exploitable rules because in tournaments, it's not the rule, and in non-tournament-rules games, the players should be on the same page from the beginning. Logistically it's a bad rule because laying out obstacles means components have been unpacked ... which means switching sides means moving a bunch of unpacked components. I've never had any kind of elevated grasp of supposed Turn 0 strategy (to the point that sometimes I think people who measure rock placement with extreme precision are pulling a deadpan joke), but I like the tournament rule because it at least purports to add more strategic decisions to the game, and I think that's a good thing.
  13. [Video] 2018 Toronto Regionals

    Both commentators very knowledgeable, but geez ... the one guy might want to do one or two fewer lines of coke.
  14. Ban Nym?

    Well, no. You can use singular "dice" if you want to, but it's definitely incorrect English, at least to the extent that there are any "fundamental laws of the English language." Dictionaries are descriptive (i.e., how people actually communicate) rather than prescriptive (i.e., making rules for how people should communicate). Dictionaries are chock-full of technically incorrect English. I'm personally fascinated by how "dices" has become so prevalent as the plural, also. (EDIT: Unrelated, please pour one out for my avatar. Doc Cottle passed away just a day or two ago. Quite possibly my favorite character from BSG.)
  15. Ban Nym?

    What nerf did Miranda get? You don't mean the AdvSLAM castration, do you? I mean, who could possibly have foreseen that that idiocy would eliminate K-wing generics, but leave Miranda unscathed?