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  1. Even before I head home to the Bay Area tomorrow, a few notes: (1) The Shuttle Tydirium guys are exactly as fantastic as I expected. Jim, Biff, J-Bot (and I called him that all day, which, if he got sick of it, he never showed), and Phil were amazing, and an incredible team. (2) The scenarios were ridiculously fun. I suggested a tweak or two, at most, but that was after one run-through. Given thought, I have more trust in Phil and the guys than in my lame impressions. (3) It was a very long day (16 hours!), and I was exhausted (I'm old and busted, and was operating on eight hours of sleep total over three days), but my buddy (dead last!) And I (second!) never even considered not completing every mission. They were that much fun. (4) Congrats to Milton, Corey, and Neil! Milton, sorry we didn't successfully defend Grayskull; no doubt with a more skilled wingman, you would have! (5) @Darth Meanie @LagJanson - Great to meet you!
  2. ... Yeah. I'm fairly certain that Guns for Hire is the end of (competitive) X-Wing for me until 2.0. It's not just the ridiculously overpowered ships and upgrades, it's the ridiculous complexity of them (Harpoon Missiles is just surreal), and it's the way the developers seem caught in an out-of-control oscillation, snapping back and forth between overpowered combo to overpowered combo, everything getting worse and worse. Call it my vote of no confidence.
  3. Echo was the catalyst, Whisper was the beneficiary. Specifically, Echo's ability to be very nearly anywhere on a quantum basis helped inspire the rise of fat turrets, Whisper, and PS 9+.
  4. That's probably what he meant, but he didn't capitalize Large (as he did Huge, elsewhere in the post). But yeah, likely what he meant. If so, my bad. And if so, Ghost with Reinforced Deflectors might be a workable exception.
  5. Last night, MVP of Imperial win over Scum (packing eight Cruise Missiles) was Captain Kagi. Granted, they made a tactical mistake in not just erasing Kagi with three missiles before turning to my Gozanti, but the good captain totally discombobulated them. As an aside, the Vector title (launch all four ships) really should also allow a free action barrel roll. It's very difficult to use the title to good effect and get modified guns on target. I ended up launching two, then Howlrunner, then one. They did good work, but effectively I paid for the title for nothing.
  6. Because they are the only faction with Ruthlessness, and it would be way too much together.
  7. Wbhat a'bhat hnim?
  8. We use a few changes that make Epic more fun. (1) Starting positions are Range5 x Range5 squares in opposite corners. (2) Paired obstacles are "at" Range 1 of each other, not "within" Range 1. (3) Obstacles are set "beyond" Range 1 from the edges, from starting areas, and from each other. As for not bringing Huge ships ... that sounds like great competitive advice. There's other great competitive advice in there. We pretty much ignore all of it. Being able to get Huge ships on the table is a large part of playing Epic for me. Not worrying about being competitive is most of the rest. As it happens, I'm playing Team Epic this evening. My Gozanti and six other Imperial ships are in my backpack, three feet away. Can't wait.
  9. It's based on the K-wing Advanced SLAM ruling, even though that ruling stems from the fact that SLAM was desired to be as close to a "normal" maneuver as possible. Obviously that rationale doesn't apply for the X7 -- the rationale is supposed to be raw speed and low profile -- but whatevs. (Yes, it's a silly ruling.)
  10. ... Wut? I'm not saying it's "just" perception, but it's a lot of perception. Huge swaths of players wrote off Palpatine and X7. We know from history that those upgrades will stay written-off until a few players actually start using them again and are successful with them. (And, IMO, that is starting to happen.) Palpatine and X7 are still strong cards. They're simply no longer broken-good (in the case of X7) or only attackable in one way if you want to win (Palpatine). I absolutely despise the whole "git gud" mentally that some people possess (unironically; ironically is fine and funny), but in this case, they've got a point. Writing off Palpatine and X7 was herd mentality at its worst.
  11. Interesting. My experience locally -- and I saw it more widely, though second-hand and thus less reliably -- is that Imperial players thought the Palpatine and x7 nerfs leveled them ... so they simply stopped playing them without even testing the nerfed versions. Until, of course, some of them started playing them again, and found the nerfs to be pretty reasonable, and Imperials still capable of competing (just not dominating). Now, for the record, I personally believe the Palp nerf was not strictly needed, but the nerfed version is playable, and that the x7 nerf is really weird (especially in combination with the bizarre ruling that a template overlap counts as a general overlap, and denies the evade token), but still playable. From my perspective, this was a "perception erases reality" situation for a while. It's the first time I'd seen so starkly in X-Wing, and it was interesting. (Similar situations have occurred often with a "DOA" ship or upgrade that later turns out to not have been DOA after all, but it's conceptually different.)
  12. Luckily, you know, FSR. So you were fine!
  13. For what it's worth, I have made these exact arguments before, in a different context that mattered, and got immediately and completely shut down on it. In short, what you and I think "works ... easy" doesn't matter much. As far as the bolded question, how many times do you already see rules-abuse douchebaggery like "measuring for TL" on a ship at Range 5ish? Maybe you don't see it if you don't play competitively, but I see it at least twice a tournament ... and more often in an "important" tournament. Any rule that uses language like "closer" is just begging to be abused. (BTW, HotAC uses "closer" all the time in its rules. But the people playing HotAC, for whatever reason, don't seem to abuse it ... )
  14. Ping me when you see me (I use my real name, as I do everywhere). I won't be on much until after GenCon, though.
  15. At GenCon by any chance? I'll be packing my version of FSR (Fair and Balanced).