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  1. Lets have them in IC, with appropriate narration. Also yea, piloting space. This is a simple "lets figure out rolling dice" check, with more advantages being fancier flying.
  2. Cassian said so.
  3. difficulty: 1eC 0 successes, 2 threat
  4. Mechanics to plan collaping the bridge: 2eA+1eD 1 success, 2 advantage
  5. Examining the supports under the heavy walker, Tovera tested a vibroknucker against the metal. Perhaps the whole thing could be brought down from here by dropping the bridge from under it.
  6. Sounds like it was replaced by the Raider.
  7. Dont worry guys, the Curse of Fel is in full effect, at least on vassal. First shot: triple blank greens Second shot, 2 blanks and a focus Second shot title- rerolled: 2 blanks and a focus 3rd shot: triple blank greens
  8. Looking at the others, the commander dismisses the group to their ships, jogging off to his own. Ships power up, flight crew remove fuel lines, and Spade Leader, Commander Rijin's craft hovers across to the hanger door, then lifts away. (Everyone give me an easy piloting check to follow)
  9. The shstivastan prowled around the detention block like a wolf in a slightly larger cage.
  10. Lets go for the concussion missiles.
  11. As the explosion cleared most of the stormtroopers, Jarash paused a moment, taking careful aim at the walker... Aim (called shot)x2 (2 strain) Called shot at the walker (ignoring the squad): 1eA+4eP+2eD+1eC+1eS+3eB 4 successes, 6 advantage, 1 Triumph 9 base damage, +5 Deadly accuracy, +4 Anatamy Lessons (flip destiny to activate)+ 4 successes = 22 damage (enough to get through 2 Armor, but not do hull trama) Triumph to crit, 6 advantages for +60 to the crit roll, +30 from 3 ranks of Lethal Blows. Crit on spider walker: 1d100+90 121 Major System failure of attacker's choice- I choose Weapon system.
  12. If it's armor 2, I should be able to ding the walker with a crit each round- (what I was trying to do with my 10 advantage called shot, but I missed) and breach 1 sabers that can hit 11 damage can do the same- you dont have to push hull trama through to inflict a crit, just get through the armor. On the other hand, if the GM is trying to set up "This is an unwinnable fight, run now" that might be a Knowlege warfare check.
  13. I've always just used "self-tractor obsticals"for boost pads. Fly over them, and at the end of your movement, tractor yourself with the free boost/barrel roll. I had my own approach to items: https://imgur.com/a/ckL4o
  14. Lt Kestal is 7, you're confusing her with double edge. Lt Lorir is PS5, but Captian Yorr and Captian kagi are way different PS.
  15. The commander shakes his head. "Imperial Tie fighters lack hyperdrive, and we'll be operating far enough from any reinforcements that we wont have to worry about a reaction force. Last I heard, Vwings were retired a few years back when they standardized on the tie fighter- if we see any, they wont be imperials." "The nebula, as you call it, is an ion storm. Pretty, but not something we want to spend any real amount of time in. It's part of the reason we ecpect the shipment to drop from hyper here, but the imperials will be maintaining some distance from it for the same reasons we are." "Any other questions?"