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  1. Rakaydos

    Counter to X-Wing Swarm?

    "Howlrunner" (18) Crack Shot (1) Shield Upgrade (4) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Total: 98 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Shoot first, eliminate at least 1 Xwing, keep biggs Howlrunner at long range, and use your lucky dice.
  2. Rakaydos

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    Got one in Sepratist Blue with Calculate?
  3. Rakaydos

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    Does someone have a good Sepratist icon to throw on custom cards? Or am I stuck with using S&V for now? Edit:
  4. Rakaydos

    Y-wing: 2.0 story

    Lone Wolf R2 Evaan Verlane, Survivor of Yavin. Add Ezra gunner for the force evade, bombs to punish people for chasing you, and a turret if they dont force you to use R2.
  5. Or the sell the wave 2 equivilant to the bag in the conversion kit. Call it $5 to cover the price difference between 1st and 2nd edition.
  6. Rakaydos

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    Lone Wolf R2 Evaan Verlane, Yavin survivor. Effectively 3 defense dice for days.
  7. Rakaydos

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    Too bad Evaan cant take Scum Han. Red focus just as her ability goes off.
  8. Rakaydos

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    What was Cadet Hobbie doing in the bomber, then?
  9. Rakaydos

    2.0 Defenders

    In 1.0, it was just 4 Sigmas rocking 4 die primaries. Glass cannons. In 2.0, the Phantom gained a health, lost an attack die, gained a built in Stigium for an evade on decloak, and recloaks at the end of the round if it didnt spend the evade. It lost access to FCS (barring targeting computer/Krennec) but avoids the restrictions on the new Advanced Sensors. We dont know how much the lowest cost generic is, but the implication in all interviews is that it is becoming cheaper. So an entirely different beast from the 1.0 version.
  10. Rakaydos

    2.0 Defenders

    The "Swarmy tanky fighter" role has been shifted to the tie phantom. 2 less health than the new defender, and 1 less agility die, but free evade on the first round of the engagement, and easilly cheap enough to run 4 in a list now (you always could with naked sigmas, it just wasnt worth it), meaning you're bringing 6 more red dice (or the same red dice if there's a /d configuration) and 20 health to 14 health behind an extra defense.
  11. Rakaydos

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    Except thats Wedge Pilot.
  12. Rakaydos

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    Given the Rebels episode, the Tie Bomber may gain a native crew slot for Bombadier
  13. Rakaydos

    K-Fighters vs X-wings in 2.0

    Xwing: -Access to regeneration/dial improvement/multi Locking in the Astro slot -Torpedo slot -Sfoil access to boost and focus>Boost. Khilrazx: -3 modifications that cannot add completely new features, -Missile slot -Illicit
  14. Rakaydos

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    HWK or Lambada with a support crew dives in close to the enemy ace to either block or be overshot, and jams to deny an action even if the block fails, to reduce damage to the rest of the list. G1A gets more defense out of denying a focus or lock, than focusing it's 1 defence die. it should also be able to take advanced sensors. XG1 gunboat performs a 3 die jammer attack to strip tokens before it's fellows make 2 die primary attacks. Anything going against Poe, Omega Leader, anything with reinforce or Rebel Falcon (honorary reinforce), or low PS missile swarms. And of course comboing with the various Reaper pilot abilities. Considering there's only 4 ships known to have the Jam action at all, 5 broad cases isnt that bad.
  15. So how did your friends handle George Lucas throwing the Thrawn Trilogy in the trash with Attack of the Clones?