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  1. Which would matter if they overlapped at all. But since there isnt stormtroopers around, the 5 soak/5 wound statline is convient from a bookkeeping perspective.
  2. Jedi Order mentor: Gain the basic Move, Enhance, Sense, and Influence powers for free. Your lightsaber is crafted with the assistance of a 4 skill droid. All other basic powers cost 5 extra XP. 300 XP start. FR2 is Padawon, FR3 is Knight. Clone Commanders use the Genesys Clone stats (all stats 2, 11+brawn wounds, 80 XP, 2 free ranks in 2 skills at chracter creation, and the "face in a crowd" ability) Also, all clone-issue equipment has Custom Fit and Custom Grip without using a hardpoint, usable by any clone. Clone troops are Stormtroopers. B2 battledroids are Dark Troopers with weapons replaced with a heavy blaster rifle. High soak laughs at clonetrooper blasters, but goes down in 2 saber strikes. Droidikas, in my game, are half health Brute Inquisitors with a 5,4,3,2,3,3 statline, parry and reflect (fron the shield) and a heavy blaster rifle. If 3 show up, even the Chosen One surrenders. IG100s are full health Brute Inquisitors, same statline, but Parry and Improved Parry, cortosis armor and intimidating presence. Tactical droids (and civil service droids on sepratit worlds) use the statline in Lead by Example. Super tactical droids are Warlord Inquisitors with 5 ranks of Warfare.
  3. People complaining about Dengar, Zuckuss and Maul dont seem to realize that Torin Farr and Moff Tarkin exist. Rebels and imperials get some crazy epic crew, but they are all focusd on the unique aspects of epic, while Scum are selfish, making their individual ships strong without any thought to strategy.
  4. What suggestions do you have?
  5. Last turn: (everyone moved up to Short except Spade 4, who went all the way to Med1) Range bands: (Jump point ( Med2 ( Med1 ( Short ( Engaged ) Short ) Med1 ) Med2 ) Long1 ) Beacon 1 is at engaged, beacon 2 and 3 are in the nebula at Long 1 range, and also at long1 range from each other., and also at long range from each other. -------------------------------- This turn (resetting ranges from the squadron- everyone is at Engaged now, except Spade 4, who is at short): Range bands: ( Jump point ( Long1 ( Med2 ( Med1 ( Short ( Engaged ) Short ) Med1 ) Med2 ) Beacon 1 is at short (back), beacon 2 and 3 are in the nebula at med 2 range, and also at long1 range from each other. ----------------------------------- "Good pace Spade 4... When you reach the beacon, scan it." Piloting vs nebula (1 handling, 2 blues from astromech, and a red downgrade) Piloting the nebula: 2eA+2eP+3eB+1eC+3eD+2eS 1 success, 1 threat 1 system strain, moving to short Astromech copilot Astromech copilot check: 2eA+1eP+2eD 4 successes, 3 threat Assist astromech
  6. It's play by post, I was expecting a certian level of attrition.
  7. You still perform the maneuver, but suffer the terrain during the maneuver if you fail the check.
  8. Same check again, except your astromech only assisted you for one check.
  9. Introducing...the scrub

    Interesting. So in Xwing, we're not talking Akuma style "Literally impossible to beat someone who knows what they're doing" builds, but more like Old Sagat style "Its not the single best option in the game, but it singlehandedly makes half the game unplayable" options like Old PalpFenders, TorpScouts, and Aslam Wardens.
  10. @Samuel Richard@Vergence@Rabobankrider@satkaz@Edgehawk Post is up. if you're going to pull ahead nows your chance, but it's risky. If you slow to speed 2, it's less dice you're rolling, but you have to roll twice (two maneuvers) to move one band.
  11. Last turn: (everyone moved up to Med1) Range bands: (Jump point ( Short ( Engaged ) Short ) Med1 ) Med2 ) Long1 ) Long2 ) Long3 ) Beacon 1 is at Long 1, beacon 2 and 3 are in the nebula at Extreme range, and also at long range from each other. -------------------------------- This turn (resetting ranges from the squadron- everyone is at Engaged now): Range bands: ( Jump point ( Med2 ( Med1 ( Short ( Engaged ) Short ) Med1 ) Med2 ) Long1 ) Beacon 1 is at Engaged, beacon 2 and 3 are in the nebula at Long 1 range, and also at long1 range from each other. -------------------------------- "Watch yourself, Spade 3- Dont get cocky!" Eyeballing the drifting strands of raw ionization, the Xwing piloted by Spade 1 dove into the nebula... The Xwing was nimble, but almost as soon as he began, Spade 1 entered a pocket, a bubble of ionization too small for him to turn around in at his speed. Aiming for a thin part of the bubble, the Xwing plowed through, shields crackling and systems sparking from the experience. Slowing to avoid the next ion cloud, he added, "R4, you ok back there? Get ready for the next one..." (5+1 (1 failure) damage from the nebula. Shields take 3 system strain parrying 3 damage, hull soaks 3, 0 damage recieved) Second maneuver assisting astromech. Spad e 1 status: hull 0/10, System 3/10 R4 twittered, managing the shield bleed and optimizing the inertial compensator. The ship wasnt in immediate danger, so it focused on helping Spade Leader avoid the worst droid-destroying clumps of ion cloud. Astromech copilot check: 1eA+1eP+1eB+2eD 1 success, 2 advantage One red downgraded, one blue die back to spade leader, plus an assist back to spade leader.
  12. The Bladewing

    Only if you need the superlaser to kill fighters. Otherwise it's a fully modified 5 die attack on capital ships. Although, if you dont mind dropping a die... Keyan Farlander (29) Opportunist (4) Collision Detector (0) Linked Battery (2) Gunner (5) B-Wing/E2 (1) Total: 41 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Guaranteed to hit for at least 1 damage, or else.
  13. The issue is that, without a certian talent, the ship you're flying just doesnt go that fast. You can only take two maneuvers per round, even if you strain for an action as well. The commander took the high performance fighter and stuck you in the slow lumbering bomber. As will be made more clear when we start to actually fly the nebula. I'll have a post up sometime today.
  14. @Samuel Richard I'm a little curious how you "pull ahead of Spade 1" seeing as it takes both maneuvers to reach the beacon.