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  1. Didn't I redo those links? I can't remember. Anyway here's a link to them. Also, while I know it's not completely X-wing related, here's a link to some ARMDs I built last year.
  2. MacrossVF1

    Imperial Tanker - scratchbuild

    Not bad! The panel lines on the tank must have been a big pain in the ****. From hard earned experience I know scribing on anything round can be bloody difficult. It does feel a bit too big though. If it actually is 150 meters long, it should be pretty much the same length as an Imperial Raider Corvette. Of course, it just might be the photos that give me a false sense of size.
  3. Neither actually, I cheated by printing a water slide decal.
  4. Yup, that is indeed the original model.
  5. And here's my contribution to those still wishing for an X-wing ground wars game. 25 speeders and 6 walkers. Now I haven't really painted the walkers. They are originally a strange winter themed Hallmark Christmas ornament/collector piece. As such I really only needed to repaint/cover the patches of snow/white to make the model more neutral. I've also straightened the necks and the front left leg.
  6. Are you sure you posted that in the correct thread?
  7. I kinda figured it would have to be a custom solution like the one you describe above. Still, it's good information and I will definitely check out Albion Metals. Thanks mate!
  8. And here is the finished product. Enjoy!
  9. And finished! This is a rather big ship, about 15.5 cm long (14.5 excluding gun barrels), 13.5 cm wide and 6.2 cm tall (5.2 without fins). For comparison a VCX-100 is about 16.5 x 12.5 x 5.5 cm, which means it's still a bigger ship though not by much.
  10. More detailing on the front/bridge. The gun pods are magnetized but only for storage purposes.
  11. The top of the cargo bay has been further detailed and received a much needed engine installation.
  12. I suppose I'm nitpicking a bit here but enamel paints are not quite the same as 'regular' oil paints. They cure/dry at different rates and in different manners.
  13. Updated and improved engine design.
  14. Detailed the underside of the rear/cargo bay. I installed some pretty heavy duty landing gear struts in each corner of the thing.
  15. They totally should! Anyway, current build progress. With most major pieces complete I've begun the process of detailing the ship.