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  1. Yeah that is a rather cool concept TIE, though I wonder exactly how one would make it a reality... Anyway, any such questions should be sent as a private message.
  2. Shiny! Quite literally in this case.
  3. Sorry for the late post, I've been busy with other stuff. Anyway, yes that is indeed one of my ships and here is a link to how I painted it. I hope it helps!
  4. Well, the new edition of Warhammer 40k has certainly demanded a lot of attention lately. Updating and adding some new stuff for one of my armies takes time damnit! Anyway here is an Admiral Zaarin TIE Advanced V1 for your viewing pleasure.
  5. That's actually not too far from the truth. After all, some scratch builds and paintjobs are a big PITA. Oh well, it must have gotten lost in the mail. Those darned postal services, can't trust them with anything. Anyway, right now I'm not doing much X-wing related, the new edition of Warhammer 40k has caught my attention, and with some tournaments coming up, I need to update my old armies. There might be some scratch builds coming up early next year however.
  6. Yeah, ZealuxMyr's method is probably the best one for your needs Khyros. The type of 'casting' I generally do is normally making a simple mold using the aforementioned 'Instant Mold' and then I take a blob of some type of epoxy putty and press it into the mold in order to make it less blob shaped. I would generally not recommend anything from GW. There is nothing wrong with their Green Stuff, but you can get larger quantities of the same substance (not similar, EXACTLY the same) for less money from other companies. My personal two-part knead epoxy of choice is not Green Stuff however, I tend to use Milliput, both the standard variety and their super fine version.
  7. Yup, that's pretty much it. Not sure my stuff is called exactly that but it's the same thing. Though to be honest it does looks quite similar to hot glue.
  8. I've updated all pages so let's celebrate by showing you guys how I built the Phantom shuttle with folded wings. The original idea was to give the shuttle folding wings. I know this can be done as I've seen videos of it. However, that still leaves the question of how the wings fold. My guess would be some type of hinge but those hinges has to be almost microscopically small, and certainly not something you can find in any normal store. If any of you know where such hinges might be found, please do tell. Anyway, instead of spending too much time and brainpower finding items I might never ever come across, I chose another route. The shuttle part that needs to be removed in order to make room for the docking bay is rather detailed and is tantalizingly close to a complete ship. More importantly, it is molded with the wings folded. So instead of making the wings movable, I decided to do the next best thing; use the removed part to build an additional ship, with the wings permanently folded. To start the build I used the normal Phantom model to make some simple molds of the details I would have trouble replicating. Then I mixed up some milliput and pressed the putty directly into the molds. This is not a perfect method and the result is not 100% accurate, but for something like this it certainly is good enough. The two molded pieces were trimmed down and fitted together into an L-shape. The shuttle part was modified a bit further and the 'L' was then glued into place. Some additional plasticard was required to complete the model and with that I could start detailing the ship. My aim was to make the ship look as close as possible to a hypothetical official Phantom model with folded wings. This even meant creating some details for mold lines and seams between parts. As this was not a complete repaint, I had to match the areas that I painted to the factory paint job. As with the VCX-100, the ship was also 'improved' with blaster burns, dirt, oil and scratches. The final bit of modification was the mounting point. A magnet was inserted into the corresponding spot to the magnet in the docking bay and two mounting pins were modified to have a magnet as well.
  9. Sixwood, you know I always like your stuff, but you are a braver man than me sometimes. I mean, that TIE Defender with removed panels, doesn't that just makes the leftover frame ridiculously flimsy? Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but from a practical standpoint it seems like it could break at any moment.
  10. Oh yes, I'm quite well aware of that. However it wasn't really an option this time. On another note, only about 3 pages left to update.
  11. 12 pages updated with new links, though sometimes they don't seem to load correctly. Usually all that is needed is a refresh of the page, but sometimes it takes several tries. I wonder if there are just too many pictures for the site to handle? Anyway, here is a closer look at how I did the VCX-100 docking bay. The basic mod is very much similar to what most people do. Remove the shuttle part and make room for a docking bay. The only real difference was that I needed to cut away more stuff than what i usually needed. As you can see there is quite a lot of stuff that needs to be removed and it's not easy unless you have the right tools. To remove the excess material I used a Dremel type rotary tool with a high speed cutter bit. This is always a tricky procedure as it is far to easy to remove more than intended. Just to be clear, the picture below doesn't show the full extent of the 'destruction', I needed to do more work after the picture was taken. When I was happy with the newly created cavity I started measuring up some plasticard pieces in order to build the actual bay. First was the back plate, then the 'floor' of the docking bay. After that is was really just a matter of detailing the rest of the bay. A small magnet was inserted in the middle of the docking bay in order to hold the shuttle in place and then it was off to the painting corner! The bay was painted to match the surrounding area, mainly the engines. A 1:2:4 mix of VGC Cold Grey, VMC German Grey and VGC Charred Brown proved to be an almost perfect match to the original paint job.
  12. You certainly nailed the Terminator look with that IG-2000. Thumbs up as always mate!
  13. This! This is the most compelling reason to keep this thread. Thank you Khyros for helping making my decision easy. Anyway, the link updating continues. Three additional pages completed.
  14. I want to know what you guys think about an idea of mine. No matter how much I try to update this thread with new image links, there will always be a bunch of dead links due to other peoples comments. Should I just start a new thread and post every project I've finished there instead? It would certainly save me some work and it would look so much better!
  15. Double post today, because here's better pictures of the shuttle. The shuttle should ideally have been equipped with folding wings, but I couldn't find any hinges small enough for the job. Instead I built it with permanently folded wings. It also has been 'improved' in the same manner as its parent ship.