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  1. Yeah it's been a while. It's not that I haven't been doing stuff, however nothing have been suitable to post here. For instance, as much as I suspect that some might find it interesting how I have repaired, rewired, recapped, and re-furbished some old computers and consoles, this is really not the best place for that.
  2. Back with two ships. Another Hera A-wing and a new one; Saesee Tiin's Aethersprite!
  3. Simply because it would have been a headache. I found the logo online and used Photoshop to separate it into two waterslide decals. One for the star and circle pattern and another for the text. With the first decal applied I had to manually paint in the colours since I don't have a colour printer. Then I could apply the second decal, the text, on top of the first one. So you can see, the procedure was already complex to begin with, I didn't want the extra hassle of doing Aurebesh as well. Also, the logo is supposed to be on the other side of the bridge, but since there are details in the way it had to be moved.
  4. And done! The light levels are unfortunately inconsistent since my setup just isn't suited to ships of this size.
  5. Sculpting with green stuff or a similar two part epoxy on top of something that is the rough size and shape of what you are aiming for is probably a decent method. Not something I personally would do however because I'm absolutely crap sculpting pretty much anything.
  6. Quick chime in from me. Curves are your worst enemy when using plasticard. I try to avoid them if I can, but if I have to I usually glue several pieces of plasticard together and carve away any excess until I have the desired shape.
  7. No requests so far, though I suspect I should be happy about that. Any model Fractalsponge produce is freakishly well detailed and would likely be a nightmare to do justice.
  8. Started working on some docking ports and as you can see they are designed so that X-wing ships can physically dock with the hangar.
  9. The rest of the outer structure has been added and details are starting to appear. You might notice that the gun barrels are broken. This is almost deliberate as the **** things break with almost ridiculous ease. When the first one inevitably snapped, I removed all the others and will replace them with better ones later.
  10. With the inner structure in place, the outer shell is much easier to build, though still fairly complicated, primarily due to the protruding docking port.
  11. What am I doing now? Destroying a Corvette for fun? Well kinda. I've been asked to convert a Tantive IV into a Farstar and that required some advanced 'surgery'.
  12. Here's a forgotten project. Now I have to preface this by making **** sure that everyone knows the following; I did NOT build/mod the engines and middle mounted cockpit. Those were already there when I was asked to work on the model. Unfortunately I don't know who did the initial work. My task was to further mod the ship and repaint it. The intent was to build a ship with a sleek appearance, and give the impression of a craft capable of high speed. To that end, many details were removed, particularly along the middle/'waist' of the ship. The paint job might look like it was inspired by the Solo-movie but it was actually decided upon before the movie was a thing.
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