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  1. Buy a new set of dices. That is the only way to brake the curse... the dices need to attune to the character. I usually goes with one set per character just to be safe. Good luck
  2. When as a puny mortal you get renamed 5 minutes into your first session by a CSM because well its not like you have a choice. When after 5 sessions you don't even remember your character original name. When the 2 female renegades rolls vampiric addiction...at the same time. When they start tagging alone the NL calling him "master" because he gave them blood. And by giving blood I mean shoving the unarmored Chem-Hunter at them. When the same NL also end up with vampiric addiction. When all session now stats with the argument of who is drinking who and chem-hunter hiding for his dear life.
  3. By any chance do anyone have a stars chart showing up the Limoge system/Saint Annard's penance emplacement. I got a Navigator refusing to warp travel without one...
  4. That is one nice map, i may just use it for my ever details hungry players so thank you .
  5. Thank you all for those awnsers. I won't lie, it is indeed for a young oh so unlucky neophyte follower minion. We decided to give him the trait but not access to all implants (only phase 1 to 5). I was hoping that the follower trait would have an entry description somewhere but oh well will do with some tweaking.
  6. As said in First Founding, p.110, under the Greater Follower option : Space Marine Implants I looked for it, players looked for it, its driving us to heresy (Core rule book: nope). Does it even have a description/rule somewhere? Have anyone seen it/used it ? All help appreciated.
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