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  1. My point is that without a ruling posted to the Official Rulings on these boards, TOs ultimately decide and this is a serious difference in the RAW.
  2. If that is a legit answer, it needs to be in an official ruling. Miles has made the case for why the current rules document does not support that.
  3. This needs to be in an official ruling if that is the case. Anyone can post here like this. The current rulebook does not support this.
  4. I am seeing a lot of $20-25 fees, and hearing claims that the kits cost the stores anywhere from $350 to $500 (there is not any transparency in this). We have had real trouble keeping ongoing communities for Armada and Legion locally as it is, so anything that makes it even more difficult for us to sustain our player base is a real concern to me.
  5. A few years ago, I was running Armada store and regional championships in our area for a couple of stores, but since I got too busy, most stores in our area have quit applying for them (we are down to 1) and only one store in the area applied for the Legion Rally Point. This one store that still does them charges pretty high registration fees. The problem I think I am seeing is that we are running fewer of these "regional" level events, with lower attendance, and I have to ask if we are pricing our players out of the organized play system. I am told these newer, much higher registrations are to cover the cost of the kits. Looking over the Legion kit, I am not seeing $300 to $400 in value in that. If the choice boils down to buy a new unit expansion, a candy bar, & a Dr Pepper (including tax) and play the game, or pay to play 3 games and get 2 alt art cards, are those players really going to turn out? So, are we pricing players out of these events? Is that intentional? Is it good for the game? For organized play?
  6. Anyone have a pic of the recent Worlds rulers side by side with previous acrylic rules so we can see how they compare? I know the lengths of the ranges and fighter distances have varied quite a bit on prior rulers.
  7. It better start at over 300 with that much hull.
  8. FFS, who thought this is a good idea? Gross.
  9. I no longer use oils due to fumes. My plastic model building teenage years were not sufficiently ventilated & I have pretty serious reactions to heavy fumes now. But the bonus has been easier clean up, longer brush life, more time painting than preparing to paint, easier airbrush use. Also, since my first child is due any week now, being able to paint while watching the kid will be good.
  10. Yeah, I screwed up playing those 12th place Rapid Launch Bays. It cost me round 2, and proved how out of practice I have become in the last year. Most of the conversation in Burleson revolved around how not fun the Transport spam list are. Even people who won with them seemed to indicate the winning was fun, but the play itself wasn't fun. The one combat ship with transport swarm & max squadrons is being called "Epic Scale X-Wing" because it really doesn't feel like the combat is fleet based anymore, and it is slow. Best as I can recall I heard 3 ideas from players at the tourney on fixes for that: 1) A field allowance maximum of some kind. One version suggested limiting transports at a one to one ratio to "combat ships" 2) Counting transports & gozantis as part of the squadron point allowance 3) *not remembering this one right now, will edit if I do* Anyhow, back to refreshing the Legion page to see if they will ever post the rulebook.
  11. malthol


    Yeah, if these are a noticeably different scale than IA figures, that is a poor decision. I, like many others, need a better collection of SW minis for our RPG gaming.
  12. Do we even know if there are any spots left open for late registration for U.S. nationals? I suspect not, but we haven't even had our regional here yet.
  13. I probably shouldn't be, but I'm astonished that after 5 weeks (or 6 now?) of Wave 2 accessibility there are folks already feeling like we don't get stuff and *need* Wave 3.
  14. Bel Iblis can still only give one repair token to each ship.
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