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  1. Fantastic! I see myself playing x-wing and IA when I'm 80!
  2. It is the revell 1:52 snowspeeder.
  3. Thanks a lot. These are great!
  4. YES!! It's a sign!
  5. 38
  6. Lambda white. The asssault gunboat in the first x-wing pc game was white. Okay I'm old.
  7. This is completely awesome!!! I have been thinking about this from the very moment that I learned about x-wing. My plan is to call a ship disabled when it has as many ion tokens as it's shield value. Would be great to have a model for x-wing and Imperial Assault.
  8. Have you seen Star wars battlefront? Sullust is definitely on the top of my list!
  9. Can I just ask? What do you use for the base? Is it gravel or small stones?
  10. X-wing combined with Imperial Assault boarding action is the reason why I initially started with IA. I am a big fan of the X-Wing and Tie Fighter series and I believe many fellow X-wing players are as well. Therefore, we should have the Assault Gunboat as it is a beautiful kick ass starfighter. And we should have the Assault Gunboat BEFORE all the prequel crap comes out. My 2 cents.
  11. I used to play commander, but now I prefer Uprising. It is a lot of grinding but at least it doesn't take a week before you progress in the game.