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  1. Garnazul

    Hound's Tooth

    Unfortunately, it seems that way. They could have made a model that would be more in sync with the 1/270 scale. Then the model would have a length similar to the Ghost starship. Or They could have used the legends size for the Hound's Tooth and the we would have another huge ship for the scum faction. Similar in size to the Gozanti Cruiser.
  2. Garnazul

    Hound's Tooth

    Hi, I have a question for you guys at Gen Con at the moment. The Hound's Tooth model, is it different in size compared to the 1.0 model? Sorry, I think that I'm just one of these scale people.
  3. On Google play I could find 2 apps. Star wars legion builder and legion commander. Any experiences? And is legion commander worth it to spend the money on?
  4. Fantastic! I see myself playing x-wing and IA when I'm 80!
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