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  1. Firstly I will say I have not yet played the board game (waiting patiently for it to arrive in stock). However after reading many forums and reviews I have a query about victory conditions. I have read that some people find it annoying how it's very hard to change victory paths once the game is underway. Especially when new players (like myself eventually) don't fully understand the game. I was thinking to combat this problem would it be a viable option that in order to win a player must complete all four of the victory conditions? When thinking about it I know it would obviously make the game longer. Military conditions would cause problems as capitals conquered would result in elimination for that player and therfore would sit out the rest of the game. Unless military conditions had to be achieved last. Or even for a 4 player game to win either conquer the other 3 capitals OR complete economic, technology and culture (all three to win). So that to win three things had to be done for both victory paths. These are just my rambles and I would love to hear some feedback, alternative ideas or whatever else anyone has to say on the topic Thanks
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