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    ROLE: Player. LOOKING FOR: Group. TYPE OF GAME: Online, Skype or other SESSION SPECIFICS: Skype or VIrtual Tabletops REGION: Germany, Europe SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Weekdays, in the evening or weekends, Timezone +1 GAME STYLE: I would prefer playing as a salamanders devastator or tactical marine but I'am open for anything ;-)
  2. Hello fellow Astartes (or Agents of the Chaos ), i'm looking for an online Deathwatch group which needs additional players. I am rather new to Deathwatch but i'm very familiar with Warhammer 40k and especially Space Marines because of my Tabletop Black Templars Army and i'm currently running a Rouge Trader group which is, in terms of rules, rather similar I guess (please correct me if i'm wrong). I'm German but I think my Englisch is good enough to play so a German or English speaking group would be nice. My Time Zone is +1 and it would be great if I could find a group in a similar time zone. Please feel free to contact me if you have a free slot in your group. Best regards Grziwatzki
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