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  1. The thing I find is that most of the time the Ewing would be tokenless anyway if they use the boost and the daredevil boost with advanced sensors gives them more options to get away or adjust their approach while still possibly keeping the stress off. Obviously using Daredevil boost everytime would be a pretty poor strategy
  2. I mean I've run Corran like that and I do like R3 FCS and Ewings comboing together but I just find that his survivability is higher when he has options to run away and re approach.
  3. I mean there’s not to many super mobile I6s (I’d even Argue that Wedge is one of the more mobile ones) and Corran is easily one of the most mobile I5s, that with daredevil and advanced makes him the most mobile 5
  4. That's why my go to is Wedge with Proton, This ADCoran with Ion, and Arvel with Outmaneuver and Intimidate. Wedge doesn't need mobility when his two wingmen are preventing everyone else from having it.
  5. I do love FCS Corran but Advanced Sensors is so good on E-wings just because of all the options they do have that I find the mobility that Advanced Sensors and Daredevil gives Corran is insane, pack that with R4. If I was going FCS on Corran I usually also pair it with R3 Astro to give Corran options offensively.
  6. Advanced Sensors on E-Wings is already a powerful combo, but if you put Advanced Sensors on Corran and combine that with Daredevil and R4 Astromech the Ewing becomes a monster on the board movement wise. At any moment you can change Corran's entire direction and with an R4 astromech you can even have Corran flip around stress free with the two hard turn (or take the stress for the tighter 1 turn). Seriously, while predator may have been stapled onto Corran's forehead, I think daredevil offers a lot more interesting options for the ship and pilot and the chasis makes it so that you aren't using a second action that often anyway and you should have a decent target lock on your opponent.
  7. RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 43 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (34) Intimidation (3) Predator (2) Ion Missiles (4) E-wing - •Corran Horn - 81 •Corran Horn - Tenacious Investigator (66) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Torpedoes (6) R3 Astromech (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 76 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Elusive (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) R3 Astromech (3) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder So while this didn't change much I'm glad I'm able to add more to this list to really do damage to people and chase down targets. But Arvel with intimidation and predator is going to be a fun combo. Another one I see happening is intimidation + Outmaneuver which would look like this RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 43 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (34) Intimidation (3) Predator (2) Ion Missiles (4) E-wing - •Corran Horn - 81 •Corran Horn - Tenacious Investigator (66) Elusive (3) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Torpedoes (6) R3 Astromech (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 76 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Elusive (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) R3 Astromech (3) Afterburners (6) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I'm not sure which I want to fly first but I'm excited for all of the Arvel options now
  8. E-wing - Rogue Squadron Escort - 61 Rogue Squadron Escort - (56) Fire-Control System (2) R3 Astromech (3) E-wing - •Corran Horn - 71 •Corran Horn - Tenacious Investigator (66) Fire-Control System (2) R3 Astromech (3) E-wing - •Gavin Darklighter - 66 •Gavin Darklighter - Bold Wingman (61) Fire-Control System (2) R3 Astromech (3) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Three E-wings is viable and fun now. Also this is too easy of a squad not to have made
  9. "Elan Sleazebaggano" Trust me this doesn't even crack top ten.... but it is stupid I hope they explain it away as he changed it
  10. Anakin Skywalker: Spend a force to remove a stress Put him in a ship with a good action economy He gets to be a powerful I6 pilot Hints at his later ability to just do actions but also makes his recklessness and reliance on the force more apparent.
  11. T-65 X-wing - •Thane Kyrell - 49 •Thane Kyrell - Corona Four (48) Trick Shot (1) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Luke Skywalker - 85 •Luke Skywalker - Red Five (62) Proton Torpedoes (9) •“Chopper” (2) Supernatural Reflexes (12) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 65 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Crack Shot (1) Proton Torpedoes (9) R3 Astromech (3) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder So this list was inspired by the Mynock Corona Beer List but I really really like Wedge with Crack Shot. If you play him right you will just erase someone off the board. The only thing I'm thinking of changing is switching out Proton Torps on Luke for Ion Torps as I never seem to use them and they're usually just for chopper chow. R3 is super good on Wedge. The question is do I put a droid on Thane or do I leave the three point bid if I switch the proton torps for the Ion? oh and Trick Shot Thane is just the best
  12. Veers was in the base set For biological warfare a straight damage every turn is tough if you look at what I did in the last one for Rukh that may be the way but I’d do and just attach a bio weapon ring on him and have him roll a black dice every ground combat Sloane I’m not sure how I’d fix because losing a leader for only three health is too far in the other direction id probably change her ability to not go off being eliminated because she is literally the last imperial standing lol good idea with the oribital ship yards being imp only finally one attack dice isn’t equal to one health in the game I’d probably instead lower his health down and have him roll 1 red and 2 green instead
  13. So two things one- I usually say this to all the expansions but don’t give more than 3 to a character in space or ground tactics. It tends to make them too powerful. I am glad you only gave thrawn 1 ground tactic though. Too many fan expansions make him the most powerful character ever which just isn’t a fun time. I also like his recruitment but the issue is that it almost too powerful with the rise of the empire expansion tactics. 2- I like the idea of the shipyards but in practice the rebel player already has a lot of advantages and the one thing the imperial player has over them is troop counts. Mitigating that advantage really pushes the game further into rebel favor. Maybe make the shipyards something the players can build through a mission or objective card? Heck even if you switch it up and make it so that a rebel shipyard gives the a blue circle and triangle (or maybe just two blue triangles) and can be built on a non populous planet and the imperial shipyard gives them a blue square and blue triangle would work well. It could also act as troop deployment which is huge on non populous. also I would check out my second try at this expansion a little mule cause it fixes some issues I had with the old one but I really like a lot in this one Satos ability is cool and I love the inclusion of Sloane (I was thinking of doing another expansion with more book characters eventually) Rae Sloane is a bit OP in her card ability, same with Madine. I love Bails ability but it also goes a bit to far in rebel power id probably limit it to an assign phase and make it a region only Dravens great but his card should read like this “special: after Draven opposes a mission discard this card to return him to the leader pool, he may only be used to oppose missions this round” Raddus has a similar problem to thrawn with the rise of the empire expansion Nantz works great Veers also already exists in the game if I remember correctly, same with the vanguard my only problem with the ships is that Awing and flametrooper should be two black dice instead of three and mc75 should have only 3 red health
  14. It’s also the first few episodes during relative peace time all of the early cartoons start off a bit off a bit more kiddy and with relatively annoying or frustrating characters Ahsoka and Ezra were beyond annoying in their first few episodes, now look at them give it till the second half of season one. Once it’s characters have all been established and some ideas of relationships has been set up we will get the first shake ups to the plot. remember the two bumbling guards in Rebels? remember what happened to them? overall it’s startinf pretty okay ep 2 is my favorite thus far and I do really like all the characters around Kaz but he has some growing to do i also LOVE how the ships look and move on screen and I think the reason ep 3 was the weakest in my mind was because it had the least ship fun which is definitely a strength in this series thus far
  15. This ^ Its not about whether its good or bad (I am firmly in its good camp) but its about the fact that Russia bots and trolls are on the internet pushing sides that they feel sow further discontent. Considering the amount of people who were sexist/racist/general awful people on the side who hated the last jedi (I'm not saying your not allowed to hate the Last Jedi, or that your any of those things if you do, I'm just saying its impossible to argue that the anti-Last Jedi side doesnt have those people in it). Generally speaking those are the type of people who Russian bots like to enflame and push the agenda of because it causes controversy and divisions in a country. I wouldn't be surprised if similar things happened with Black Panther Or in reverse with Batman V Superman. Heck its almost a guarantee that Russian bots help all the gamer/comic/whatever-gate people as well. This is not a criticism of your particular dislike of the Last Jedi but just something to understand about how outrage on social media can be weaponized. Its also important to acknowledge problematic aspects of a fanbase or group and make efforts to distance yourself away from said aspects even if their goals align with yours. Example I dislike Steven Universe. Its just a show that I was never able to get behind and where I found the overarching story a bit to convoluted at any given time. That said I understand that there is a huge part of the people who dislike Steven Universe who do so because they are sexist/homophobic. While I have legitimate reasons for disliking the show I don't blame people who question my motivations for disliking the show. Its up to me and others like me to cut out those awful people from the discourse and call them out for being terrible. If I see someone say things that are homophobic/sexist I call them out on it. I don't go "Well its also terrible" because thats not directly supporting it but its allowing it to continue. I don't know that my two cents on the matter. And I have talked to a ton of people who dislike the Last Jedi who I know aren't terrible people but I don't see enough people calling out the terrible people in the community right now, which is why I think its easy for Russian bots to utilize the community.
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