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  1. A day after seeing the movie and I still have a craving that only large purchases of plastic models can fill.
  2. In the film they had barrels sticking out of the top and bottom of those "escape pods". The extra engine probably is there to compensate for the extra mass, so close to the same speed or slower. Also a quick glance at the photo above and the top turret looked like an 88 on the old ww1 uboats lol
  3. Hmmm. I'll take a shot at guessing what it could be. -- Hammerhead Corvette, more expensive than a CR90 Flotilla. 4 hull, 2/1/1 shields, evade-scatter-brace(because movie scene). Or maybe that general replace/give a brace token and Hammerhead gets a redirect. Anyways, 1 red 2 blues front, 2 blues side, blue or black rear. (No reds side cause of ackabar). Mediocre manuver, probs max speed 3 Title: at deployment, increase fore shields by 1 and decrease aft shields by one. (Making it a 3/1/- for rest of game). Title: treat Flotilla as small ship in regards to ship overlapping. (Because movie) On that note, Did anyone else notice the Hammerhead in the movie had 6 turbolaser mounts instead of 2 like we see in rebels? 2 in the same spot on the sides of the front, and 2 on each side on a over/under style of mount on a beam that stretched through the middle, all guns facing forwards. Interesting to note.
  4. I would much rather have the lambda than the VCX. Relay seems super broke yay! If rebels had access to relay 2... that better cost 30 points.
  5. See, this is why Ramming is stupid. The Devastator didn't 'ram' the CR90. If it had rammed it it would have stopped in it's tracks, taken damage, the CR90 would have taken a single damage, and all would have been well.Ramming in Armada is stupid, as evidenced by this movie. Did you miss that little part where a single hammerhead rammed into the side of a disabled ISD and pushed it into the other, destroying both of them?! There's no way the rebels would win in a heads up competition of firepower, but ballsy tactical decisions are what allows the Rebels to inflict some serious damage Note that the star destroyer was completly disabled from the Y wings ion bombing and stuff. Kinda like what 2 shots from that ion cannon in episode 5 did but more permanent damage.
  6. Was Leia CGI? I thought she was just someone with a striking resemblence. Tarkin, if you weren't in a scene with other humans... well I can't wait for a remastered edition in 10 years to make it perfect. That VCX cameos... :'D. So rebels have the only plans to the death star now? The imperials blew up the google server and now they can't make a "second" one or quickly flip through the books and try to find the flaw. The Vader fanservice was nice. Mon Calamari bugged me. The first act blew me away. Ballsy opening, paid off. That's all I need to say I think. Just need to digest this now.
  7. Episode 7 did better Calamari Rogue One did better Star Wars So much packed into one 5 hour movie! And it was only like 130 minutes long! I was fine with most of the charature development. I had finals going into this so I knew basically nothing about this movie besides the official trailers and same for episode 7. Episode 7 I was like "yes it didn't suck! Disney didn't **** up!". Rogue I was like "This movie is the best movie of 2016."
  8. Let's just express our enjoyment or displeasure here without spoilers. Just feelings no descriptions. I for one after seeing that movie thought episode 7 pales to this movie. I had about 2 gripes, that's it. I have about 10k things I LOVED about this movie. What say you?
  9. Oh jeeze, this opens the realm of all possibilities. S-foils! Flipable card. "Lock S-foils in attack position" No effect, ship flys normal "Lock in the other position" Reduce primary attack by 1, you now have the TIE striker alerion ability. (Or your speed three manuvers are now green)
  10. Well the SSD would make an anti squadron like attack except against ships instead of fighters so why would it matter if it can't roll your 300 dice out of the front. It can blow up every ship in range just fine, it's those A wings you need to worry about.
  11. So what other campaign boxes can ffg throw at us! Super stoked! I hope this isn't a one time thing, but is like the aces packs from x wing! (Aka a series focusing on improving the game and THIS IS 10X BETTER THAN I WAS EXPECTING WOOOOO)
  12. But seriously though, the arqs. Depictedo primarily with turbolasers and uses TIES for fighter defense. Might see tight arcs, like the nebulon-bit with the narrow front. Allow for double arcs while still facing forwards, not sideways. In terms of power, might be 2 red dice out of the front and sides with no turbolasers upgrades. B version might swap out 1 of the red dice and add in 2 black dice. Would be very unwieldly if it was slow because it is surplused clone wars tech and therefore speed 2... as a small ship... would feel VERY different from the radiator and the gladiator if they did that. Mini victory to escort victory to ... success. Crossing fingers that it is speed 3!
  13. Quasar, like the Neb B, is an imperial workhorse. Unlikely to see service with rebel scum, they wouldn't know how a REAL warship handles.
  14. Hmm How would having 6 or 8 of them preform against other competitive 150 and 200 point lists? I think this completly turns the 150 and 200 point meta on its head because the amount of dice they can throw on that joust. Mind-boggling
  15. Oh no, first the Mist hunter and now this? Too many beautiful ships in the scum faction... Must... resist... splurging...
  16. Probably goes back to being a terrible smuggler and tries to always unsuccessfuly rip people off.
  17. S-foils SLAM but with only your speed 1 (and maybe 2) manuvers. Done, weapons disabled, everything is perfect.
  18. Im excited for that new tech upgrade and R-THREE WHAT WHAT!!!
  19. Decided to switch out jan for merc copilot and drop the mangler on the B for a Sabine juke TLT shuttle with jan riding shotgun on it. Lost still. But was interesting to play. TLT and juke feels like it is not intended to be used together, opponent said it was unfun.
  20. B-Wing: · Ten Numb (31) Veteran Instincts (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) B-Wing/E2 (1) · Jan Ors (2) Y-Wing: · Horton Salm (25) Twin Laser Turret (6) · R2-D6 (1) Juke (2) 73 points used, 27 to go. Could throw an ORS in...
  21. House rule in an EPT for hortan, then take R3, Juke, and TLT. Its perfect, add in vectored thrusters or engine upgrade for manuverability.
  22. So broken! A little bit over here, a little bit over their...
  23. The rebels VCX is basically a Sentinel if you ignore the fact that you can dock a ship to it and have an axillary firing arc. I... I am happy.
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