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  1. FYI, the precision measure-er isn't from the NYC X-Wing group.
  2. This comparison is nearly the very definition of obtuse for proving...actually nothing. --- The punisher is what brought me back into this game after a long break. I think it looks great.
  3. I placed an order with CSI that included 2 punishers and a raider--says it'll be delivered next Thursday with the free shipping...is that not true?
  4. What do you call a ship that hates accessories for suits?
  5. Joe Boss Red Seven, take note on how to write like Engine25 regarding speculative spoiler announcement posts.
  6. My imperials are all imperial guard red--like the interceptors.
  7. I was sure people would read it as a question. This seems like a blatant lie.
  8. coolstuffinc.com is usually in stock and pretty cheap.
  9. I like threads where the answer to the OP is, 'yes or no, depends'.
  10. You really seem to be bored with this game, all your posts are about what could make it better or what is missing for you to be happy with it. Whats the deal?
  11. Bathickey

    Carrier Play.

    I think I'd only support carrier play if it worked similar to deep strike rules in 40K, like pick a Gazebo carrier option and it deep strikes turn 2/3 away from an astroid and ties launch from the middle facing any direction. Otherwise considering that a 100 point game is about 30 seconds of real-time action, no one is redocking squat, missile video or not.
  12. I ran a fun squad last weekend that did pretty well, went 1-1-1 (stupid bye), but I think it has promise outside of terrabad dice. + Vessery + Jonus + 1 scimitars + Munitions failsafe + meta appropriate ordinance + 1 scimitars + Munitions failsafe + meta appropriate ordinance I ran one homing missile and one cluster missile anticipating chewie and phantoms, but the list is able to accommodate swarms as well. The list is beefy and as long as you don't get a bomber taken out before he can get ordinance off in the first pass, you have a pretty good shot crippling whatever you're afraid of. Vessery is a great generalist and cleanup crew pilot with a lot of surefire dice, and jonus is basically just 4 points to make those two missiles crippling and after that is just an obese elite PS tie. I don't think bombs are competitive right now, and unless they print an elite 5 PS bomber (so as not to obsolete Jonus) , I think they are soft to every big meta list outside of swarms--folding 2 of 3 of the big 3 lists is probably not the best place to be.
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