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  1. I have run a tournament similar to this, except each mat had an epic ship obstacle in the center of the mat & the first player chose the orientation of the ship, then the second player placed the first normal obstacle in the normal manner. The players used all six normal obstacles if able. Most of the players loved the "surprise" format, except one player who rage quit after round 2. No player knew about the epic ships before the game, and he thought the change in rules without telling everyone ahead of time was unfair...whatever, it was a fun Con-Tourny with excellent prize support.
  2. The price difference is due to simple economics, not FFG. Currently the US dollar is stronger than the Australian dollar, where $1 USD = $1.35 AUD. Thus, the prices are actually comparable: $20 USD = $27 AUD $24 USD = $32.4 AUD $38 USD = $51.3 AUD $52.5 USD = $70.9 AUD Not sure where in the US those prices are coming from...small are $15 US, Large $20 US, $30-50 on boxes depending on the ship/packaging size. I don't know if I have ever seen X-Wing on the shelf above suggested retail pricing. Yes, we do have to pay taxes on everything, but here in South Carolina that is 6%, so not too much more.
  3. The card I wish was doubled in this expansion is Collision Detector...which should always be used on every ship that has an un-used systems slot (especially B-Wings). I flew 4 B's at Worlds to a 3-3 record, and the CD's definitely saved me quite a few damage. But I can't make myself buy 4 SF's just to get the cards, so I borrowed 2 of them...
  4. I was there, Jarrod A. Went 3-3, but won my Team Epic game... :-). Also, I was the guy with Lego pilots on all my ships & the Lego dice tower.
  5. Last year, there was plenty of extra space for more players/teams, and they let people sign-up without partners by faction to match you with someone else...I got paired with Chad from NovaSquadronRadio last year, we lost, but had tons of fun.
  6. I am looking for a partner, since my original one is now not getting in until late on Thursday. I can bring 200 points of Imperials, but my current list has 4 uniques. Basically "Backdraft" & most of the TIE Bomber uniques. I should be getting to FFG HQ around 2-3 tomorrow afternoon.
  7. My Lego piloted ships will make the cut for Sunday, I will have to change my flights & rental car, then I will lose miserably in one or both of my swiss games and not make the cut to top 16...thus not actually needing to change my flights & have to take an extra day off of work...
  8. So, last year they released the Deathstar II and Cloudcity playmats a couple months early. Will there be anything released early this year for X-Wing, or any of the other games? What are your thoughts on the matter? Maybe, some/all of Wave X?!?
  9. Not changing my list, but makes me feel a lot more comfortable that there should be less U-boats spam.
  10. MechGumbi

    New faq

    Eh not really. Tbh i never noticed clusters didnt resolve crits, and ive never been corrected on it. Ive ran a budget Kwing with 4 clusters (or Deathrain punisher) a few times because its funny as hell to see all those mines. Never does anything. Think the most ive done is i took OL down to 1hp because i landed a perfect triple-slam-drop on his face, then he proceeded to never take another hit again. They should have made them automatically do 1 damage. Less damage potential, but they WILL do something. The cost + action is the main reason im not a fan of them other than being funny and not really trying. If Deathfire had 2 bombs i'd do it with him since he ignores that problem lol but i want FOUR MINES not two If we are using anecdotal evidence, local player usually runs them, and I never see so many crits. Poor guy usually gets 3-4 crits rolled per laying. Just means that now they will do work. At Worlds last year in the Team Epic side event, I dropped three sets of cluster mines almost on top of my opponent during the game...he rolled 8 or 10 dice, 6 of his rolls came up crits, the rest were either blank or focus. I ran over a couple of the laid mines myself, and rolled 2 or 3 hits...
  11. Thanks I missed the 11 day, I was thinking 7.
  12. Why will it not be legal for Worlds if it is released World-wide on the same date, at least a week before the event?
  13. Nevermind, I missed the post, has no one started the discussion about how this will alter the World's Meta...
  14. I did all of my travelling on foot, except I took the light rail out from the airport & a bus to the "nearby" mall. I wouldn't recommend trying to do all of your travelling by public transit, because the routes between the "nearby" mall and FFG HQ only run during rush hours. I had to walk from the local mall to the FFG HQ (about a mile) at about 10 or 11 at night when I got there. If I actually knew where I was going, it wouldn't have been so bad, but I had no clue, and no smartphone, so no Uber/Lyft. If my wife comes this year, I might get a rental car, but otherwise, I might just walk again from public transit (it took a little over an hour to go from the airport to the local mall, but it only cost me $4).
  15. MechGumbi

    Worlds 1A

    Anyone can watch from what I remember from last year, but could be wrong. I do know that you have to be signed up for at least one of the events to participate in any of the side tournaments, but since it is an actual store, you should (maybe) be able to just watch.
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