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  1. And same with ChewfalconSolo! Smooth as can be.
  2. Thoughts on displaying the charts so they show actual possible results between the categories? What I mean is right now all the maxes are on the far right and the minimums on the far left but if you roll max range you don't roll max damage and surge, and vice versa.
  3. Nice write ups! No mention of my favourite command card "Grenadier" in the Rebel Trooper pack though?
  4. Ya trying to figure out how I want to model Damage and Survivability better. I think ideally I want to do something like Offensive output and Survivability expected against two popular but different deployments, say a squad of Elite Stormtroopers and Luke Skywalker. In the meantime for something quicker I might just do average expected results as if they were attacking a unit with a white and black dice were combined into a single D12. This will probably make Pierce better or worse than it really is based on how much the Pierce value is. Wrote a script last night so that the averages for units with rerolls (both offensively and defensively) now include the reroll based on a reroll priority I came up with for each unit. Also need to prioritize the order of Surges which is always situational but I think it'd be pretty reasonable to order it: Damage, Pierce, Focus, Blast, Cleave, Recover, Hide, Accuracy, Stun, Bleed, Weaken. Then add some extra points ranked in the above order for flexibility for surge options that aren't being used with the average amount of surges. For Range I plan on giving linear points based on their avg rolled range.
  5. Great feedback @Norgrath, going to try and get the rest of the units in tonight and then I'll see about improving the formula
  6. Hi guys, Getting more into Imperial Assault and love trying to quantify and qualify things so I've begun looking at comparing the numbers of various units (Imperial to start) to try and create a quick ranking of units based on their stats and abilities. The google spreadsheet I'll be keeping up to date can be found here, currently includes a Quick sheet, a Detailed sheet and a Dice sheet, all of which I plan on expanding on: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rFBUOVSZ7-kQTCd6XzfhnqGRfxVYoxk7WczEvt8xkDI/edit?usp=sharing The quick and dirty version so far is an overall ranking based on Offensive capabilities (Max Damage per Activation), Defensive capabilities (Health per Figure Cost) and Mobility (Speed times a weight). Initially I've tried to weight all three evenly so given that the Offensive and Defensive stats averages at around 1.4 and speed averages at around 4, I've weighted the speed value at .33 for now. This gives us the following: ISB Infiltrator 5.33 eISB Infiltrator 5.19 Royal Guard 4.91 Imperial Officer 4.83 Stormtrooper 4.83 Snowtrooper 4.76 Probe Droid 4.66 eStormtrooper 4.66 Heavy Stormtrooper 4.66 eHeavy Stormtrooper 4.5 Royal Guard Champion 4.46 eRoyal Guard 4.33 eSnowtrooper 4.33 eProbe Droid 4.13 SC2-M Repulsor Tank 3.93 eE-Web Engineer 3.87 E-Web Engineer 3.83 Agent Blaise 3.83 Darth Vader 3.22 eImperial Officer 3.13 Kayn Somos 3.13 AT-ST 2.97 General Weiss 2.77 General Sorin 2.70 This is currently very much a work in progress and plan on expanding on it as I go, obviously would like to account for things like Ranged vs Melee, Defense Dice, abilities, etc. So if you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see added let me know. Also feel free to copy the sheet and come up with your own stuff. So how do you think it compares to your in game experiences and expectations so far? Will update this post and the spreadsheet as I add and change stuff.
  7. Why would they change how they sell in your own words "their best selling product line"? Clearly their current model works. If they're selling other products' expansions cheaper its likely to garner interest for that system, X-wing doesn't have that problem.
  8. Updated recently: In Canada, prefer keeping my trading within the country but feel free to send offers. HAVE: X-wing: AA Soontir Fel x3 AA Poe Dameron x1 AA Dash Rendar x1 AA Biggs Darklighter x1 AA Ten Numb x1 AA Darth Vader (Winter 2015) x1 AA Academy Pilot x2 AA Scimitar Squadron Pilot x2 AA Bandit Squadron Pilot x1 AA C-3PO x1 AA Gunner x2 AA Push the Limit x2 AA Veteran Instincts x2 Acrylic Focus tokens (light green) x19 Acrylic Evade tokens (light green) x5 Acrylic Ion tokens (orange) x3 Acrylic Cloak tokens (blue) x3 Acrylic Extra Munitions tokens (black/gold) x5 Acrylic Seismic Charge token (black) x1 Acrylic Proton Bomb token (blue) x1 Summer 2014 Medal (X-wing) x1 Winter 2015 Medal (Firespray) x1 2016 Store Championship coin (Rebel/Imperial) x1 Felt Dice Bag (Millenium Falcon) x1 Imperial Assault: Acrylic Terminals tokens x5 Translucent Black die x1 Translucent Blue die x1 Translucent Green die x1 Translucent White die x1 LCG: AA Emperor's Royal Guard Also have a bunch of regular X-wing upgrades available, listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ooDAKXc_B-9dweRkTI2A9rFYDrb491sXAXFKC7KFrZY/edit?usp=sharing Want: Imperial Assault: Focus tokens x2-3 Damage tokens Crate tokens x2 Stun tokens x3 Offers
  9. Well, I can speak for myself and one other Toronto player that it came down to scheduling around holidays and other commitments, so apparently there's only 9 GTA players. I wasn't there at last year's, for similar reasons, but I think the count was 4? We have another one coming up in a couple of weeks near Toronto that I actually will be going to, but I would be shocked if it went to double digits. I'd also be happy, so here's hoping. That said, 9 at a Regional that's accessible to a major city seems about right if the US National brought in 20-25 bodies? This game just doesn't have the traction on a competitive level (in Toronto at least?) to fill a room like X-Wing does, which is a shame because I find that the regular faces that populate Toronto's IA events are all really enjoy it, but winning a 9 person Regional doesn't have the same weight to it as pulling ahead in like 60 person Regional. Ya, we got 8 in Halifax so was surprised the group wasn;t bigger in TO is all, I guess where you guys have two though maybe the fact that people can pick and choose which one they'd rather attend has split the group a bit. Hopefully you do get a bigger turnout at the next one!
  10. Soo unfortunately Vader is really expensive, and while he's pretty hard to take down he can also only carry so much weight. Compare Vader to two elite Stormtrooper squadrons, both come to 18pts: Figures: 1 vs 6 Health: 18 vs 30 Attacks per turn: 1-2 (plus maybe a force choke) vs 6 Sure Vader is hitting harder and rolls (and rerolls) more defense die, but he just can't compete in most cases. IA is very much about board control and area control, and that usually means having lots of figures and activations. That said if I was going to build a Vader list I'd want to make up for his shortcomings, meaning lots of other figures, something like: Vader (18) rStormtroopers (6) x3 Imperial Officer (2) x2 Now I'm not even that big of a fan of regular Stormies but if you went with two groups of Elites here I don't think you'd have enough figures to compete in certain missions. Command deck would look something like: Lord of the Sith Deflection Deflection Grenadier Reinforcements Reinforcements New Orders Planning Take Initiative Element of Surprise Urgency Fleet Footed To The Limit (Use with Vader to move Force Choke and Brutality in one turn, wait til you have Rally preferably) Rally Take Cover (use when you have Deflection in your hand as well)
  11. Off topic a bit but was pretty surprised to hear there were only 9 people at the Mississauga regionals, two of those travelled from Halifax area, so is there really only 7 people in GTA willing and able to make it out to tournaments?
  12. Ya that's a pretty good idea! I was looking at dropping Lock On and Wild Attack and then taking Field Tactician and Hit and Run for extra maneuverability but at least one Marksman would probably be useful, especially considering all units are ranged. Even if the E-web was down there'd probably be times it'd allow Snowtroopers to heal and attack without moving. I'll try it out!
  13. True but it wasn't just Canada that was absent, it was only the US that was announced. The Canadian distributor is the one who'll announce the Canadian nationals, same as happens in other countries, same as has happened in previous years.
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