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  1. Dis has a card like that called "Control the Weak", as you guessed though, it is an action card. Haven't seen any Dis cards that would allow recursion, though. You could, however do this if you had a Dominator Bauble (Dis artifact that lets you use any friendly creature) and a Witch of the Eye (Untamed creature that lets you grab a card from discard when it reaps) Not sure about other potential combos for this, but if you are against Dis and see those 2 cards show up, probably a wise choice to keep at least one card of each house in your hand (or in play)
  2. A better box might be nice, but as the core selling-point of the game seems to be the idea that you are playing with a deck that is uniquely your own, I think providing the random decks in a starter set is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you risk people having a bad first impression if they only have simplified pre-constructed decks that were designed primarily as teaching tools.
  3. Most organized CCG tournaments would allow any version of a card to be used, provided it's the same card with the same effect (for example, using Alpha lands in a standard MtG tournament). Since the decks come with card lists, I would hope tournament organizers would be lenient with this. However that raises the question: what if the card that is lost/damaged is your archon card...
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    Promo Cards

    Since FFG does have their print-on-demand process, perhaps bigger events could award customized decks. The cards themselves still randomized, but you could choose the houses/archon name, or even provide a photo/drawing for the card back.
  5. Does this mean that the odds of 2 decks having the same 2-house combination would be around 1/77? Hopefully they have some kind of process in place to prevent that from happening in the starter sets. Would be a bit of a bummer if the 2 unique decks provided are that similar. Not to mention the incredibly unlucky few who might end up with 2 decks with 3 matching houses.
  6. I'm pretty sure that if someone had the technical know-how and equipment required to produce fake cards, they'd be making bank selling Magic cards rather than trying to win a local KeyForge tournament. But then people can be weird, so what do I know?
  7. uhhsam


    I like the concept of the rule, but I've never been a fan of forcing specific verbiage in games unless it's a primary mechanic of the game e.g. Uno or Sushi Go. In this case, despite being many more syllables, I see myself instead just saying something like "that puts me at 6" or any other more natural sounding way of informing my opponent of the board state.
  8. So it says "Non-direct horror must be assigned to Plucky before it can be assigned to your investigator card." I take this to mean that you can still assign the horror to an Ally if you have one in play, correct?
  9. As much sense as it would be for them to match the color of the character they are intended for, I don't see how they'd belong in blue. I imagine they would be red, with the intention that if you want to play them in the same decks as their ships, they need to be accompanied by military friends. I'd prefer blue to remain purely force-related.
  10. FFG is really killing it with the ambiguously worded text. I mean really, you could just trigger his ability while he's at full health, right? It's before he's been defeated, after all.
  11. I've always subscribed to the belief that you store dice with the best side facing up, as gravity will surely pull some of the atoms down, causing it to be weighted for success. Perhaps he stores this case vertically and the special sides are, in fact, facing upwards.
  12. I see Lukas is going to be updating the rules, but if this is currently the rule, then RAW seems to imply that Rey cannot get 2 additional actions by playing an ambush upgrade. Playing the upgrade is action A. Rey's trigger gives action B and the ambush upgrade gives action C, however both actions B and C are required to be taken immediately after A or else be declined, so one will have to be forfeited. If she uses action B to activate Rey, then Jango can activate and it is then Jango's turn, as action C cannot be saved until after she has taken action B.
  13. My point was that sideboards counter decks, not 2-card combos. Hyperloop goes in any Hero deck with a yellow character. Devoting any sideboard space to countering Hyperloop will only make your deck worse in the 2nd game. And I believe color hosing would be much more effective in a game like Destiny. If Magic was a game where you could only have 5 creatures in your deck, they began the game in play, and you won by killing them, Pyroblast would be in every red deck's sideboard.
  14. Sideboards are generally only effective against the greater deck archetype, not so well against 2 card combos. You'll side in your anti hyperloop tech, and they'll side out the hyperloop combo, leaving you with dead cards. They work well in magic because of the way decks are tied to certain colors and there are countless cards that target other cards by color. If they print more cards that specifically target cards by color, then I could see sideboarding being more viable. Things like "Spot a red character to remove a blue die". But really, I'd just errata Hyperspace Jump to be removed from the game after being played. Or if they don't want to introduce a "removed from the game" area, just that it can't be played from the discard pile.
  15. I don't see how these rules are contradictory. The player who played Disarm is the one discarding the Jetpack, not the player who owns the Jetpack. The first rule only applies when you are discarding your own cards. The second rule is what allows the player who played Disarm to choose which die is removed when choosing to discard the other player's Jetpack. If I play a card that says "Re-roll an opponent's die", I don't see why I shouldn't be the one to pick up the die and roll it. Likewise, if I play a card that says "Draw a card", I don't see why I would tell my opponent to pick up a card from my deck and hand it to me.
  16. They appear fairly similar to the art on the Netrunner card "Interdiction"
  17. This is what worked for me. Place the gun on the edge of a table, and then press the AT-ST down onto it. Just make sure you have a sturdy table.
  18. I had 2 broken figures, but only minor breaks. One of the trooper jets and the tip of the hair on one of the Weequay. I did get 2 packs of pegs for the troopers though (I imagine you are only supposed to have one, unless they are meant to fly super high), so that kinda makes up for it.
  19. I'm kinda surprised they didn't just go all out and destroy Scarif. With Jedha, the explosion/fireball was relatively small (or just mostly occurring underground) and it was the shock wave that did the most damage. Not a big deal with Jedha, but Scarif had all those data tapes of secret Imperial information. How many might have survived intact just waiting for scavengers to dig them up or snag them out of orbit? Tarkin is known for taking awful risks, I suppose...
  20. BT and Triple-0 Give Dr Aphra and Black Krrsantan pls FFG.
  21. Hold it just right and you can fry the elder things with sunlight! Oh right... after midnight...
  22. Gamergate aside, after perusing her twitter account, her personality has really turned me off of purchasing her book. Still looking forward to the other 2, though.
  23. I think it helps explain how the weapon worked, too. Presumably there is plenty of khber crystal in Ilum so they essentially used the sun to turn the planet into a giant lightsaber, which would explain why the beam was solid (and red, being all evil and sith-like). Doesn't explain how it split apart, though, or how the beam wasn't just slicing through space as the planet rotated (though they probably had the ability to control its rotation since the planet was more or less a giant machine at that point)
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