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  1. Check out the latest installment of the SteleTV Home Show to get thoughts from Paul Heaver, Ira Mayers, Julian Horvath and me on the new FAQ and what it means for the game.
  2. Check out every round from the 2017 US Nationals at the NOVA Open!
  3. Just uploaded the recordings from today's stream of the X-Wing SC from Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA
  4. Streaming all day from Beyond Comics in Frederick, MD. Dice roll at 11AM
  5. Paul, Aaron, Travis and a special, crash-prize vulture of a guest talk about W11, how the meta is shaping up through the SC season, dafuq happened to the Stele Open, cheating in organized competitive gaming and more! Plus, our "How Would You Fix It?" segment takes a look at some of your suggestions for generic swarms! Show starts at (around) 2PM EDT!
  6. It wouldn't let me delete the post entirely. Something's come up that I didn't think about and I can't do the event tomorrow.
  7. Join Paul Heaver, Ira Mayers and me on SteleTV tomorrow on YouTube when we discuss Euros, the C-ROC, the recently announced Guns for Hire expansion, and whether or not the T-65 needs help!
  8. SAVE THE DATE! MAR 1 - 4, 2018 So I just put down my first deposit for the venue for the 2018 Stele Open! We will, once again, be at the lovely Hilton Washington Dulles in Herndon, VA, this time from the 1st to the 4th of March, 2018. We have added a 4th day and over 5000 square feet of additional space to make sure that we have plenty of time and space to give all of you the best tournament experience out there! The Stele Open staff is already hard at work planning an amazing event for you, but here's some early info about the schedule with our projected player limits! THURSDAY, MAR 1 Armada Championship - 50 players FRIDAY, MAR 2 X-Wing (A) - 160 players Imperial Assault - 60 players X-Wing Hunger Games - 48 players SATURDAY MAR 3 X-Wing (B) - 160 players Destiny - 240 players X-Wing Hunger Games - 48 players SUNDAY MAR 4 X-Wing, Destiny, IA Single Elimination Maarek's Marauders Pirate Tourney Stay tuned for lots more news in the weeks to come and sign up for Stele Open news and announcements by subscribing to the mailing list at SteleOpen.com!
  9. Ah, well that's fair enough. Maybe a BIT of an overreaction on my part.
  10. So, what... we should pretend that we don't know precisely who we are talking about? That donkey CHOSE to blatantly cheat that other player in an incredibly obvious and pretty public way. Why should he get to remain anonymous? Not as if I am threatening the guy or throwing a brick through his window... Regardless, you want to sit atop your moral high ground where nobody gets called out for anything that's fine, but don't presume to wag your finger at people who don't agree with you. I think this clown deserves a bit of negative attention. Cheaters and liars are one and the same, and I have no time for either.
  11. I took down the stream archives to upload the recordings. CLICK HERE TO GO TO PLAYLIST
  12. I've taken down the raw stream archive and uploaded the individual recordings. You can check them out AT THIS LINK!
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