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  1. Defense does cap at 4 from all sources though. So not a big issue, personally I think there are better talents to spend xp on then multiole ranks of defense increasing talents.
  2. You can actually buy a ranked talent multiple times at tier 5.
  3. It would be 1 maneuver to disengage the fighter, and unless the goblins are ranged another maneuver to engage the mage. Unless the goblins are rival or nemesis level, they have to spend their action to take a second maneuver as they can't willingly take strain.
  4. Deimos119

    Magic Talents

    The rules already have that in the form of implements though. A staff adds +4 damage and makes the first range increase free. Wand adss burn for no difficulty inctease, etc.
  5. If possible I'd grab the ancient sword as your starting weapon. It uses the lightsaber skill, but isn't a lightsaber.
  6. Still don't work together. Just because Supreme Scathing Tirade is a maneuver, doesn't make it a standard skill check which is needed to use influence.
  7. The talent is in fact the action you are taking. "The character may take the Scathing Tirade action...". Not the activate a skill action.
  8. Using a force power is an action. Unless the power says otherwise, you still can't use both at the same time. You could maneuver use supreme scathing tirade, then action influence.
  9. RAW, no. Both are seperate actions. Specifically the Scathing Tirade action, and the activate a force power action.
  10. Just so you know, Supreme Reflect only works on turns you don't make a combat check. Unleash is a ranged attack, therefore a combat check.
  11. "IMBUE ITEM Activation: Active (Maneuver] Ranked: No Trees: Artisan Force talent. The character may take the Imbue Item maneuver, suffering 1 strain and committing force die. He then grants one weapon or item within short range a temporary enhancement chosen from the following options: increase weapon's damage by 1 . decrease the the cost for its Critical Hit or for any other single effect by 1, to a minimum of 1, or increase a piece of armor's ranged or melee defense by 1 . Alternatively, the character can decrease an item's encumbrance by 2 to a minimum of 1. The character suffers 1 strain at the beginning of each of his turns in which he keeps this die committed. " Nothing about resiting lightsabers. Gaurdian armorer tree has an ability at the bottom of it's tree that does though.
  12. "Each additional mod installed in an attachment beyond the first increases the difficulty of the Mechanics check by one, and costs an additional 100 credits beyond the base cost. " FaD page 192 about installing mods. Only tge first mod would be easy, the fifth would be a formidable check.
  13. If both are unmodded the pearl is far better. It's equal to an ilum crystal with 3 +1 damage mods, reduce crit by 1 mod, and a vicious +1 mod.
  14. Actually D&D would require them to be moved more than 5 feet away. Even in D&D Yoda would be considered small size, which by the rules still means they must be further away then they actually landed. To argue he couldn't engage them would require Yoda to be tiny in size according to D&D.
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