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  1. One of the players at our local game store made an Attanni Mindlink squadron that he's been refining since wave 8 came out. I thought it was pretty cool so I figured I would share it. Palob Godalhi (20) Attanni Mindlink (2) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Guri (30) Attanni Mindlink (2) Virago (1) Autothrusters (2) Sensor Jammer (4) Manaroo (27) Attanni Mindlink (2) K4 Security Droid (3) Feedback Array (2) Unhinged Astromech (1) Total: 98 I really like the K4 and the Unhinged Astromech on Manaroo. He usually piles a ton of tokens onto Guri and uses that to dish out the damage.
  2. Have they mentioned how the damage decks are supposed to be used in tournaments? I'm assuming you can pick whichever one you want to use, but it would be nice to see something in writing.
  3. This is my go-to epic list. It's not really geared for being a direct counter to the raider; it's just a well-rounded squadron that I bring to the game store when I don't know what my opponent is going to play. I haven't played with or against the Raider yet so I'm not sure how my squadron would ultimately fair, but I think it would do okay. CR-90 Corvette (111) fore section Han Solo Quad Laser Cannons Sensor Team aft section Weapons Engineer Quad Laser Cannons Dash Rendar (58) Push the Limit Heavy Laser Cannon Kyle Katarn Outrider Engine Upgrade Jan Ors (29) Swarm Tactics Autoblaster Turret Lieutenant Blount (23) Veteran Instincts Assault Missiles Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) (total points: 299) I like to fly Jan right behind the CR-90. From there she can cover the CR-90's blind spot, but her main reason for being there is to use her pilot ability and swarm tactics on the CR-90 so that it shoots at ps8 with 6 attack dice.
  4. I can't wait until these new ships come out myself. I actually think the K-Wing looks pretty sweet. I don't know much about the ship or why people seem to hate it so much, but the model looks pretty cool from what I saw in the photos. That Houndstooth is really different, in a good way. The thing that excites me the most is that there are already a lot of unique things going on and we don't even know that much about the new wave. We've got a small ship with a turret AND a new action, that's pretty different already. The Houndstooth has its 180 degree firing arc (I've always liked the Firespray because of it's unique firing arc). That new TIE is built like a tank with 9hp. Who knows what other unique things we'll see with the dials, upgrade cards, and pilots. I think this wave is going to add a lot of fun and a lot of variety to the table.
  5. I hope this isn't an April fools joke. I like the Phantom a lot, but I welcome the change. I was really starting to grow bored with it. I think the change will encourage people to try a larger variety of upgrades on the named Phantoms other than VI and AVD. I can't wait to experiment with things like Stay on Target, Advanced Sensors, Predator/Lone Wolf, Stygium Particle Accelerator, Engine Upgrade, etc. The Phantom was just a bit too overpowered with the old rule. I felt bad for even using it, which sucks because of all the wave 4 ships the Phantom was the one I was most excited about back when they spoiled the wave 4 ships. Also, as someone else mentioned earlier the new rule makes a lot more sense from a flavor perspective. Under the old rules it felt like the Phantom had a teleporting device, not a cloaking device. It will be interesting to see how this affects the meta game. Maybe we'll see swarms making more of a come-back.
  6. This is one of my favorite Vessery squadrons: Colonel Vessery + Veteran Instincts (40 points) Rexler Brath + Push the Limit (36 points) Captain Yorr (24 points) total points: 100 I like it because it uses both named Defenders which is a lot of fun. Actually all three pilots aren't seen very often. Vessery has VI so he can shoot first and reacquire a target lock off of Rexler's target lock. Rexler has PtL so he can set up the target lock for Vessery and still take his focus token or whatever other action he needs. PtL is usually not a good choice for a Defender, but that's where Captain Yorr comes in. He can relieve the Defenders of stress whenever they do a red maneuver or when Rexler uses PtL.
  7. Biggs doesn't really work with this list. Corran will be disengaging/engaging to regain shields and having Biggs following him around at range 1 doesn't make much sense. I think using Biggs to protect Z95s is pretty pointless too. Biggs is used best flying in formation with higher value ships you don't want to lose right away. Corran isn't a formatin flyer. There's no reason Corran can't be effective in a formation, especially with Biggs. Biggs protecting the Headhunters is nice too; they're usually the first to get into range 1 of the enemy and can drop fast if they aren't covered by Biggs. Actually there was a kid at the world championship that flew Corran, Biggs, and 2 Headhunters in formation and made it into the top 16. I think he ran PTL on Corran and 2 Bandits instead of Talas which is probably even better. The Bandits don't fear Predator with Biggs nearby. Biggs doesn't always have to just protect the big guys to be good!
  8. It's a bit heavy on the upgrades. It's usually better to have more ships than upgrades. I might adjust it as such: Corran Horn. 35 (46 pts) VI. 1 FCS. 2 R2D2 4 Shield 4 Biggs 25 (28 pts) Hull 3 Tala Squadron (13) Tala Squadron (13) 100 total I trimmed out some of the fat to squeeze in an extra Z. R2-F2 and Stealth have been replaced with Hull on Biggs. It's cheaper and more reliable (those green dice are fickle) and it doesn't rely on using an action. I like the Shield Upgrade on Corran a bit more over Engine Upgrade in this squadron, especially since you're using R2-D2. He won't need the Engine Upgrade as much while he's flying with Biggs anyway, although the Engine is certainly not a bad choice on Corran.
  9. This uses a similar strategy as the three falcons list and is a lot of fun: Outer Rim Smuggler + Anti-Pursuit Lasers Outer Rim Smuggler + Anti-Pursuit Lasers Rebel Operative + Ion Cannon Turret Rebel Operative + Ion Cannon Turret The idea is to block they enemy ships with the Falcons so they collide. Then the Hawks ionize their ships so they keep bumping into the falcons. I also enjoy flying four Imperial Shuttles. They can start a big traffic jam which is funny. I usually put Fire Control System on them along with Anti-Pursuit Lasers. I've been thinking of replacing the Anti-Pursuit Lasers with something else though like Enhanced Scopes.
  10. I really enjoy the defender too. You don't see it too often in the competitive arena, but they're perfectly fine for friendly games at the local game store. One decent list that uses two defenders is the so-called "Jonus Brothers". It consists of 2 Defenders with Heavy Laser Cannon and the TIE Bomber pilot Captain Jonus. I run mine like this: Delta Squadron Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon Delta Squadron Pilot + Heavy Laser Cannon Captain Jonus + Predator It's a good list for learning about flying in formation too. I think some people prefer Jonus without Predator to upgrade the Deltas to Onyx. It's a matter of taste really. Onyx is better for pilot skill and more resistant to Predator. There's another list with two Defenders that I enjoy even more. It utilizes the Shuttle pilot Captain Yorr and the two named Defender pilots. It looks like this: Rexler Brath + Push the Limit Colonel Vessery + Veteran Insticts Captain Yorr This one is a bit trickier, but I think it has more potential. Both Defenders maintain target locks on a target with Vessery shooting first (since he's pilot skill 8 too with Veteran Instincts). Rexler can use Push the Limit to target lock for vessery's ability and focus for his own. Yorr takes the stress away from Rexler or the occassional red manuever. Usually Push the Limit isn't that great on ships like Defenders with few green manuevers (the only greens on defender are straight forward), but Yorr helps to mitigate that. The trickiest thing is learning to fly the shuttle (especially a naked one). It's not an easy ship for a beginner. However I believe it can be a good ship to learn with. If you master the shuttle you can fly anything! I hated mine when I first flew it, but now it's my favorute ship!
  11. By the way, this is how I might tweak the list, assuming you're commited to those pilots: Boba Fett + Veteran Insticts + Recon Specialist Black Sun Vigo + Autothrusters Tansarii Point Veteran + Veteran Insticts + Heavy Scyk Interceptor + Mangler Cannon + Stealth Device Total points: 99 Something like that. I'm not 100% sure on the Scyk upgrades, maybe drop Stealth for predator or Lone Wolf. Maybe replace Stealth with Hull or Shield. Maybe put an Engine Upgrade on Fett instead. I suppose it's a matter of taste. Also, it's worth considering downgrading the Scyk to a Cartel Spacer and upgrading the Star Viper to Guri in order to get the title for Advanced Sensors and an elite pilot upgrade. If you want something a bit more competitive while staying within the scum faction this list is pretty nasty: Kath Scarlet + K4 Security Droid + Push the Limit + Engine Upgrage Black Sun Soldier x4 Of course if you want to be really cutthroat and play for the win you can't go wrong with Fat Han. Hope this helps!
  12. Looks like a fun list. I like Fett a lot, especially in epic games, but in a competitive 100 point game I prefer Kath Scarlet. Kath with PTL, Security Droid, and Engine Upgrade is especially brutal (lots of actions, mobility, and firepower). I don't like the Security Droid on Fett. Fett already rerolls dice with his pilot ability. Instead I would prefer Recon Specialist. Having a few focus tokens around to use when you reroll into eyeballs is nice. I think Fett may grow in popularity if swarm lists make more of a comeback. Right now though there's a lot of players still rocking two ship lists such as Dash + Corran, Phantom + Decimator, and recently double Aggressors, etc. It often makes Fett's ability underwhelming, although ocassionally I still see a swarmy list (BBBBZ is popular). I'm not a fan of Heavy Laser Cannon on the Scyks. It would be ideal to keep the Scyk at range 3 with HLC for as long as possible, but without a straight 1 manuever it's a bit trickier. Whenever I've tried it I've gotten one, maybe two good shots at the most with my HLC before the enemy flies right into my grill and I'm forced to use my primary weapon instead for rest of the game. Also Scyks can drop fast with only 3hp and those Heavy Lasers aren't cheap. I've had decent results with Mangler Cannon (those Decimators really hate them). Honestly I'm not sure how the Scyk is best flown. I think a lot of players are still figuring them out. I think they have a lot of potential though. For filler type ships I've been happier with spamming Headhunters, sometimes I throw Hotshots or Feedback Array on them. Anyway, whatever you end up playing I wish you luck. Most importantly have fun!
  13. I run a pretty slimmed down Blockade Runner and have had good results with it. I've played a lot of epic games, but I don't think I've ever won a single game with the CR-90 that didn't look something like this: Fore Section: Wed-15 Repair Droid Quad Laser Cannons Quad Laser Cannons Aft Section: Single Turbolasers Tibanna Gas Supplies Total Points: 116 Occasionally I'll squeeze in Engineering Team for a bit more energy production, but that's it! A lot of people like Han on the Blockade Runner, but I actually prefer WED-15 (not that Han is a bad choice). I prefer to use reinforce or replenish + WEDs ability for increased staying power. Sure the accuracy is diminished but I believe the ships survivability is compensation for this. Also, it eliminates the temptation to bog down the ship with further upgrades (Sensor Team, Weapons Engineer, etc.) to assist with the target locks.
  14. Dash and Jake are both really fun pilots. I would trim down the upgrades a bit to try and squeeze another ship in there though. With a two ship build I try to make sure both ships pack a lot of firepower (such as Buzzsaw Phantom + Decimator, or Corran Horn + Falcon, etc.) I might try something like this: Dash Rendar + Push the Limit + Heavy Laser Cannon + Kyle Katarn + Outrider + Engine Upgrade Jake Farrell + Outmaneuver + Chardaan Refit + A-Wing Test Pilot + Push the Limit Tala Squadron Pilot Total Points: 99 I also like GreedyMerchant's suggestion of Lone Wolf / Predator and Recon Specialist. Maybe something like this: Dash Rendar + Lone Wolf + Heavy Laser Cannon + Recon Specialist + Outrider + Engine Upgrade Jake Farrell + Outmaneuver + Chardaan Refit + A-Wing Test Pilot + Push the Limit Prototype Pilot +Chardaan Refit Total Points: 100
  15. Here's two rebel squadrons that I currently enjoy. I've played and tweaked them a few times and welcome any suggestions. In the first list I attempt to incorporate the Blockade Runner as competitively as it will allow. It's an expensive ship even without upgrades and it can easily become a points sink. I constantly see players flying around with a bloated 150+ point CR-90 leaving them with only a few of escorts. Mine are usually around 120 points max. CR-90 Corvette (fore) + WED-15 Repair Droid + Quad Laser Cannons + Quad Laser Cannons + Tibanna Gas Supplies CR-90 Corvette (aft) Single Turbo Lasers + Engineering Team Roark Garnet + Ion Cannon Turret + Chewbacca + Shield Upgrade Dash Rendar + Push The Limit + Heavy Laser Cannon + Kyle Katarn + Outrider + Engine Upgrade 6x Prototype Pilot + Chardaan Refit total points: 300 My second list utilizes two transports. One of them jams enemy ships and the other one slices them. The transport that doesn't slice can spend its extra energy on Comms Booster or charging up its Ionization Reactor. It's a lot of fun jamming ships and slicing them in the same turn. GR-75 Medium Transport + Slicer Tools + Tibanna Gas Supplies + Quantum Storm GR-75 Medium Transport + Frequency Jammer + Comms Booster + Ionization Reactor + Dutyfree Chewbacca + Predator + Gunner + C3PO + Millennium Falcon + Engine Upgrade Wedge Antilles + Predator Etahn A'Baht + Push The Limit + R2 Astromech Lieutenant Blount + Assault Missiles 4x Tala Squadron Pilot Bandit Squadron Pilot total points: 300
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