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  1. Thursday Nights at the 2nd Enchanted Grounds location need to be added.
  2. Awesome all thanks for the insight
  3. So...flying Emon with E.I. and Prox mines...I take a Focus Action, use E.I. to drop said prox mine on lets say Soontir Fel... the Prox mine triggers...I then roll 3 dice [Hit][Focus][Focus]...can Emon spend the focus and change those [Focus] results into hits? Or did I miss something some where that prevents spending the focus to change the Bomb results?
  4. Thank you for the clarification
  5. Brand new to the game as well do Minions and Rivals get extra damage for uncanceled successes as well. I assumed nemesis do because the rules say treat them like PCs. But the assembling the combat dice pools(pg. 205) seems alway refer to a player does this swing both ways? Because it feels like can then get wrecked a lot. Unless I have missed something about soak.
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