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  1. It took till the fifth post to get an answer. Thanks! Isn't rebels that disney show? FFG has sunk that low? Actually it is a very solid show with good characters that it 100 times better then anything out of the prequels
  2. If I have 30 points left in an Imperial build they are my go to ship
  3. If I wanted objective based tournaments I would play star trek attack wing
  4. Last night I played: countess: ptl mk ii x7 iniquisitor: ptl auto thrusters title delta squadron: ion cannon xd i lost my first game but tabled my next 2 opponents.
  5. earlier this month i won a tournament using: royal guard: stealth device auto thrusters PTL title inquisitor: ptl title auto thrusters countess ryad: ptl engine ugprade x7
  6. Not every Imperial build uses the emperor. the last 2 tournaments I have won have been with Imperial builds without using the emperor
  7. And all these "overcosted" rebel ships have at least 3 shields and are almost impossible to 1 shot so quit your whining.
  8. that would involve someone flying an x wing that is not Biggs
  9. Imperial kath can be very competitive especially. Stress wrecks aces and u boats.
  10. **** it I am going to have to buy another rebel ship just for some upgrades. P.S. I don't fly rebel scum.
  11. God I hope not, hearing him win is liking hearing the Yankees won, they have won enough already.
  12. Imperial diversity isn't much better, it's essentially either a variation of Palp Aces or Crackswarm. veterans has changed that now I believe
  13. That is my friends list, he has been playing the same list for almost 2 years now.
  14. heard trying to buy tickets was a giant cluster fu#$k
  15. So how long before someone makes a Hitler reacts video for the new FAQ
  16. because palpatine, marek for guaranteed crit is not super strong
  17. I love epic but have always gotten the feeling that FFG does not care about it other than as a means to make players buy up grade cards that they want to use in 100 pt games
  18. RAC with vader and bobba and k4 worked really well when we did a restriction free tournament
  19. I have normally seen them as team events where each players gets 60 points and must fly 2 ships.
  20. The last tournament I played in Proton bomb took out a full health corran horn which allowed me to win the match and go on to win the tournament. Bombs are severely under rated in this game.
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