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  1. Insert in the beginner box says it's available for download on the FFG site but I can't find it. Anyone seen where to get it yet? Thanks
  2. Thanks Julia, Don't worry, I copied and pasted the section between the asterisks from the UF download rules I can understand the revised printing srtill not having all the updates, but if the other changed cards are supposed to be used in the core game only, I wonder why the FAQ hasn't been updated? Thanks again for your help. LTC
  3. Julia, Thanks for your response. I'm referring to the replacement cards, and the instructions in the section of the Unseen Forces rules below: *************************************************************************************************************************************************** Using This Expansion This section describes how to incorporate the Unseen Forces components into the Elder Sign base game. Unless otherwise instructed, use all Unseen Forces components when playing with this expansion. Replacement Cards In this expansion, there are four Other World cards, one Adventure card, and three Investigator cards that replace cards from the base game with the same name as follows: • Adventure Card: “The Elder Sign” • Other World Cards: “Great Hall of Celeano,” “The Abyss,” “Plateau of Leng,” and “City of the Great Race” • Investigator Cards: “Carolyn Fern,” “Vincent Lee,” and “Mandy Thompson” Remove these cards from the base game and replace them with the cards from this expansion. Players who own the Revised Edition of Elder Sign already have the correct version of the Investigator cards listed above. *************************************************************************************************************************************************** So the 3 replacement Investigator cards are in line withe the last errata for Elder sign, but my core box is the revised reprinting so I already have the corrected ones. My question is about the replacement Adventure card and the 4 replacement Other World Cards. The ones in Unseen Forces differ from those in the core set (original and Revised) and there are no entries pertaining to them in the Elder Sign errata and FAQ. So my question is: Should I replace the above 5 cards in the core set witht he replacements from Unseen Forces when I'm: i) Playing withthe Unseen Forces expansion?; ii) Playing with just the Core Set?; iii) Both?; iv) Neither? (YEs I know that's not the answer but I'm a completionist ) Thanks in advance for your help LTC
  4. Hi all, New to the game, just unboxed Elder Sign (Revised Printing) and Unseen Forces. I have a couple of questions about using the replacement cards for the core set that came with Unseen Forces. Ok, so the three Adventurer cards are the same as my Revised printing so I don't need to swap them out. My question is about the other 5 cards. If I am playing with only the core set do I need to swap those out? Or do i only need to swap out the original ones IF I'm playing with the core set and the expansion? Thanks in advance for the help, sorry if it's been asked before. LTC
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. While I can see that turtling up in an A-Wing could work, it doesn't suit my style, or at least I don't think it does. I'll use what I posted in the tourney and learn from that experience..... And of course experience might just prove you all right LTC
  6. Because I need to up to Green for an EPT slot. I want Predator in that slot. PtL doesn't suit my style of play. LTC
  7. Not a clue, not really been playing locally outside of one friend who I'm roping into the game.... I know due to alocal shortage of Wave 5 there is unlikely to be any/many dual Deci or dual YT-24 lists LTC
  8. Dear all, I'll be playing in my first tournament soon, I have only a few games of X-Wing under my belt, I've played the following list once and had fun with it. I'm not sure it's particularly competitive, but it is good at dealing crits to my opponent. Any suggestions or modifications to the below: Etahn Abaht (32) Engine Upgrade(4) Advanced Sensors (3) Veteran instincts (1) Green Squadron Pilot (19) Chardaan Refit (-2) Predator (3) Green Squadron Pilot (19) Chardaan Refit (-2) Predator (3) Green Squadron Pilot (19) Chardaan Refit (-2) Predator (3) Etahn is a force multiplier, and 3 three Predaotr A-Wings can hunt together or alone, so long as Etahn keeps there targets in arc it can be quite painful. I waas thinking of going for 4 Proto As with Chardaan and no Predator instead, but I think the Predator Greens will work betetr once the inevitable demise of Etahn happens.... Thanks for your advice LTC
  9. LtCorwin

    All the AAAAAs

    Damnit, you're right. This is what I get for doing this in my head at work... I'll edit the above....Just use Green Squadron pilots instead LtCorwin
  10. LtCorwin

    All the AAAAAs

    Came up with this as a 5 A-Wing list today. Sorry if it's been posted before.... Not sure if it'd be competitive, should be fun, but maybe not my style of play: (Edited the below because i was reminded that you can't use A-Wing Test Pilot on PS 1 Prototype pilots ) Tycho Celchu, Chardaan Refit Jake Farrel, Chardaan Refit Gemmer Sojan, Chardaan Refit (Green Squadron Pilot, Chardaan Refit) *2 100 points even Lots of manoeuvrability, a bit of a glass jaw, but might be fun to play. Thoughts, comments? Lt Corwin
  11. Yes he was. He was referred to by name 3 times, and called Biggs directly once at least (maybe twice if you count instance 2 below) The 3 times where Biggs is mentioned by name: 1) During Luke's arguement about going to the academy with Owen "That's what you said when Biggs and Tank left" 2) Just before Wedge saves Luke's behind from the TIE on his tail during the pre trench run dogfighting he says "Blast it Biggs where are you?" 3) As Luke is about to start his trench run he says over the comms "Biggs, Wedge, let's close up. We're going in, we're going in full throttle" so he's actually speaking directly to Biggs and referring to him by name. I've just checked all those by watching my DVD of the laser disc transfers, which is the closest to the original I have on hand.
  12. LtCorwin

    A 2nd GR-75?

    I got 2 GR-75s right off the bat along with my CR90, thought that'd be enough till I saw the scenario that requires 3, but I'm not going that far.
  13. It's the buying extra ships that's annoying me. I have 4 Y-Wings, i've got some lists that I'm thinking of that need 6 Y-wings (Epic level obviously) So if I want to play a 6 Rebel Y-Wing list I need to buy 6 Y-Wing expansions. Say I want to change it up and play a 4 Y-Wing Scum list, i need to own either 2 Most Wanted packs and 2 Rebel Y-Wings to use, or 4 most Wanted packs. So to beable to field 6 Y-Wings Rebel or Scum factions, I'll need to buy 6 Y-Wings no matter how many Most Wanted I have when really there;s no good reason I can see whay if I used S&V dials for the 5th and 6th Rebel ones. Where's the decency in making me buy physical Y-wings I don't actually need for the fleet I want to field just because the manoeuvre dials have a skull logo on them rather than a Rebel logo, it's not like I haven't bought enough FFG product is it?
  14. It's not really double Y wings. If you dont have the dials/tiles to fly two of them together in a squad its just another ship for a different faction. Has there been any official word from FFG about the S&V dials not being able to be fielded by their Rebel/Imperial counterparts and vice versa? Obviously the tiles wouldnt be re-used, but the dials will likely be the same ship to ship. I emailed FFG and asked them about using the Ys or Zs as Rebel ships with Scum dials, it would seem the answer is no for official tournament use: FFG said: In response to your tournament rules question: Rule Question: Dear FFG, With the announced release od the Most Wanted pack for X-Wing a lot of people have been asking the same question, namely, in tournaments can you use an S&V Y-Wing or Z-95 as a Rebel ship with a Scum faction dial but appropriate rebel pilot card and base token? And conversely, could you use a normal release Y-Wing as a scum ship using the appropriate Scum pilot card and base token? In tournaments, players will be required to use the appropriately matching dials, cards and punchboard with the faction they are playing. Alternatively, the plastic ships themselves are not required to “match” (i.e. a Scum player can use Rebel painted Y-wings). Thanks for playing, Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com So no Scum dials for Rebel use of the Most Wanted ships, and no rebel dials to field extra Scum & Villainy Zs, ys or HWKs.... Seems pointlessly restrictive unless the dials are different in any movement terms.
  15. No, you can't. You must always take the closest measurement. There is no choice on that. If the closest points between ships is at Range 1, then that's the range. You don't measure from your fire arc in order to increase the range. Actually it's not as simple as taking just the closest to closest point, it must be taking into account your firing arc, from Page 10 of the rulebook "To measure range, place the Range 1 end of the range ruler so that it touches the closest part of the attacker’s base. Then point the ruler toward the closest part of the target ship’s base that is inside the attacker’s firing arc. The lowest section (1, 2, or 3) of the ruler that overlaps the target ship’s base is considered the range between the ships." LTC
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