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  1. Has anyone else come up with the worst idea in the fact that you can use all of FFG's Star Wars games together. The RPG is the base game. I create my maps and set-pieces using the Imperial Assault game (also provides some handy miniatures. Used Legos last time), when i get to space combat, I think X-Wing will work pretty well. And I'm thinking for mass combat in space that Armada is gonna be a good one (Armada is my favorite FFG game so far, but that is for another post). I havent tried it yet, just speculation, but i think there is potential. Opinions? Comments?
  2. Has anybody thought of any stats for PC's to fight a krayt dragon? like in KotOR?
  3. Just started using Evernote for iPad. Freaking awesome. ObsidianPortal looks cool if you have a laptop or are interested in sharing your adventures, but i only briefly glanced at it. i like being able to take snapshots of pages with info like adversaries or sabbacc rules and I will have them while i run my campaign from Evernote while my PCs use the books if they feel the need.
  4. At the end of my latest adventure (which im working on as i type) my Players are either going to be close to overwhelmed by enemies (imp or pirates, not sure yet), and a Rebel SpecForce squad is gonna rescue them, and the leader of the squad is actually gonna be a new PC that will be joining our group. Or at the end of the Adventure they will be approached by a SpecForce recruiter who is the new PC. not sure which one yet.
  5. Thanks. I thought i had seen something about it before, but couldnt find it for the life of me this evening.
  6. Has anybody found any rules or steps to having PCs escape combat, in either EotE or AoR? or can they just say "I run away!"?
  7. I gave my group a droid with the intention that they can use it to upgrade/mod equipment. What would be a good way for them to have to pay for it? im not wanting to have them just hand the droid a piece of equipment and a second later, it hands it back all modded out. Should i have them pay with credits (though a droid would have no use for credits) or something else?
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