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  1. I know, but I don't like the idea of changing something just because I don't like it. I'm usually for "accept the result and try to make the best of it". I'll discuss it with my GM. That wouldn't mean a malus in speed or in navigation times? Nice ideas! Thanks for the input.
  2. Hello everybody! 1) How am I supposed to explain in game terms the reduction in profit factor? Ok, my ship is "plodding but reliable"... so what? They pay me less for that? 2) Does the malus apply to multiple ships? Do I earn 0 PF for having an armada of reliable ships? 3) Isn't the malus too much? I can handle -1 speed or -4 hull integrity, but -1 PF is a LOT in RT terms. I don't understand it quite well, since the other machine spirit oddities are ship-related, while this is endeavour-related.
  3. I think you confused velocity with acceleration. I'm an aerospace engineer, so I could work this out, but I'm really lazy and, besides, sci-fi engines are out of my league. We can assume that the Imperium doesn't build spaceships designed for atmosphere because they're not worth it but I personally assume that they could do it if only they applied. I mean: you can open gates through HELL, so who cares about gravity? Screw you, Newton, your laws are HERESY because there's only the EMPRAH's Law.
  4. Yeah, that's the point of this forum, I guess. By the way, I seriously searched for similar topics but I didn't find a clear answer, so.
  5. Personally, I apply to best quality ranged weapons the same, simple rule WFRP 2nd edition used: they give you a bonus to BS. That's all, they are simply more accurate (and reliable, of course). Which means that yes, best quality sniper rifles with omni-scope are going to be awesome, but we all know that snipin' is a good job, mate! And I'll be honest with ya... my players, do not care for it.
  6. You're right, but BFK introduced the Manufactorum to aid on-board repairs, rather than to create profit on a large scale. That's why it adds only 10 achievement points: it's supposed to be small and helpful in emergency situations or for personal crafting. Besides, you are not forced to create mining endeavours to gather raw materials. You could, for example, gather them from starship graveyards or similar sources. Obviously you're not going to mine for profit, but it could be enough to fill some recently made holes in your ship hull.
  7. I think he's talking about one of the void-master special abilities, the one that allows you re-roll failed pilot tests with small craft.
  8. Well, the description says: It doesn't specify how big and fast debris is, but we can suppose that most of it will simply be obliterated by the shield. For bigger objects you could use the rules for asteroid fields. You could give the players the opportunity to make some tests in order to avoid the most dangerous orbits (it's not likely that ALL orbits are going to be covered) and pass through the safer ones. Or they could simply wait for the orbital decay. "Aaaaand, next planet on the list!"
  9. Aren't void shields supposed to avoid such problems?
  10. That's interesting and I thought something similar, but this AI is supposed to have a demonic origin, so I don't know if it is vulnerable to logic paradoxes or stuff like that.
  11. So, my players entered the wreck of a Mechanicus vessel: bad idea. The main, old, rusty near-heresy archeotech cogitator was corrupted by a chaos entity years ago, became sentient and mad, killed all the tech-priests and formed his own army of servitors. The idea is partially based on the Irradial Cogitator from Mark of the Xenos, a Deathwatch book. The players have been separated from their main forces and attacked by a single murder servitor. That thing is nasty. All of them burnt a fate point ("No no, I don't want a plasma pistol, I prefer the good ol' laspistol" said once the Rogue Trader) and were knocked unconscious. Now, I have two options: - their soldiers save them in some heroic way --> BORING but not cruel - the servitors capture them, bring them to the cogitator who is going to torture them in some way ---> FUNNY but cruel I prefer the second option, but I don't know how to manage it at the moment. I thought something GLaDOSesque, with the players trying to pass some horrible tests for the amusement of the machine. Maybe using some archeotech device created by the machine, maybe like a PORTAL GUN YEEEH or maybe something less powerful. That device could also be their only way to escape the ship. What do you think?
  12. Thanks for the answers. Personally, I allowed my players to put it on their frigate because I didn't read "Light Cruisers, Cruisers" like a noob I didnt' find a good reason to not do that. I mean: it's not so big, doesn't require a lot of power and it can be useful for every ship, so why not? I don't feel I'm unbalancing the game like putting, for example, Spacedock piers on a raider. Or a Nova Cannon on an Aquila. That would be nasty. Mmm...
  13. Xenos technology of course; warp related technology can be also considered NOPE stuff.
  14. Hi guys, newbie here! This is my first topic, so I apologize in advance if these questions have already been answered. I wanted to ask you why the Manufactorum is listed as a cruiser component in Battlefleet Koronus. Is it a mistake or is there something I didn't read in that book? Because I can't find a good reason for it. Also, how do you guys play it? I have a brilliant and eccentric Explorator in my group, and I guess he is going to craft a lot of stuff with that. The book says it is possible to manufacture few personal items, but in how much time? Is it reasonable to build lasguns and autoguns for our own troops in a moderate amount of time?
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