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  1. That may be something that went wrong in the code and oggy hasn't fixed it or didn't sound right too work with the armored robes. I would think the helm for armored robes would be part of the hood. I haven't been able to find any clarification because I figure it is more of a gm ruling on the Iron body talent from Martial artist and Steel hand adept. The main text says unarmed attacks get the reduction but would that count towards weapons like shock gloves which are just worn over the fists or shock boots for the same reason.
  2. There is some interesting stuff in the new gear book. A way for gms to let players revive fallen friends without a crazy homebrewed device.
  3. I am not sure there is a work around for the talent. So I think you may have to wait till Oggy gets to those particular books to add them to the generator.
  4. That is the main issue with the unofficial species section if you want a good base for innate weapons probably go with Trandoshan or Whiphids each have a different form of their innate weapon.
  5. the ship looks somewhat like the ship sith characters get on Swotor
  6. That is correct the generator automaticly deducts or adds to your weapons damage based on how something modifies it like the shoto which like you said does a -1 to the base saber damage of 6
  7. I cant wait for some of the nightsister stuff in the second book for the clone war era
  8. It seems NicoDavout that you are in the same boat as Donovan myself and probably many others with the generator not letting the talents stay with the setting we put when adding them.
  9. I am running into an issue with some of those talents where I set them to incidental click force power and add conflict like it should for Ravage but then it reverts back to passive without a force power
  10. From what read from the flavor text extra successes on the stealth check to get close to the victim before the strike adds +1 damage per success to increase the odds of taking a rival or nemesis down.
  11. Oggy did you ever get the book Ghosts of Dathimir for the npc profiles and the other gated fear based force power.
  12. lets try to have it page 504 pop up on 5/4 as it is National Star Wars Day
  13. One thing that could be added is a base profile for the conjure basic powers weapon in melee or brawl form. I made a base profile on the data editor which works for now.
  14. Thanks for fixing that glitch with the heavy hydrospanner and engineering hammer that was preventing both from showing up on the first page it really helps with my character tommarow who owns both tools.
  15. He is just asking me to add it to print it out.
  16. I got a friend asking me to data add one of his specialization trees from knights of fate because I already added Steel fist adapt for myself.
  17. I sorta derailed a campaign by accident for a few weeks with a failed with a despair mechanics check. It was my first intellect based character, but my second one was actually quite useful with mechanics and slicing while only starting to actually get skilled at smacking people with a engineering hammer.
  18. I was looking at the preview of the netrunner sourcebook for the Genesys system and I got the crazy idea to use the ice rules to and more flavor to slicing encounters where there isn't operator to oppose the slicer. I hope your own Bi monthly game is keeping the players on their toes Oggy and they aren't tossing too many Monkey wrenches into the works unintentionally and intentionally.
  19. If anything I think it would be based on GM's plan for the campaign which could be that the players need to find a navi computer to install in their ship or just include it with the hyperdrive. Unless someone in the party did what I accidently did and failed with a despair on a mechanics check to repair a navi computer and blew it up completely derailing our campaign for a few sessions while we went to salvage a new one.
  20. I didn't know about it till I checked it out myself.
  21. Last I check the only site with the PDFs was on Begging for exp, but the site hasn't been updated since I think the commander book went live.
  22. Did you get the remaining books you were missing Oggy and that conjure power is quite good well worth the cost especially if the character is skilled with melee or brawn weapons.
  23. I think you have to manually mark it on a piece of paper.
  24. I wonder what the next era campaign book will be next due to having one out for 3.5 through 6 and 1-3 coming to stores soon as it leaves the boat. I don't think the new post Return of the Jedi Cannon wont be next due to how little that would add to the game. I am betting a Sith or Imperial source book for gms allowing their players to play on the other side of the conflict.
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