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  1. Another Firespray repaint done. Boba Fett this time: Painting tutorial on my blog here.
  2. Partial repaint of the Millenium Falcon: Repaint tutorial on my blog here.
  3. Wow that looks fantastic! Some questions on the wash step: What ratio of wash do you use? Do you cover the model with the wash or use more of a pin wash technique? Thanks bro! In relations to the wash ratio: what I use depends on how dirty/worn I want the model to be. For Kath's white Firespray I started with a 1:1 mix of wash and water which gives it a worn out look that's not too dirty. I then followed up with 100% wash in the recessed areas. I had to look up what pin wash was but no I don't use the pin wash technique! I just covered the model with the wash. Hope this helps!
  4. In case any of you were curious regarding how I did the TIE Phantom cloak/decloak effects, I just posted a tutorial on my blog here.
  5. Thanks gents for the compliments! @Fritz40K - Yeah all that time spent highlighting Space Marines and power weapons came in handy for X-Wing repaints! Remember not all repaints are complete repaints. I intend to spice up some of my ships with additional spot colours only. Anyhow here's my Kath Scarlet repaint: You can check out the repaint tutorial here.
  6. Here is my Krassis Trelix repaint: You can check out the repaint tutorial here.
  7. Thanks all for your kind words! For Wave 4 I actually prefer the TIE Defender as a model but the rules for the Phantom is just pure Amazeballs. Therefore I decided the model deserved to have a cool repaint to match its awesomesauce rules. And I agree with Mr. Sergovan, the cloaking and decloaking is full of awesome sauce Anyway next up is my YT-1300 repaint: YT-1300 Light Freighter The conversion and repaint tutorial for the YT-1300 is available on my blog here and here respectively.
  8. Hey all, I'm relatively new to X-Wing but I have a rapidly expanding collection of both Rebels and Imperials. Thanks in no small part to my predisposition for SMS (Shiny Model Syndrome). Coming from a 40K background I'm big into my miniature painting. I've since done a number of X-Wing repaints so I thought I'll share some of them here with the community First up is my newest acquisition: The Phantom Phantom - cloaking Phantom - decloaking Phantom menace More pics available on my blog: Hobby Foundry
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