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  1. Scratchbuild Imperial Light Cruiser

    the hollow star destroyer is a fantastic idea and if the bedroom wasn't upstairs I probably would give it a go! I do have a death star mat, but a 3d version is very tempting, although just now I am planning some custom build freighters using bits left over from the previous build
  2. Scratchbuild Imperial Light Cruiser

    Well it had to be done after I saw this but unfortunately my house isn't big enough to build a proper Star Destroyer I also built an asteroid ship as well
  3. Scratchbuild Imperial Light Cruiser

    engines light up too here's my collection so far
  4. Scratchbuild Imperial Light Cruiser

    As FFG don't make a ship big enough to transport TIE Fighters through hyperspace, I decided to build one
  5. Hi All, I'm Looking for interested players in the Perth area let me know if you're interested Steve