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  1. Ahsoka would be great. I would love to get a Ghost crew deck. It would probably be rebel and Jedi. This one is a long shot, but I think hondo could make a really fun card.
  2. With the announcement of Kanan and The Inquisitor in the new deluxe set, how does everyone see their favorite characters from Rebels being included in the game?
  3. If the Virago uses its ability on a card with a trait specific enhancement, does that card loose it's enhancement? For example, I am have The Virago and a couple fighters out. My oponent has a Gotal with Obi-Wan's Lightaber attached and Ferus Olin. I spend the resource to cause a Gotal to lose the Force User trait for the phase. Is the lightsaber discarded? Or, since it is already attached, does it keep the lightsaber? Thanks for the help in clearing this up.
  4. These may be stupid questions, but my friends and I have been debating them for a while. 1. Does Lowhhrick benefit from his ability: Each wookie unit gains *? 2. Does rogue two count as an attacking speeder for his ability: this unit gains (*) for each attacking speeder unit you control
  5. I bet they will include the Rebels cartoon before the sequel trilogy
  6. Rebel: Ghost Imperial: Rogue Shadow
  7. I think Jahan Cross from the Agent of the Empire comic series would make a great card.
  8. Jax Pavan, Dass Jennir, and K'Kruhk were all active during that time period as well.
  9. If they do pull from the prequel time period, I hope they pull characters from the Clone Wars cartoon.
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