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    Control Bots

    having played Jesper's bots countless times over the years, and more recently this version, its all about the self bump, and only stressing yourself when aobsolutely required, and when it is safe to do so. you also need to be self controlled enough to stop yourself taking risky killshots when ion and tractor are better.
  2. when you get to the top of this ranking page do they let you come over to Europe to play?
  3. first major UK event i'll be missing in 3 years. pretty sad about it
  4. so, with minefield mapper, you can create a castle of about 12 cluster mines/connor nets around your entire squadron, and just sit there bumping yourself for 75 mins. sounds like super fun to me Cutlass Squadron Pilot 21 Minefield Mapper 0 Extra Munitions 2 Unguided Rockets 2 Cluster Mines 4 Cluster Mines 4 33 Cutlass Squadron Pilot 21 Minefield Mapper 0 Extra Munitions 2 Unguided Rockets 2 Cluster Mines 4 Conner Net 4 33 Cutlass Squadron Pilot 21 Minefield Mapper 0 Extra Munitions 2 Unguided Rockets 2 Cluster Mines 4 Conner Net 4 33
  5. George wins with his brilliant Leebo/Miranda build, with some excellent plays in the final few rounds. Couldn't have been won by a bigger character
  6. FirstEarth is usually there, but he already did Yavin so may not be able to come from Spain so soon after. I hope he can do it though, he has the best overlay on the internet by far, and gets some great commentry.
  7. Juke and Comm Relay has anyone ever run Omega Leader without them?
  8. Sorry guys, when I win we'll be getting a Howlrunner alt at last
  9. the biggest reason we need floor rules is actually so that no-one should have to go through the horror of seeing threads like this ever again.
  10. you have two options. the best triple defenders list is the one where you take your three defenders, put them on a good sized baking tray, and place them in the centre of a preheated oven at gas mark 6, for 40 minutes. you should be left with three roughly equal pools of grey plastic that look nothing like defenders any more, and an adoring crowd of players thanking you for not ruining their games night/tournament. alternatively, if you place the three defenders of your choice in the middle of the floor with their cockpits facing upwards, remove your shoes and socks, and jump on them as hard as you can, repeatedly, you should find that the agonizing pain will scourge you of all the pent up self hatred that comes from wanting to run a triple defender list. you also still get the adoring fans to push you around in a wheelchair while your feet recover.
  11. I have had quite enough of this. This is aimed at those who are making and sharing memes, or threatening this guy directly or indirectly. What you are effectively doing is bullying someone. People commit suicide over stuff like this so drop it. For all we know, the guy made one stupid decision in his entire x-wing career, and now is being vilified as some kind of antichrist. I am aware that no-one likes to see cheating, but good lord guys, get a **** grip. Some of you are acting like he murdered his opponent. I am aware that a lot of the frustration comes from the official FFG response, which was frankly a bit pathetic. Regardless of anything else, the guy was caught on this occasion, and his ‘punishment’ was somewhat lacking, as was the sense that his opponent wasn’t fairly recompensed. However, whining online will have literally zero impact on this, so as I have said elsewhere, you can either get over it, or write to FFG and complain.
  12. Mish is using Paratanni as usual
  13. That's a completely fair point actually. It really is such a shame, regardless of the reasons. 8 of the best players in the world facing off would have been hugely popular, and a great way to launch an official streaming service.
  14. It really isn't. Last year we had literally nothing official. It was only the 186th Squadron being there and giving live updates that allowed any info to get out at all. Anyway, it's still terrible, and they should at least be giving their own updates on Twitter or something.
  15. It was the same last year in London. It's not ffg, it's Disney licencing rules.
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